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  1. I think you've chanced upon the Information Paradox. There are thoughts that if Hawking radiation does exist, then the informational content is preserved in some other fashion. Very open ended subject at the moment.
  2. Makes sense. Hadn't looked at them from that angle before though. Mainly concerned about them leading to the death of healthy cells under low oxygen conditions. Would save a number of lives if we could alter their code. Just need to be free to do so without concern for causing cancer ourselves or giving cancer an edge.
  3. That, generalized treatment at the DNA/RNA level, and overhauling Mitochondria. Calorie restriction is one method we could use today. Can cause significant health and wellness issues though.
  4. Probably the group size is relatively small. Knowledge/Acceptance of one's own death and possessing information they feel is necessary to share. On a number of occasions death bed confessions are met with skepticism. Either being seen as senile ramblings or attention seeking. Reprisal,against friends,and family. Not uncommon,to this day...
  5. I think it would be more than 3 years anyways. There are a number of longevity techniques we can't use presently, because they stand a good chance of causing cancer themselves.
  6. That's okay though since black people were savages a few hundred years before that... That is where that sort of logic takes you. Nowhere good.
  7. The physics book would be testable in a way the religious books are not. Really the answer to the original question. You can test everything and work through the logic to arrive at your own conclusion.
  8. The parties have changed since then. Almost the opposite today with the democrats being seen as more supportive of minority rights. Your own attitude is prejudicial. Can't hold anyone or anything responsible for the past indefinitely. If people can change then so can the groups composed of them.
  9. One cell hooked up with chloroplasts, another with mitochondria. From them we got the tree and the finch.
  10. There's actually good evidence they used an internal ramp instead. Basically avoiding the issues associated with a long external ramp. Backed up by an actual density study and the partially unsealed "notch".
  11. We mainly just need a steady state for societal integrity reasons. I don't think anyone can deny that humanity hasn't had some kind of impact on the environment. The planet is pretty adaptable, human societies are not. More than a few have vanished due purely to environmental reasons. Much of what nature throws at us isn't preventable. In contrast controlling emissions is relatively easy. Generally we don't lose research once it is completed. Not like a number of the more transient boondoggles out there. In a number of areas we actually have greater efficiencies as a result. Waste t
  12. I find it offers decent protection without bogging down my system. Choosing an AV product is fairly subjective. I've generally found that the top ones are about the same in terms of protection and the rest just comes down to personal preference. Here's a site with more objective comparisons: http://www.av-test.org/en/tests/home-user/windows-xp/marapr-2013/
  13. I like the free version of Avast myself. The company uses free users to alert them to coming threats so it is a fair trade.
  14. Gene Therapy is a real thing. Mainly uses retroviruses which have their own issues, but they work well enough.
  15. Here is the manufacturer safety information: http://www.clontech.com/xxclt_ibcGetAttachment.jsp?cItemId=42386&minisite=10020&secItmId=15021 CharonY's assessment of the situation is exactly right though.
  16. Genetic Engineering is the obvious counterexample. Either of yourself or your offspring. Everyday technology is even more powerful though, quietly working to remove one selective pressure at a time. In some finite time it will remove them all, at the end probably migrating from genetic coding altogether. My guess would be homo transcendentalis, would consider themselves as evolving in terms of what their society, technology, and personal feelings dictate. Impossible to know for sure, but they will probably consider themselves as alive as we do.
  17. You really need to report it to a supervisor. Your lab or facility should have some kind of procedures in place. Without knowing the different variables there is no way to determine your risk.
  18. Your genes contain the template for your brain, but your brain can come up with methods to get around the limitations of your genes. Ultimately the genetic code will become mostly irrelevant.
  19. Cancer is more the end result of a number of mutations occurring within your own cells. To some degree each cancer type and even individual cells are different. If even one is missed or has evolved some means of evading the cancer can start up again. We've only just started finding focused techniques to attack cancer. Previously it was all broad methods that killed as many good cells as bad, and were not 100% effective at removing all traces of the malfunctioning cells. HIV/AIDS is somewhat similar, though in this case a virus is hijacking one of our own immune responses to spread.
  20. Yeah, a new resource management game could be good. Otherwise adapting an existing concept to fit could also work well. 3rd World Farmer and Sim Farm is a good example of this. Both games are farming simulations but with very different focuses. A number of casual games out there that could serve well as raw material. Best suggestion I have is to identify one specific issue that your group feels strongly about and proceed from there. Something motivating, "Save the Reefs!", "Stop the Polluters!", can serve as your rallying point. Then you can determine the game concept, necessary
  21. It reminds of a neural net re-weighting itself. The day's events strengthening some nodes while the random firings cause a more generalized weakening. I do wonder if modern tech would allow us to mess with it while a dream is ongoing. I'd like to try artificial muscle stimulation. Proprioception might provide a back door in.
  22. I could see the ability to express wildly different phenotypes. That much could be done rapidly based on the situation.
  23. It has rattled around in my mind at least, probably others. The Universe appearing as a point at a higher level. Main issue is how you could ever prove or disprove such a state. Big assumption but if physics work the same then the Universe would have to deal with the addition of matter and eventual decay. This could be considered evidence against the theory.
  24. It has actually been found the population growth rate has been slowing, possibly even to reverse within our lifetimes. Culturally a finite population poses issues, but ecologically it is easier to deal with. We still stand a good chance of reaching for the worst polluting forms of energy now mind you, but carrying capacity should be less of a threat.
  25. Could also try interweaving portions instead of using tape. Standard basket style weaves, paper hooks, etc. A look at different paper craft areas could help here.
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