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why sometimes the cursor can move automatically?


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Cable mouse, IR remote mouse, Bluetooth mouse, or radio mouse?


If it is not cable connected, does it have batteries, NiMh or similar batteries, or built-in accumulators?

If it has unpluggable batteries, unplug them for second and plug again.

Check voltage of batteries. AAA should have >= 1.5 V.


If one lives in a multi-family house, someone next door may have the same or similar frequency and they interfere with each other.

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I have similar experiences with my Bluetooth mouse.

I put it down to the "Bluetooth fairy's". (sorry couldn't help myself)  


Sometimes I notice that it can depend on the surface I place the mouse, I guess its the optical detection sensor picking something up like dust/grains/surface blemish etc...? 

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using an old hp laptop i noticed my touchpad act so weird since using windows 11 (didn't try using others laptops)

getting better disabling two fingers scrolling, but still sometime the mouse teleport/or move so fast, and i think i'm not touching the pad with another part of my hand

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