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  1. Gun control, which side wins?

    Respectfully ... This entire discussion at hand is irrelevant. What should be discussed, (if possible) is the significance of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. It is not about hunting. It is about the required necessity of a armed citizens ability to overthrow a bad tyrannical government. We can no more hack at the Second Amendment than we can discuss restricting Freedom Of Speech. Consider not having the right to post threads and opinions on this Fine Forum. Consider many real deal restrictive laws, rules and regulations PROHIBITING free speech under threat of prison. Let us take it some steps further. Freedom of Religion. Can you imagine machine gun toting death troopers storming into your place of worship and arresting or gunning down the preacher? Or you? We already have this regarding the many insanities of existing gun control laws. Very scary indeed. Or ... if you are not religiously oriented and many are not, consider armed government agents busting down your front door of your castle and seizing papers and possessions without a warrant or legal due process. Can you imagine that in the USA? We already have it with the many gun laws. The discussion at hand considering "Each Side Being Equal" is ridiculous and may indicate very limited knowledge of the US Constitution and what it means to US Citizens. If you do not live and work in the USA then some ignorance is acceptable. But NOT if you are a USA Citizen and use this Forum. Respectfully..
  2. Focusing upon the original statement. We are human. The good, the bad and the ugly. Also the crazy. The United States still is a nation of Law. Any and all normal sane Americans right now feel the pain. I know I do. In a free society can these attacks be prevented? No. Can they perhaps be reduced? Hopefully. One crazy guy. Perhaps a lax security system at the High School but we do not know that yet. Blame the individual. Do not blame the method or object. Control such individuals? YES! How? A solution remains very difficult. Respectfully.
  3. We can fix this World

    Respectfully ... You must be joking!
  4. Earth is most likely unique. Like already said, (and thank you) so many different myriad things must come together. In the future we may, (might) find many planets with primitive life? The common planetary default system might dictate life. Some may even have complex life. But only a handful will have advanced life. Probably none will have high tech life. And absolutely none will have the easy means to travel between the stars? There may have been something 2 billion years ago in a galaxy far away and there MAYBE something right now here, (US) and there might be something two billion years from now within our own galaxy. But for right now our blinkers dictate that we are the only ones around. Even 1000 years from now when, (if we survive) we have surveyed scores of likely planets for possible human colonies we will not find ONE planet exactly like Earth. Or even close. Human suitable? Maybe. Hopefully. But that lies far in the future
  5. Tree Pruning

    Lots of times that grand old oak tree needs to be severely pruned back during the winter. If you are frugal the twigs and branches can be saved and used as fuel for the various wood burning gadgets on the homestead. Nature provides stuff. Same with the usual apple, pear, cherry and prune trees. They need that winter freeze and pruning. This stresses the root systems and promotes more growth. It also allows the tree to ditch or lose the unneeded older small branches and twigs. Ever enjoy growing roses? Amazing species. The more you prune during the dormant season it seems the more roses you get when they are blooming. The neat thing about pruning and gathering roses is that they always bite you back.
  6. Wood is not that strong. Some is OK for certain purposes. Other types of wood for other purposes. Historically it was used because it was available and wood dovetailed with the tech of the time. Wood sailing ships come to mind. Big wood framed buildings were also fine. Wood glue has the potential to be stronger than the wood material it is gluing together but that depends upon the type, kind, size and grain direction of the wood employed. Many variables. Rich long human history with this. Excellent subject and thank you. The old wood glues required dead horses. Also available then.
  7. Super habitable planets

    There also might be a problem with definitions. Some define another Earth as a planet with the possibility of life. Others define another EARTH as a place where humans can walk around naked on the surface, breathe the air, drink the water and eat the available plant and maybe animal life without dropping dead. Quite a big difference. Hopefully we will find many earths. But it is very non likely we will ever find another EARTH. Our planet is unique. But, hopefully we might find a few exo planets close enough or good enough that we can, through tinkering with our own bodies, slip into that worlds ecology and live there. Hopefully and successfully. But ... would we be human? Dunno that.
  8. Exoplanet discoveries

    Lots of exo planets found but they are ALL dead'uns. Let them go. We can not live there. Look for Earth like planets. Perhaps in the near future we can focus, (pun intended) on "G" type stars closer to earth? Maybe include the early "K" type also but that should be it. Perhaps also focus on "G" and hotter "K" type stars less than 100 p.c. from Earth? Restricting the playing field of observation might give us some results that might be meaningful for even closer future looks? Perhaps the next generation of space telescopes can do this? That would be nice. But ... will we ever find an Earth like exo planet? No. Our Earth is unique. We MIGHT find a few exo planets were it might be POSSIBLE for mankind to live upon. I find it interesting that so many different fields of scientific study and advance coincide with each other. You gotta have that to have that to have that and so on. Perhaps it will all come together some day. We need to take a long view. "Break us out of Orbit Mr. Sulu. Get a move on, 1000 gees impulse to the outer marker, then full impulse to the System Warp Limit ... then Warp 5 when she can take it" But even at Warp 5, 100 p.c. still will take about 40 days.
  9. Wow. Way, way, above my comprehensive ability and thank you. ( I think.) Considering the size of our own Galaxy alone the odds and potential for alien life is profound. Like said in some silly movie, "Mother Nature Will Find A Way". Is it possible extra terrestrial life will use even more complicated or different DNA arrangements? Would it take some Super Computer time to even explore the endless DNA, (or substitute) possibilities? Thank you for sharing this.
  10. Can I turn my fridge into a cryocooler ?

    I believe John answered it and thank you John. Have you seen the "small" super cold "dry ice cold" lab or industrial freezers? Physically very large for the super cold space that they provide. Super insulated. Heavy wattage use. All just to chill a very small spot very cold. Some nicer machine shops employ them to enable certain processes like press fitting. One part warm, the other very very cold. Way too cold to keep the beer in. Also too cold for Vodka. One good gulp of booze that cold will kill you so fast. Yikes!
  11. Throwing up stomach (theoretical)

    No. Most likely not although at times a good barf feels that way.
  12. Is cancer a side effect of our evolving so quickly?

    Could, (might) it be also connected somehow to our living longer? Evolution only suggests we need to live long enough to reproduce. I wonder at the overall incidents of human cancer before the age of 20 compared with all cancers at a later onset age? We live much longer now. Death will certainly come at some point. Something will kill us. Might also be a situation with definitions? Ex RN
  13. Will somebody here please explain to us all just how and when President Trump has violated his Oath Of Office or the United States Constitution? Please come forward, identify yourselves and concisely share with us exactly how and why Trump may have done what he has done that violates either? Also why you are at it, please lay out your case for the legal impeachment of President Trump. Either put up of just please stay quiet.
  14. how is a sonic boom created

    Combination of very hot expanding gases exiting the rifle barrel very quickly. Certainly exceeding the sound barrier which at sea level is about 1050 fps. Kinda. Most all rifle bullets exit the barrel in speeds much greater than that. The gases actually somewhat exit BEFORE the bullet does. Windage. Gases getting around the bullet. But usually just a little bit. Because the exiting gases are traveling much faster than the speed of sound, the air around the muzzle gets quickly compressed. This creates shock waves. The shock waves of the expanding gases creates the sonic boom. That shock wave quickly down speeds to sub sonic sound waves. BOOM!. The down range CRACK is caused by a super sonic bullet. Cans, (suppressors) work by slowing down, expanding and cooling off, (somewhat) the gun powder gases while still inside the suppressor. This gets converted into heat. The cooled expanded and slowed down exhaust gases exit the can more slowly. This quiets down the gun report. Sub sonic bullets work best with cans. Cans must be well made. High power rifle suppressors are heavily built with thick steel. Some use titanium which erodes quickly. Some suppressors used water as a sound moderator. They are called wet cans designed to be used in sea water. The can gets shaken ed out and the residual remaining water gets turned to steam, helping the sound suppression for the first shots. In places in Europe suppressors are legally REQUIRED. Too many people. In the USA suppressors are heavily and legally regulated by the BATFE. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. Legal suppressors are no more than mufflers for guns. But in the USA one must go through a heavy legal process before that tax stamp, (license) is issued. All Oregon State, US Code Laws, (USA) and NFA Rules Apply. NFA is the National Firearms Act. I was told to say this when I talk about machine guns and suppressors as a legal declaration that with proper licensing machine guns and suppressors are legal to own and use in the State Of Oregon USA. You firearm and suppressors laws may vary greatly.
  15. First Interstellar Asteroid Observed

    Obviously it is the shot up, shot out hulk of a Draconian Battle Cruiser. The remaining interior hull core. This explains how it got all that velocity. It was running from something and did not completely escape. This also explains why the thing came so close to Earth. It was coming our way. Somebody or something is protecting mankind. That is all.