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  1. I am getting a gps signal on my phone (while inside my room) just fine. So what bandwidth are you referring to?
  2. The decay function is not linear as you assume here, but exponential. Kind of like exponential growth.
  3. Metavanadate can only exist in basic solutions. Trying to make vanadyl sulphate is a tricky process.
  4. A boner is not required to function in day to day life. Besides being a slight inconvenience in engaging in activities from which the outcome might be slightly more than an inconvenience, I do not see why not getting it up should be addressed at all.
  5. Why are you looking for validation of your feelings. If you feel something about a thing, it should not matter what others think about it.
  6. You seem to neglect that our bone structure (and that of all vertebrates come to think of it) does not support the addition of 2 additional limbs. What we call arms in our physiology are what are wings in birds and bats.
  7. I think the first minute of the following youtube movie this will answer that question very well, at least in my opinion:
  8. Besides the fact that you can use the theory to make predictions that match the physical world. Are you at some point trying to introduce an electric universe, by any chance? Just asking a question.
  9. You are missing the point, read the rest of the thread if you would be so kind.
  10. Which part of all-natural blueberries didn't you understand?
  11. Perhaps not smearing anything on your face is a better idea? Natural or not, it's still a chemical. It's time people realized that
  12. The compound only has 2 substituents to begin with, somewhere you have to work with brackets: ()
  13. The bohr model of orbitals is indeed outdated. It is taught as a simplification of the current model. Orbitals nowadays refer to an electron probability density.
  14. When there is no heart activity, you can usually forget it. A defibrillator can only assist in getting an erratically beating heart back on a normal pulse.
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