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  1. How to read the pull force of a magnet

    It depends in rather nonlinear ways on the distance to the object pulled and the material and geometry of that objects and the objects around it. Even if all those are known, it is only possible to calculate the force with a numeric finite element model, except for some specific cases.
  2. Bicycle transmission...

    I guess so, but the critical part is on the wheel, which you can't efficiently cover (without sealings adding friction).
  3. Bicycle transmission...

    Between 80-99%, but for a single gear chain or belt drive it's probably close to the 1%. For recreational or transportation use, it is as pointless as ceramic bearings or a carbon frame, but there are amateurs paying lots of money for those, so why not? I wonder what happens when some dirt gets on this drive?
  4. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Now we're getting somewhere.
  5. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    What do you mean? Everyone receives it. Everyone pays taxes.
  6. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    You are the only one who keeps insisting this. You do realise that money-wise the net effect for the middle class would be zero?
  7. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    I don't see how you do. You only discuss some perverted variant of UBI. Nobody here excluded those, except you. Illegal immigrants are an issue, but they are free to get registered and either get asylum, with all the benefits, or get a free ride home. The conditions for getting asylum are open for discussion, but have nothing to do with UBI. Too bad wealth is your only criterion. Do you think these upper class folk are all living a happier, more satisfactory life then those immigrants?
  8. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    None here is advocating your system. An actual UBI would benefit nearly everyone, which is way higher than your 50/50 tipping point. It is well known that rich people are happier when the poorest are less poor. Everyone profits from less crime, less sickness, less depression, more community work, better education... (except perhaps for some power hungry religious conservatives, but who cares about those?) Even if you don't want to count the indirect effects, at least consider the large group who are "well off" but stuck in a job they hate or feel insecure about the future financial situation of themselves or their children. PS: I don't live in the US, so I'm not primarily interested in the current political situation there.
  9. It depends on the surface it is dropped on. If a significant part of the kinetic energy is absorbed by the impacted surface, a more massive case would slow down slower and anything inside will experience less acceleration and less damage. On a concrete surface, the shock absorbing qualities of the outer case become more important if it is more massive.
  10. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    It could also help to improve how we appraise economies. GDP counts a lot of things we don't want and doesn't count what we do want. Inefficient healthcare, dangerous roads and vandalism all increase the GDP, so are currently great for our economy. I know this is just an example, but there are better and more creative ways to raise taxes. I favour taxes on income that is not earned/deserved and/or impacts our society negatively. Examples are: resources, inherited wealth, real estate, most of the financial and marketing sectors, weapons, fuel, alcohol, meat... Another example that is not particularly popular is a tax on (excessive) savings. Once you realise that the need for savings is significantly reduced when your income and that of your children is guaranteed, then this becomes a lot less unspeakable. Note that none of these are directly linked to UBI, but are merely suggestions for where to get the required money. I don't see why you wouldn't give it to the wealthy. It would require paying for a control system which negates the "unconditional /universal " part and might end up costing more than what is saved, since the wealthy are a minority.
  11. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Not only in Germany. In Belgium 14% of the people say their job is utterly useless. Since people tend to like seeing purpose in what they do, I'm guessing the amount of jobs that is actually useless is even higher. This phenomenon masks the underlying problem that there simply isn't enough work to do. We can discuss all we want about pros and cons of UBI, but in the end it is the only reasonable answer to a structural (as in: does not depend on how well the economy does) job shortage.
  12. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Ok, so all one needs to do is register a farming business. Sounds like something that requires conditions to be met. How many carrots do I need to grow in my back yard to register such a business? Now I can pay my friends to pull a couple of carrots some afternoon. How many carrots do they need to pull to get the income?
  13. Multi-tasking machine

    Any smartphone? As far as I know, Arduino is easy to get started, but Raspberry pi has more versatility and computing power.
  14. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Basic income for farmers runs into the same problems you pose for UBI: when is someone a farmer? Who is eligible? How many carrots do I have to grow in my back yard? Do I have to sell them? But what if my crop fails? It is already conditional, so what is stopping anyone from adding the other conditions, such as origin or criminal record?
  15. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Nobody is forcing them to come. The fact that they do indicates that the new situation of "servitude" is more desirable than their old situation. The length can be debated, but if after that period they get the same rights, that doesn't seem too unreasonable. At least with UBI, they are protected from discrimination afterwards.