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Top water slow; bottom water clogged

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Posted 6 March 2017 - 12:13 AM

Probably not entirely relevant, but many years ago I worked for a couple of years for a drain clearing company. I left to do a degree in Astrophysics. One of my assistants had a Masters in Entomology.

(It is not always wise to make assumptions about a persons level of education based on the job they have.)


Not wanting to derail the thread any further, please move or delete if needed. 

Several years ago we had a nice gal come in to check out our particular occupation (electrical with additional sub categories of expertise) as a possible career choice. They had her spend the day with one of our apprentices (Eddie) who was about to graduate, or turnout as we call it. When they came back at the end of the day Eddie mentioned that she had a degree in biology. Of course I was delighted that she could end up working with us.


    We talked a little about her degree and how difficult it was to find work in that field around here, she was married with children and looking at several of the state supervised apprenticeships as a possible career choice. I told her it would be great if she came to work with us, and due to her background, how much I would welcome the possible conversational subject matter. 


Alas, she never came back.  :( It would have been really great if she had. I'm not much into the typical "sports" conversations that the other guys carry on so much about here. So it would have been a welcome change.


     A REEEEALY welcomed change!  ^_^

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