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  1. My avatar is a photograph of myself and my lady - hardly aimed at concealing anything. As for science, I studied Astrophysics at University. I have written aerodynamics software for aircraft design (and built my own aircraft). (I was also lead singer & songwriter in a punk rock band many years ago - though that is totally irrelevant.)
  2. Not easy to disqualify anything you've said, for the simple reason that you haven't said anything meaningful.
  3. "PS . THIS -2 DOWN VOTING IS QUITE REDICULOUS , THIS IS TURNING THIS FORUM INTO A ANCIENT ROMAN COLLOSIUM PUTTING HUMANS IN THE LIONS DEN . HOW STUPID IS THAT?" Maybe it's your ludicrously bad spelling that annoys whoever it is (can't possibly be the endless reams of drivel - or the seemingly total lack of listening skills).
  4. The fact that "Intelligent Design" proponents exist seems pretty good evidence to me.
  5. Typical racist bullshit. There is in fact only one race of humans - the human race. Yes it is.
  6. For that, we have to go to the historical use of a large hammer to treat idiocy.
  7. Obviously god never fails - to do that it would have to exist.
  8. "But now, 105 years later, scientists have revealed that the Tunguska devastation was indeed caused by a meteorite. A group of Ukrainian, German, and American scientists have identified its microscopic remains. Why it took them so many years makes for a fascinating tale about the limits of science and how we are pushing them." http://arstechnica.com/science/2013/06/mystery-solved-meteorite-caused-tunguska-devastation/
  9. Infinity is not a number, so you can't use it as a number in performing mathematical operations.
  10. Something/infinity = NaN (Not a Number).
  11. There is no flaw in the logic because there is no logic.
  12. All Sam Harris actually said was that one day we might be able to build a computer which to us today would appear to have godlike powers. This idea dates back at least to "The Last Question" by Isaac Asimov which was first published in 1956.
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