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  1. Heating water quickly and fixed temp

    A test tube may not work that well. The problem will be control while introducing lots of heat to raise the temp quickly. You might end up with a locally non controlled heat increase which could result in a small steam explosion. Apron. Hull body protection. Full head and eye protection. It almost sounds like you are trying to make a flash steam boiler. Be careful. Have fun. Document everything.
  2. Have a look on tesla's semi

    Written English containing slang or colloquial words can be difficult. I do not know if that was the intent. Semi in this case means a large tractor trailer freight hauling highway truck. Big. Up to 40 US tons in the USA. Up to over 50 tons in some USA States. Like most advertisements the performance specifications may be somewhat .... expanded or stretched or expounded. Example. The performance stated might have been achieved under perfect conditions. Not usual conditions. An Example ... in stop and go very slow congested urban traffic during hot humid summertime conditions the cab air conditioning wattage requirements may exceed the traction motor wattage needs. Other examples probably abound. But ... a great first step. Electric vehicles are the next generation. Super efficient cascading electric capacitors? Once we achieve that then probably electric hydrogen fuel cells will be next? After that who knows. On dedicated long haul routes electric trucks may work very well. In stop and go city applications, probably not yet. Perhaps a ROBO TRUCK electrically powered will be in our future?
  3. humans

    Humans evolved to be just good enough. Not extraordinarily good. Not exceptionally bad. A fair turn of speed. Excellent endurance. Good enough eyesight. Hearing. Some sense of smell. A very big brain. Plus the important thing you need to remember about humans is that they always run in packs. One human alone was weak. Fifty together were superior. What is also important is that at the time Humans really got going there was nothing else standing in their way. All the environmental conditions were ripe. Humans had the vital capacity to quickly adapt to a changing environment. The final factor was that people learned to adapt the environment to their needs rather than just blending in. The rest is history.
  4. More than half your body is not human

    We are colony creatures. Evolution will find a way. Whatever works. Perhaps with better and more specific work ups including blood and urine testing we will be amazed how well Mother Nature keeps us running. Or ... exactly what it is that makes us sick. Or not sick.
  5. Might be bad. Might be nothing. Probably somewhere in between. BUT .... sorry to say you MUST go through the entire injury paper trail ordeal. Document everything if possible. Were you supposed to be wearing complete body protection? Including eye protection? Sounds like you are past the emergency protocols. See a eye doctor ASAP. This might affect your employment? Dunno that yet. Probably not. Did you break policy mixing stuff with no eye protection? Bad situation. Or just do what the eye doctor tells you. Be sure to contact your boss. Document. Communication. Full discloser. Sounds like over kill right now but years from now ... who knows. Good luck. Yikes!
  6. Can Science be my religion?

    Religion usually is based upon faith. Beliefs unsupportable as facts. Science should be empirical hard facts proven by experiment. Religion and Science are different.
  7. Good question. Many different factors. Domesticated. Wild. Feed supply and type. Even seasons come into it. Body fat percentages. Beef is the most common meat in the USA. Pork is gaining. Chickens also have their place. Strict guidelines and procedures are followed in raising, transporting, butchering and packaging different meat products. Historically, pigs were considered un clean compared to other domesticated animals because of what a pig will eat. Different Religions also have Prohibitions on eating pigs. Wild hogs in the USA are great game animals to hunt and kill, but special precautions must be followed preparing and cooking the pork. Usually pigs carry more parasites than others.
  8. Exothermic heater ?

    You can heat up a space via many methods and ways; but the object wanting to get warm must absorb part of it. Not efficient. That is why very warm multiple layers of winter clothing on a persons body is usually the most efficient method of heating. An extreme example would be heating a living space in dead cold extreme winter while having the people in the room only wearing swim suits. They may eventually get warm but would have to work at it. The heavily dressed folks would want to get un dressed. The bikini girls would want to get dressed.
  9. Time, temp and variable slight over pressure while boiling. Some steamed rice often is left slightly undone in the middle. Porridge is seven days in the pot.
  10. Right & left handed tools...

    To cut safely and accurately to the mark or line on the work, the blade should be between your shoulders and arms. This is so your eye balls line up. I am left handed. When it comes to dangerous power tools like a Skill Saw, lefties usually just learn to use the right handed tools right handed. Difficult but doable. Over time one just gets used to it. The ongoing problem buying and using left handed tools is that lefties quickly get very dependent upon them. Then when only right handed power tools are available it makes things very dangerous all over again relearning to use right handed tools. Most folks are right handed. Consumer goods are right handed. The solution for South Paws is hard. ex contractor builder.
  11. Gun control, which side wins?

    Respectfully ... This entire discussion at hand is irrelevant. What should be discussed, (if possible) is the significance of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. It is not about hunting. It is about the required necessity of a armed citizens ability to overthrow a bad tyrannical government. We can no more hack at the Second Amendment than we can discuss restricting Freedom Of Speech. Consider not having the right to post threads and opinions on this Fine Forum. Consider many real deal restrictive laws, rules and regulations PROHIBITING free speech under threat of prison. Let us take it some steps further. Freedom of Religion. Can you imagine machine gun toting death troopers storming into your place of worship and arresting or gunning down the preacher? Or you? We already have this regarding the many insanities of existing gun control laws. Very scary indeed. Or ... if you are not religiously oriented and many are not, consider armed government agents busting down your front door of your castle and seizing papers and possessions without a warrant or legal due process. Can you imagine that in the USA? We already have it with the many gun laws. The discussion at hand considering "Each Side Being Equal" is ridiculous and may indicate very limited knowledge of the US Constitution and what it means to US Citizens. If you do not live and work in the USA then some ignorance is acceptable. But NOT if you are a USA Citizen and use this Forum. Respectfully..
  12. Focusing upon the original statement. We are human. The good, the bad and the ugly. Also the crazy. The United States still is a nation of Law. Any and all normal sane Americans right now feel the pain. I know I do. In a free society can these attacks be prevented? No. Can they perhaps be reduced? Hopefully. One crazy guy. Perhaps a lax security system at the High School but we do not know that yet. Blame the individual. Do not blame the method or object. Control such individuals? YES! How? A solution remains very difficult. Respectfully.
  13. We can fix this World

    Respectfully ... You must be joking!
  14. Earth is most likely unique. Like already said, (and thank you) so many different myriad things must come together. In the future we may, (might) find many planets with primitive life? The common planetary default system might dictate life. Some may even have complex life. But only a handful will have advanced life. Probably none will have high tech life. And absolutely none will have the easy means to travel between the stars? There may have been something 2 billion years ago in a galaxy far away and there MAYBE something right now here, (US) and there might be something two billion years from now within our own galaxy. But for right now our blinkers dictate that we are the only ones around. Even 1000 years from now when, (if we survive) we have surveyed scores of likely planets for possible human colonies we will not find ONE planet exactly like Earth. Or even close. Human suitable? Maybe. Hopefully. But that lies far in the future
  15. Tree Pruning

    Lots of times that grand old oak tree needs to be severely pruned back during the winter. If you are frugal the twigs and branches can be saved and used as fuel for the various wood burning gadgets on the homestead. Nature provides stuff. Same with the usual apple, pear, cherry and prune trees. They need that winter freeze and pruning. This stresses the root systems and promotes more growth. It also allows the tree to ditch or lose the unneeded older small branches and twigs. Ever enjoy growing roses? Amazing species. The more you prune during the dormant season it seems the more roses you get when they are blooming. The neat thing about pruning and gathering roses is that they always bite you back.