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  1. Adding such is trivially easy, but why would you? Anyone who can access your tank has your keys and can simply drive your vehicle to his home where he can easily open the additional lock.
  2. The part of the flood and the parts about Jesus simply had different authors and were made up/written in a different time period.
  3. The default state for me seems to be seeing distant objects sharp. Our lens only changes focus and nothing else.
  4. I guess you could make some fancy design lamp, but the same design would probably be easier to build with LEDs.
  5. Rho is the density of the fluid. Rho is only 100 in some Greek numeral system I've personally never seen before but is utterly irrelevant here.
  6. Except that your provider can simply deactivate the damaged sim and assign your old number to your new sim.
  7. None of this makes any sense. "Friction supplies growth"? "Strength of the message" ? Do you perhaps type your answers in some language in Google translate and copy the result literally here?
  8. Distance: something you can measure accurately. Obviously in meter if you use m/s^2 Reference point you determine yourself. Usually where the fall starts. I have used Tracker to have students calculate g with nothing but a smartphone camera and a ruler to surprising accuracy. To avoid blurry images, you can also roll a marble down a sloped rail and apply some trigonometry to find g.
  9. Drop a ball over an accurately known distance and accurately measure the time it took.
  10. In engineering, nobody cares about rigorous definitions. What matters is whether it works, not whether someone wants to call some trivially useless cases "finite" or not.
  11. What is the point? Fitting a curve through 100+ data points is going to produce a complex formula. Much easier to just look at the PSE.
  12. Of the top of my head: - atomic mass of Uranium: about 238 - atomic number of Uranium: 92 doubling 92 is not within 1 or 2 of 238. Not even close. I'm going to start reporting you for trolling. Your ignorance in every subject is starting to annoy me.
  13. Bender


    We could also marvel at the shooter who manages to hit the edge of a sword at that distance.
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