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  1. I think I've heard this idea somewhere. Has anyone heard it before? Can this really happen?
  2. Hi guys, The other day I was enjoying a nice chat with my parents and we were reminiscing on stories and stuff from our pasts (me, my brothers and my parents) and the very interesting question of "how far back can you remember?" came into the conversation. I shared this memory with them in which I remember being outside by this "huge" pile of gravel by a construction site, playing with the stones and pebbles and with a particular song playing in the background. Immediately my dad said "No way, you can't remember that! You were only a year and a half old!!". Due to the particulars that I mentioned (the song, the gravel and the site), my dad remembers exactly when this happened, specially because this happened outside of the country as we were visiting one of my uncles. Anyway, don't mind my boring story too much. I actually wanted to ask, what are the oldest memories you guys have of yourselves and stuff? After that particular one, I don't really have a stream of memories between 1 and 2 years old. But then, I start to have a more congruent stream of memories by 3 or so... How about you guys? Cheers!
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