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  1. That's reasonable hyperbole given that Romney thinks that supporting workers rights "actions contravene the rule of law". https://www.economist.com/united-states/2011/12/31/workingmans-blues
  2. We see the CMBR... that's light that started off as ultraviolet and which has shifted down to the microwave region. The point is we still see it.
  3. There's no earthly reason why they would leave if they don't want to. Our govt has a massive majority. We are stuck with the Tories for years. And it's hardly as if any of them is any better than Boris or Priti.
  4. Well... maybe he should just tell the truth about Republicans. Or he could point out that Americans really like Socialism. Socialism built roads. (Yeah, sure, and schools and libraries and the internet and stuff- but Americans really love cars). If he spends 4 years explaining that, then the next time the Republican candidate "accuses" someone of Socialism- it won't have so much effect. Who knows? In maybe to or three presidential terms you could end up with a politician who would look "normal" elsewhere in the world, rather than extreme Right wing .
  5. Something puzzles me. Trump barely won the 2016 election and he did it even though he lost the popular vote. He has had 4 years to sort out any issues he saw with the electoral process, and didn't so I guess he accepts that the results in 2016 were pretty much a reflection of reality. He won that on essentially a single issue campaign; "Build a wall". He didn't build the wall. He's the ultimate "You had one job" meme. Obviously, that's not going to go down well with the people who voted for him. In the meantime, he also oversaw the unnecessary deaths of more US citizens that the Vietnam and Korean Wars put together. Overall, 4 years ago he had less than 50% support, but fluked a win. Since then he has screwed up virtually everything he has tried to do. Why would anyone think he was now more popular?
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inbreeding_avoidance#Human_kin_recognition
  7. She already got sacked once- essentially for treason. She may well get sacked again, but it won't last.
  8. There won't be "a decomposition temperature". If you are lucky, you would find a graph of partial pressure of CO2 vs temperature and, I guess you could say that when that pressure exceeds about 400 millionths of an atmosphere the stuff will decompose. When the pressure of CO2 exceeds 1 atmosphere it will decompose rapidly. Whether either of those temperatures is above the melting or boiling points, I don't know.
  9. Light does not get tired. Which do you mean? The light starts out with some energy. Because energy is conserved, it carries on with that same energy- forever until it hits something to which it can transfer the energy..
  10. Not quite. I think that can be argued to be true- as long as you take a figurative interpretation of "an incredible distance away". But having only one sentence that might be correct is, as you say, something of an achievement.
  11. I think he probably understands it well enough that he doesn't want to go to gaol.
  12. Why else would he have packed the Supreme court? Hillary knew that she wasn't actually facing jail time; Trump is. She was accepting the outcome of a job interview; he is stalling about his freedom.
  13. Are you hoping his bacteria would evolve into something intelligent? I'd rather not spoil Titan. How about dumping him in an orbit where his mortal remains will burn up falling into the sun? Or just drop him from a mile or two into shark territory. Or teleport into his office, kidnap him, have him carted off somewhere and get a few medics in green rubber suits to do invasive tests on him for a few days, then put him back in the office. Wait for him to try to explain his absence... Or just spike his breakfast burger with truth drugs... Personally, I'd rate 7 of 9 a ten.
  14. It is a very unclear description. I don't really know what they are saying. I suggest that you contact the author and ask.
  15. The White House. Land on the lawn Wait for the press etc to turn up then broadcast a message " You lost; start packing,. You leave in January. " Then leave.
  16. M typically refers to "something else", either the wall of the container, a catalyst, or another gas (or another molecule of the same gas)
  17. And I can claim to be the king of China. That happens a lot. Most religions say things that are wrong. https://www.atheists.org/activism/resources/biblical-contradictions/ Two problems. The one making the extraordinary claim has to provide the extraordinary evidence. And that's you. *I don't have to "prove" that you are wrong, you have to prove that you are right. No That essentially never happens. Religion never accepts that it is wrong- not even when you point out hundreds of problems in the scriptures (see above). You talk of two groups who have different views on their faith. They can't both be right. Did either of them, as you say get" convinced and changed,"? Or are they just killing each other over it?
  18. I can't. They are dead. Why would I care about the big endians and the little endians arguing about their invisible friend? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lilliput_and_Blefuscu#Satirical_interpretations
  19. No. He wrote several, and jolly good ones too. But he wasn't the only one, not even the first. If you don't know what a word like "literally" means, don't use it.
  20. You just called all the prophets fools. I agree with that assessment, but I imagine you didn't mean to do it.
  21. Yusef, After reading it I didn't really know anything that I didn't know before. What point did you think the post served?
  22. When they finally shoehorn Trump out of the WH, those faithful public servants will carry on actually running the place until Biden catches up.
  23. Hate isn't really the problem. As Alex pointed out, this is https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/nov/12/trump-election-concede-republicans-democrats They are cooly and calmly plotting how to get round the vote which they know they lost. And if the Dems let them, they might just manage it. Reminding the population that Trump never tells the truth is a reasonable policy.
  24. That should be a massive problem but... how much do you miss if Trump doesn't tell you what he thinks about a scientific/ economic problem? Yes, but I'm beginning to think he should be a bit less "statesman" and a bit more "He lied about the wall, he lied about the swamp, he lied about mexico, he lied about the virus and... guess what... he lied about election fraud too". I think the Dems need to push back a lot harder. Maybe counter-sue Trump for defaming poll counters.
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