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Black Holes in Sci-fi


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Can anyone recommend some sci-fi books involving black holes.

In particular I'm looking for stories that involve someone, or something, going into a black hole and what they experience.

I've looked around and found plenty of books, but usually they feature black holes as navigational obstacles, or power sources, or weapons, or even as sentient beings - but i'm only interested if it explores the experience of being in (or even around) a black hole.

Also, not interested in films/TV shows - unless based on books.

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13 minutes ago, iNow said:

It’s not really a story, but I seem to recall “Blackholes and Timewarps: Einsteins Outrageous Legacy” by Kip Thorne going into some detail here. Not a textbook, not fiction, but very well done. 

Yes,  I have that one....excellent!

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Prometheus, it does seem like BH are used more as devices or sentient beings - Greg Benford's Eater was what first sprang to mind. Fredrick Pohl's Beyond the Blue Event Horizon another famous use of a BH -- as a hiding place for aliens.  What you are after seems rarer and I have only the vaguest dimmest memory of a short story, read decades ago, which fits your description.   I will look around, see if I can bring anything to light.   Did Paul McAuley write something like that?   


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It has been "forever" since I read Joe Haldeman's The Forever War, so I am trying to recall if there are any descriptive passages about going into a BH.  I know the BH is part of a transport system, but don't recall if there are details about entering.  

There remains a nagging memory of a shorter work where some group of scientists figures out how to avoid spaghettification and enter intact but I cannot find it atm.  In the meantime, take care of your liver.   

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Not exactly based on a novel ( script ? ), but C Nolan's movie, Interstellar, would seem to fit admirably.

Based on ideas by K Thorne when he was consulting on the movie, Contact, and later adapted into a screenplay by C Nolan's brother Jonathan. It is 'accompanied' by a book by K Thorne, The Science of Interstellar.

Koti's suggestion, R L Foreward's Dragon's Egg, provides excellent insight into effects around strongly gravitating objects ( neutron star ) and is a great read that I also highly recommend, but it doesn't provide for passages to elsewhere, or elsewhen.

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Perhaps our north american members might remember this short story I read in Analog or Gollanz around 1966.

Can't find it even on this site



But the story was about three voyagers who literally fell into a black hole in their spaceship and their respective viewpoints.

One voyager was an altered human, one was an AI robot of some sort.

I will post more if I remember the name of the story.

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