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  1. Historically wars were fought over Population Pressures. Economically Wars were/are fought over Resource Depletion. Politically wars were/are fought over Ideological Differences. Some scientists say wars are also fought throughout the animal and perhaps the plant kingdom; just at a different time and intensity scale. Perhaps Evolution is just another type of war. Sosss ... are wars morally justified? I dunno. Depends upon your point of view and the scope of ones horizons. Clear as mud. Hope this helps some.
  2. I may have already answered this. Dunno. The Earth Shall Abide. Die Back is Mother Natures way of correcting over population. Mankind is just another type of animal. Sooner or later a very large perhaps ongoing horrible natural event will severely cut back world human population. One way or another.
  3. Some sort of Obsidian/Shiest conglomerate? How would THAT be possible? Interesting "bubble craters". Or are they impact artifacts?
  4. Plowing through all the volumes of "Game Of Thrones". Great reading. Slow going. Wish me luck. I have not seen the TV series ... yet.
  5. If and when the Antarctic Ross ice sheet "slips" into the ocean the tides will rise a few to several meters world wide. The tide will not recede. It probably would take a couple to three days world wide. If La Palma happens full tilt, (or drop) then the potential is for a very large tsunami occurring. A Megatsunami? Not likely put possible. Lots of discussion on both.
  6. The USA heavy truck industry, (perhaps world wide) for years had "engine brakes" that shut off the diesel fuel and slightly changed the timing of the exhaust(s) valves. This effectively turned the truck diesel engine into a large compressor, absorbing considerable power. While going down hill or slowing with the wheels driving the engine, this changed things greatly. The better more efficient engine brake designs absorbed almost as much HP braking as the engine produced pulling. If memory serves about 30% of the absorbed energy went out the exhaust pipe as noise and about 70% was absorbed by the cooling system.
  7. Not so much dangerous weapons. Only dangerous people. Or dangerous individuals. Also remember that Man Kind always run in packs.
  8. iNow nailed it and thank you. Propane tanks can now be manufactured specifically for underground direct burial installations. Expensive but nice. The long on going concern with propane is that the gas is heavier than air and will seek out low spots to accumulate waiting for an explosive mixture with the atmosphere and a handy ever present ignition source, whatever that source may be. Basements beckon badly. Boom. As already known the storage age life of propane is near indefinite. Perfect for long term continuous use or for emergency backup. Many gasoline and diesel engines can be manufactured to run efficiently on propane. Generators. Water pumps. Whatever. Kitchen appliances also. Water heaters. Space heaters. Clothes dryers. Emergency or dedicated propane lighting. Automotive uses. Even motorcycles. Drones? Dunno that. Retired Fire Service
  9. A large subduction zone earthquake would do it. After the shaking stops a large area might permanently sink several feet. Usually along ocean coastlines. The Pacific Northwest Cascadian Subduction Zone USA earthquake could do this. Even after some liquefaction or a very large tsunami run up. Such a mega quake would deter or slow down emergency response in some places for many months .... possibly in some area for years. A new coast line.
  10. My view only which is usually correct. Usually. If the DEMOS self destruct and the REPUBS sweep all the races, then perhaps, (perhaps only) our Constitutional Republic will start to swing back to our absolutely necessary Conservative Origins. But ... understand we have but one power base in the USA with two divisions. Until that changes we are just imagining a better future. My opinion only.
  11. It would be best if you talk to your personal MD.
  12. The way it is ... The CONSTITUTION is deeply chiseled in hard granite. The AMENDMENT process allows additions. Only done rarely in over 220 years. Congress CAN NOT pass any law the voters wish. Lots of folks here with a poor understanding as to how the US Constitution works. I wonder if they could even pass a US Citizenship test. Or if they are even US Citizens. Yikes! The US Constitution is most certainly NOT a living document. It can be AMENDED but not changed. Original intent. You gotta have it or you have noting left original. Common words of that time with definitions of that time. 1789 or so? A long time ago. Do not try to put something in that does not belong today. Conservative means keeping what your have. More yikes! Rant: How many sheeple er people here own firearms? How many own semi auto weapons? How many here legally own machine guns? Now many here know how to use a firearm? The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting. It IS ABOUT the armed citizen, (YOU) being able to shrug off or defeat an out of control government. Think it through. Very scary indeed. Rant complete. Thank you.
  13. The United States Constitution is not perfect, but very close. The SCOTUS Justices are nominated by the President and confirmed by the US Senate. Perhaps it is another example of the need of knowledgeable US Citizenship. Voting is precious. Use it wisely. And ... in the final reflection Everything Is Political. The US Constitution is NOT a living document. It is pretty much etched deeply in stone. To change any part of it is to change the United States. We have had a long walk in the sun.
  14. Designed implies an agency or perhaps a creator. The human body is just another successful way of surviving changing environmental conditions. Evolution suggests all the human body has to do is make it to the reproductive age, then reproduce. After that age nothing really matters but there must have been some advantage to having extra bodies around. The family or tribal group. Lots of interesting bad designs within the human body. Lots of wondrous marvels also. Billions of years of evolution.
  15. World History. If one wants peace be prepared for war. Respectfully.
  16. One old definition of peace was when the Communists had conquered the entire remaining world, had just about killed everybody who stood against them and had every single world human under their jackbooted foot. Some kind of peace, right? As long as some brave individuals choose to remain free their will never be world peace. It is hard wired into our brain stems. One would have to invent an entirely new type of sheeple wimpy humans who would rather just be slaves ... than be free.
  17. I am fairly tough. Fairly. Walked 5 miles on a broken leg. Had non diagnosed compression fractures in my back for years. Bad heart attack much later. Broken fingers. Smashed thumb. Bad night time leg cramps. Quinine helps greatly and also stops the Malaria flair ups. Try Tonic water for your night time cramps. Pain is all in your mind. I have never actually passed out from it but have come close? Probably. You reach a point where you feel the pain but you do not make it worse. One tries to side track it. Sometimes successfully. I am now old. Still very beat up. Just glad to be here. For young people I say stay in school and get the MS or PhD. and try not to get severely hurt. Big pain sucks. After a while your own body can manufacture natural pain killers. The joggers or long distance runners high comes to mind.
  18. Dieting is losing body mass or weight. Proteins, carbohydrates and lipids or fats. The point is to lose weight. The best way is to severely limit your reduced calorie intake to very little or no fat. You body will think about it for a couple of days while it burns stored energy then it will switch to fat burning. A complicated natural process. Originally it was a survival benefit to get through lean hungry winters until spring. Fat people have a survival advantage. Yes your body will try to hang onto the fat but if there is not enough going in then something has to give and the body will give up fat going out. Fewer calories. You will lose fat. You will lose weight. Be sure to have enough protein and carbohydrates on board. Not too much protein. Only some is needed. Only some carbohydrates. I am dieting hard right now. One pound a week.
  19. Nobody knows for sure but probably not. I for one have recurring nightmares where I die or am killed. I remember the dying but then usually I wake up covered with sweat. Not fun let me tell you. My medical doctor knows. I dream in living color with smells, tastes and sound effects. Lots of red. One learns just to live with it. Memories of long ago and far away.with the injuries manifesting themselves as pain which gets manifested as nightmares. But ... no complaints. Just glad to still be here.
  20. I endure recurring nightmares. Mega Tsunamis. Impossible ones. Sometimes I survive. Mostly I do not. Implausible high speed head on steam freight train collisions with me inside the steam engines. Huge green close cropped grass playing fields with endless javelins pouring down from a foggy sky. I try running but the spears always win. Caused by whatever including body injuries flaring up at night. Plus PTSD. I sleep alone. Much total body trashing and cramping. Quinine helps. I can definitely tell you dreams can physically hurt you, particularly if the dreams are night terrors combined with a life time of body damage. Nobody enters my bedroom until I am fully awake. Dangerous for myself and others. Such is life.
  21. Atmospheric pressure was and is still used in aircraft. The pilot would set the instrument before take off. Somewhat accurate. Air craft Radar altimeters work bouncing high frequency radio waves off the ground. GPS works by measuring the time radio waves take to get from the various satellites to your GPS gadget. Lasers are used for precise measurements. Lasers are higher frequency than radio waves. More accurate? Dunno. Sometimes all work together.
  22. Family grown height. How old are you? Lots of proper protein in your diet. Lots of calories. Proper diet. Consider running or high rep low weight work outs. Gently stressing the growing body frequently results in greater height. Good luck.
  23. A test tube may not work that well. The problem will be control while introducing lots of heat to raise the temp quickly. You might end up with a locally non controlled heat increase which could result in a small steam explosion. Apron. Hull body protection. Full head and eye protection. It almost sounds like you are trying to make a flash steam boiler. Be careful. Have fun. Document everything.
  24. Written English containing slang or colloquial words can be difficult. I do not know if that was the intent. Semi in this case means a large tractor trailer freight hauling highway truck. Big. Up to 40 US tons in the USA. Up to over 50 tons in some USA States. Like most advertisements the performance specifications may be somewhat .... expanded or stretched or expounded. Example. The performance stated might have been achieved under perfect conditions. Not usual conditions. An Example ... in stop and go very slow congested urban traffic during hot humid summertime conditions the cab air conditioning wattage requirements may exceed the traction motor wattage needs. Other examples probably abound. But ... a great first step. Electric vehicles are the next generation. Super efficient cascading electric capacitors? Once we achieve that then probably electric hydrogen fuel cells will be next? After that who knows. On dedicated long haul routes electric trucks may work very well. In stop and go city applications, probably not yet. Perhaps a ROBO TRUCK electrically powered will be in our future?
  25. Humans evolved to be just good enough. Not extraordinarily good. Not exceptionally bad. A fair turn of speed. Excellent endurance. Good enough eyesight. Hearing. Some sense of smell. A very big brain. Plus the important thing you need to remember about humans is that they always run in packs. One human alone was weak. Fifty together were superior. What is also important is that at the time Humans really got going there was nothing else standing in their way. All the environmental conditions were ripe. Humans had the vital capacity to quickly adapt to a changing environment. The final factor was that people learned to adapt the environment to their needs rather than just blending in. The rest is history.
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