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Can truth contradict itself?

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Within the confines of propositional logic (binary logic, that is) a proposition cannot be true and not true at the same time. I suppose that's what you're pointing at here.

It makes sense to discuss whether a proposition is true or not true. It makes sense to discuss whether a proposition contradicts another, and therefore only one of them can be true.

Truth is a value you assign to a proposition. A function, if you will. You do not assign truth/not truth to truth itself.

Does that make sense?

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In traditional propositional logic, truth cannot contradict itself, as a proposition cannot be both true and false simultaneously.
Maybe paraconsistent logic* is what you are interested in? In paraconsistent logic it is possible to handle contradictions without rendering the entire logical system meaningless. Managing something that is both true and false in a controlled and meaningful way, allowing for the coexistence of contradictory truths within a logical framework, can have applications in for instance software systems. Disclaimer: I have no deeper knowledge in these matters, and especially not in philosophy; possibly my connection to software does not apply.


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On 7/8/2024 at 8:03 PM, rufus mosley said:

This seems to be an axiom (self evident truth) of philosophy and in all areas of knowledge. What reasons are there for accepting or rejecting this first principle?

Would not a negative logic OR gate not achieve your objective with both inputs set to false ?

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On 7/9/2024 at 9:09 AM, dimreepr said:

The point of a paradox is that it can't be real

Indeed, although something like the liars paradox fits the question somewhat, your point is that outside a thought excercise, if we made a game out of telling who is the liar in a small group of people, the expectation is that at some point the liar will reveal truthfully, they were the liar all along for the sake of the game. There is as far as we know, no being bound to lying or bound to telling the truth with 100% consistency. 

So I suppose my response to OP is that truth can contradict itself in a language game where the language contradicts itself. In physical reality however, no, truth cannot contradict itself. 

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@rufus mosley

Your original post was rather too widely set, as can be seen from the range and  breadth of the replies.

I note you haven't replied to any of them, although you have been back since you first posted.

If you are still interested in the subject (and it is an interesting one) please tighten up on the seeting in which we are supposed to discuss this.


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