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  1. Yeah, that would be a good orientation point. In case of doubt about the application you can also ask them directly I guess.
  2. You can be content with the money you have if you like your lifestyle and do the things that make you happy. You can be happy with less money if you know what you want to achieve in life and feel that you are on the right path.
  3. A write-it-yourself book would be funny. Would that be pop art?
  4. I´ve read about some awarded projects but it would be interesting to read about the winners this year. What do you think about the glued-in perforated steel plates? That connection method seems to offer new possibilities for wood construction such as the floating staircase at the university of Vancouver. It looks like a "free-floating" staircase! That seems like a pretty original idea.
  5. Pat wrote about ignoring it. In a way that´s like letting those emotions disappear and focus on something else.
  6. Thx for the link. This is only my opinion but judging from the impressions of the winning products, teams and technologies I´d assume that those guys worked on the products/projects and materials and not only on the description. It´s just an assumption but since some of the them were mixing materials they must have been working with those materials
  7. I read about some projects such as Nordic Wooden Cities or the Tes Energy Facade. The first one was about supporting urban development with wooden structures in several nordic cities. I wonder if they just sent a description of the project or started implementing new ideas first.
  8. I guess it´s their choice to do something about it once that ignorance is pointed out. Some people would accept their mistakes after someone shows them they've done something wrong. It would be nice if people were willing to learn how to correct their behaviour. Some of them are.
  9. I wrote my opinion on forgiveness related to some of the posts I read before.
  10. Hi, I wonder what kind of project would be elegible for that prize. They write about "innovative products, which still may be in stage of implementation" so I´m not sure if you just have to send them a description of the idea or something else to show the product. May be photos or videos. Has anyone participated in the competition?
  11. Queen - I Want To Break Free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUOtCLOXgm8
  12. It´s a way to feel better. A way to let go of those memories and focus on more positive subjects. Otherwise you would be wasting your time thinking about what happened in the past or what they did to you. Forgiveness doesn´t mean that you have to keep in touch with people you don´t like. It doesn´t mean you are not gonna learn from your mistakes. Everbody makes mistakes and sometimes hurts other people. Jesus said, "Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing." That phrase has helped me a lot. What do you get by being angry at stupid people anyway? They didn´t know how to do it any better.
  13. It depends on what words and how you say them. If you are joking with a good friend and you are not offending anyone it might be fun for both of you. If the other person doesn´t like those words then it may be better to stop using them in their company.
  14. Hi everbody! Mastercarrot´s in the house! peace
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