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  1. I am talking about both here and the forced acceptance thread you are acting like a fool in. You treat people whom you know nothing about like shit mate... All you have done is berate me while I linked you to many papers and items. You did not look at the links on the page I linked you. There are 13 studies done there! There is a wealth of differing info on this hence why I started off with these two talking points. It showed me that you and the other gentleman treat any idea that isn't mainstream like a total waste and disrespect anyone who talks about it. That tells me that unless there is a "concrete" idea, whatever the hell that means, you will chew out and treat the poster like shit for whatever reason. Maybe it makes you feel good about yourself? who knows...
  2. I thought this would be a good place to SPEAK with like minded thinkers and intelligence. I tested the waters with two thoughtful and provoking docs in the scientific spectrum. All you have shown me is that it is looked down at to have said anything at all. So far you have acted as if you have this moral mountain that everyone must climb for you, in both docs! I dont care about "rules" I do care about interesting convos and speaking to RESPECTFUL and intelligent people! NOT being treated like SHIT and disrespected in all kinds of ways! I am not one who goes around downvoting and insulting everyone just because I am offended or my idea was disagreed with, unlike a few members here. It is sad that a place that calls itself a scientific forum can harbor such disrespect and hate.
  3. You really are our savior! Thank you for finally coming and bringing goodness and light to all the bad! You people make me sick. Your moral high standing mindset. So far you and the other man, have treated me as if I should not speak or ask about anything at all. You two have shown me, a brand new member, that my words and thoughts are totally worthless in your all knowing eyes.. You have shown me that you sit on your high horse judging all who come your way. I am not angry that you think it is rubbish! I am angry at how some people on here act towards me. I couldn't care less about people thinking the paper is rubbish, I did not write it! I DO care that some people think they're so much better than others and feel the need to talk down to others who are trying to talk about a paper. So far these people have shown me that posting anything on here will bring the wrath of their harsh words and downvotes because they are easily offended and their thoughts of themselves outweigh all else. Strange... Even when I do link to peer reviewed docs you treat them and me like shit.
  4. How dare I talk about anything at all ever oh mr. wise man godlike creature how blessed I am that you have graced my post with your divine word... And thank you for your downvotes and how thankful I am that we all have you to put me in my place.
  5. That is what the paper says. I guess on here, it is ridiculous to post anything and try to talk about it.
  6. Mate, so far, the people on here have shown me that they are not worth speaking to. Everyone is very uptight and ridden with hate. The 4 people I have spoken with on here have proven to me that speech of any kind that doesnt agree with their world view is hateful and needed to be stopped. There is no point in wasting time with talking to the people who have engaged thus far. It seems the only reason they did engage was to berate and hate.
  7. Yes it is not an ok topic to talk about!? It seems that EVERYONE that came into this post, has a preconceived attitude to HATE. Is it not a good topic to TALK ABOUT without people acting like fools? Is everyone afraid of political correctness... There is a HUGE issue with people today. They are looking for a reason and a solution. That is what I am talking about.
  8. So far. The people I have run into in this forum are rather rude and obtuse. I have only been here for 2 days and have read more obtuse statements and rude comments than twitter... Forgive me if I respond a bit rude, that is all that has been directed my way on here so far.
  9. Oh ouch. Ill be feeling that for years to come. You are a big man. Very helpful and smart. I can see you add a lot to this great world we have all made together. Do you think that everyone and everything is racist? You act like you are such a great person, above everyone... Sad really. You are the one that is in your own world and "la la land".
  10. The paper states that they have subjects that have been affected by the technique and have results that reoccur. What is science than!? If they can get a patent (more than one) based on those findings how is that not science?! I am not defending anything. How can you think that...? BTW MOD what about the people "hijacking" my threads!? Asking stupid questions and going way off topic?! How can you single out and call yourself a mod...
  11. What if that IS the real world? The real world said the world was flat and sugar is good for you in mass! Get real!
  12. ......... The paper said it.... What... So you are telling me that if you quote Hitler, that means that you said it?! Sometimes I wonder about people.. Not often but sometimes....
  13. Do I have obligation to please you? Do you need ME to work everything out for you? Why can no one think for themselves? What does it matter what I think? What do YOU think!? That is the reason for the post!!!
  14. What if anti gravity tech is real or is invented in 1000 years. It will surely become wrong then. What if you drop that stone in the free fall of space? What if your understanding of up and down is wrong and the grid reference you are taught from birth and directional understanding of the future overrule the grid ref of today? Even today it is understood that we do not know fully what gravity is. In the quantum world your down is every direction along with right left and up all being equal.
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