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  1. Frequency of Severe Hurricanes

    Airbrush's presentation did not provide enough data for a statistical valid presentation. At least 10 times the data would be needed. Perhaps 100 times the amount which was my point. Such data may not exist. Feel free to continue this discussion at hand but do not drag this into personal attacks. What does a Trump rally have to do with this? Feces? WTF?
  2. Frequency of Severe Hurricanes

    Thank you for your non professional personal attacks. By default, any possible further input by you concerning the subject at hand MAY be forfeit? Also may not. What you could have done is just say you do not understand. Instead you resorted to feeble insults by killing this messenger. You can do better than that. Let's keep this on track please. What you can do is contribute meaningful input. Again, there is not enough statistical data to make an accurate determination of hurricane frequency. That is the subject at hand. Please feel free to stay focused. Thank you. So far a D-/D-. Respectfully.
  3. Frequency of Severe Hurricanes

    I will make it easier to Grok. We do not have enough statistical data to accurately determine hurricane frequency. Such required accurate data may not exist. Precise vocabulary regarding definition of terms is also necessary. Any human intervention in the modeling process would also render any possible results suspect. The resulting conclusions would not be accurate.. Hope this helps. "Enthusiasm about Science is good. Enthusiasm in Science is Not Good."
  4. Frequency of Severe Hurricanes

    I do not think we have enough statistical data either way to determine hurricane frequency. To let that work the data would have to go back at least 1000 years. 10,000 years would be better but then we could be banging on ice age recovery eras. Then we also have the naggy zinger defining the various definitions. Gets quickly fuzzy. Climate change is very dynamic. It is also easy to discount the people factor fudging the data.
  5. Pet Stories

    One of my very best friends was my adopted Yellow Lab dog. I named her Goldie. Never could train her not to go out into the rural/remote woods of SW OR USA,.(42N, 123W, kinda) Once she caught a small possum and brought it into the solar homestead cabin through both doggie doors and laundry room airlock. Proudly she dropped it at my feet in the kitchen. The possum was playing possum. It was not dead. It came back to uninjured life thank you. In the kitchen. Quite the circus with me, Golder, (the dog) and the very pissed off very much alive possum. Pretty nasty animals when angry. Anyhow, with the dog, me and a kitchen broom we managed to herd the aforementioned possum out through the first doggie door. Then I locked that door and walked around the cabin with Goldie eagerly following ready for some more fun and games. After putting her back in the cabin I released the pissed off possum. Much fun for all of us. Related Kinda. Before the dog we had problems with mice and pack rats. I captured a huge bull snake and released it under the cabin. Problem solved? Almost. During cold or snowy weather that snake had the bad habit of crawling up into bed with us. Just trying to stay warm I guess. No problem. But rather disconcerting at first for my lady friend. She quickly got over it and the snake became a good pet. Kept the mice and rats away also. Years ago. Memories.
  6. Value of an Asteroid

    Raider5678: I like that earth to the solar system required energy "subway map" and thank you. We will mine the asteroids. Give us another couple hundred to five hundred years. The tech does not yet exist but it eventually will. Related: History tells us lots of brave sailors died going down to the sea in ships. We learned to build better stronger faster sailing ships. Towards the end of the sailing ship era good captains and crews actually sought out nasty blowing weather. It let them sail faster and it got them home quicker. Better tech of the day. The same thing will happen mining the asteroids. Time desire lives and technology. Eventually lots of folks will live and work in space. Not today but someday. "One quarter Impulse Mr. Sulu!"
  7. Reconciling science and religion

    Subjectives Opinuions ... Exact propor English is not required nor desired. As long as the main communuication and themes is understoods, that is sufficiuffulment. Correction of written English as an answer to a valied statement indicates a lack of mannours, intelligenience and a generally nick picky personality. Also possibly excessive compulsive. It is OK for some to pick there noses while keybourding. What one does with the buggerers is not important. That is all. Meant to be humerous.
  8. Why atomic bomb?

    Things one can talk about. The Soviet Union back in the cold war had several different Organs of government with their own bomb programs. They did not trust each other and each could do what they wanted ... within reason. Reason went out the air lock. Not only did they not know how many bombs they made or where they all were "safely" stored, even today they will not admit as to knowing who has them. These are not the big mega ton H bombs. These are the "cheap" tiny workable, (most of the time) gravity bombs and even many 8 inch artillery shells. Miniature Uranium gun bombs. Stable except for the precision detonators and explosives? Thousands and thousands. Somewhere there may be unclassified photos of soldiers carrying a 310 pound 8" nuclear artillery shell. About 1-2 kilotons. Most of the old Commie stuff had a definite shelf life. Fortunately. But they can be rebuilt with specific knowledge. By now most the people who would know where they all are stored away in various places are dying off. Will the new generation be told? Dunno. With modern computers and machine tool machines many nations can build nukes. Even bad nations. An ongoing problem today. Sossss... what we have is a nasty situation where not only are nuclear nations NOT recycling the nukes but new non stable nations are building their own. Or they pay the money and get the tech and stuff from other nasty nations. Fortunately it takes weapons grade material to build a nuke. But over the years even the USA has lost track of nuclear material. Makes one wonder a bit. Respectfully.
  9. Why atomic bomb?

    It is easy for us not to understand. It is less easy to remain objective regarding certain subjects. Routine self critical examination is difficult. The Atom Bomb may be such a difficult subject to rationalize. Our sad reality is that most people are not aware of or have not been exposed to the harsh realities regarding many subjects. The Bomb is a good example of such. We live in a real world. History tells us the USA spent a ton of money and many years developing two types of very primitive atomic weapons. It was our Nations second most expensive single project of World War Two. The bombs worked. A series of unfortunate political events resulted in an out of control arms race. The USA vs the Soviet Union. Very simple history. No nation wants to give up a weapons system they developed at great expense and treasure. Perhaps all Nations are paranoid. The Real Politic. It is impractical to expect all Nations to disarm. Some will hold back. Therefore by default all Nations who have them will hold back. They will keep them. Many nations possess the bomb. This is not going to ever change. Sosss ... we must learn to live with what is real. Lots of nations have nuclear weapons. The tech has improved. The weapons of mass destruction will become small enough that they might be considered just another very high explosive device. Thus the added concern. Forget the suitcase A bomb. Consider the shoe box device. Scary. Doable. We must live with this. Respectfully.
  10. Why atomic bomb?

    Do you understand what non disclosure contracts are? Or you can talk to command grade military officers or some specialized enlisted. They will not talk about it either. It remains amazing how little so many smart and educated people know about Political Realities. It is what one does not know that one does not want to know. Probably a good place to be. Respectfully.
  11. Reconciling science and religion

    Religion remains a matter of faith. Hard good science consists of provable facts repeatable by hard experimentation. The two are by definition non irreconcilable. But ... but ... and I am not religious at all but somewhere if the correct questions are asked, the hard science guy just says ... "I don't know, but wouldn't that be nice"!
  12. Why atomic bomb?

    Perhaps inaccurate assumptions? It became clear to the USA that Germany would not get the first nuke. They were already losing the war. Strategic high level thinking. That left Japan by default. The bombs used there almost were not dropped. Moral issues. But ... historically we will never know for sure but it is possible the two bombs used against Japan SAVED PERHAPS one million Allied causalities and up to twenty million Japanese causalities. A horrible time in world history. Enter the Commies. The Russians. Stalin already had starved twenty million of his own people. Not a nice government. We, (the USA) kept building better bombs. It was felt at the time we needed them. The Soviets also build bombs. Things got carried away. Fixation. Somehow we never nuked each other. I for one still can not figure that one out. Nations are paranoid. Including the USA. Many nations today have nukes. Considered fairly easy tech. Nasty but there you have it. Like said already better, no nation that has had a nuke volunteering gives them up. South Africa probably still has them. So does Germany and other European nations. So does Japan but nobody admits to it. Australia? Probably. Now North Korea is approaching the point where they might be able to deliver a nuke via a ICBM. Giving up nukes is something Nations will not do. High level thinking. Eventually a nuke will get used. Either by accident or intent. Get ready for it. Sad. Respectfully.
  13. The CME would need a long conductive path like a long heavy gage electrical transmission wire. Nobody knows the exact critical requirements. The historical record shows subjective written accounts of telegraph wires arching and heating. The length of the iron uncoated wire typically used in that era, (1855) varied with the accounts of the observed affect. Storage batteries used in that time to power the telegraphs also were affected with some absorbing enough wattage from the CME through long leads of the aforementioned iron wire that they overheated, boiled and in some cases ruptured their glass containers with lots of arching and sparking. Probably smelled also. Enough wattage was conducted to trip closed keys. Today? Probably the long high tension electrical transmission lines. Regional shorter distribution power lines. Possibly short residential power lines. Inside a house? Probably nothing? Not enough conduction area. But some electronics might absorb enough energy to be affected. Consider it like a slow ongoing lightning strike. Nasty. Big commercial transformers may blow. Thus the concern of another Carrington event. If the CME can find a long enough conductor and there are many paths, such energy pushed into electrical transformers will cause burn outs with total failure. Such electrical grid power outages may last for many months, depending upon the location, intensity, grid type and transformer installations. In a home? Probably not much. But a big CMP would set back western civilization many years. Transportation and communications would be severely damaged. Everything today runs on diesel fuel and the micro chip. A Carrington Event today would probably kill over 75% of the worlds population over a period of years. Famine. Wars. Disease, Pestilence. Biblical stuff. I am not religious. Yikes!
  14. Respectfully. Shorter paragraphs.
  15. Removing Civil War Monuments

    As a long time student of American History in general and the War Of Northern Aggression, (War Between The States) in somewhat particular and being born in raised in the South, I am amazed and appalled at the lack of understanding and knowledge regarding ANY reasoning demanding the removal of Civil War Monuments. HB ... shorter sentences come to mind also! I kinda doubt most folks today with the average public school education could even pass a simple 50 questionnaire defining the root causes of that most unfortunate portion of our Nation's history. It was a very bad series of unfortunate events that even led up to the first shooting. That War was indeed our Nation's darkest hour. Sad.