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  1. well politicians I personally alternatives do not see..it is clear that in the country there are a lot of honest people,but they are not politicians, they have no experience you're too high opinion about yourself, ask yourself the question, it is important whether Putin opinion 10 people on this forum,in order to pay money for it It first..and secondly KGB does not exist already 24 years by the way saying this mutually I had also thought that in Europe, the good life but after I heard on this forum, what you have there guys roller skating down the street with no panties,and you look at naked ass straight in the face,and you like it then sorry,damn I don't need it.....
  2. Moontanman If you asked me some questions..I do not really understand them sorry that is now no translators who could translate between languages 100% correctly
  3. I can't read this comic,my translator not translates the text with images Yes I would be glad to Putin rules until the end of life Alternatives to Putin no what totalitarian? I don't care about these pussy riot and besides that there cannot gay parades and pussy riot everything else can in Russia you will not be fined if you'll trash on the lawn,or if you just lie down on the grass in the city you can download any Internet content,for example you in Europe will not be able to free download movies,music,games, and so forth,but in Russia they it is possible in Russia a huge space,you can move away from town 1 km,and there will be lots of nature,and not just a lot,but a lot and many kilometers on dozens of kilometers ,hundreds of kilometers your gay 99% of the population is not necessary, and if not to pay attention to a ban on gay parades,and everything else in Russia you can do If you need pussy riot so take them to Europe,they are in Russia they nobody needs
  4. you say Putin is bad and who is better?Obama better? I am not saying that Russia is in General better than America or that America is better than in Russia,I say that now among presidents there is no wiser President than Putin
  5. I now look what games you can download Links deleted by mod and many others and it is absolutely free and these people do something else talk about freedom...you live in fear..
  6. Oh my God,these people still talk about freedom? I am in Russia can download anything from anywhere and any number of times if I wanted to,I can now download film " Captain America" or "Noah " and would have nothing for now on my computer are the latest games and movies that came out at the moment
  7. Actually I wanted to finish it's not clever discussion But lastly,I will show you how infringed the rights of gays in Russia This man gay http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Moiseev This is one of the famous singers of Russia,He has a governmental awards I don't know may then paste the video on YouTube,but I will try And this song about gay
  8. well judging by this picture ,fortunately this horror strongly supports only Europe http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Societal_attitudes_towards_homosexuality.svg?uselang=en the U.S. supports the 50/50 China and India are not supported almost while China + India = 2.5 billion people It turns out that the only place where really well washed people's brains ,it's in Europe... well, still okay..not as bad as it seems
  9. Russians do not want to allow Western immorality in their country
  10. God forbid that in Russia ever was such abominations..
  11. well I figured you think that gay parades are the norm...well God judge you..
  12. and do you think I don't know about it?
  13. the fact that the USA wants to fight,she wants domination ,it builds bases around the world but Russia does not need to fight,she has the biggest territory and it does not work in the direction to take over the world and the US are working on it,that Russia simply has no desire to pursue ( not because of fear, but by the fact that it's not necessary ) an aggressive policy
  14. children can become I realize 50 percent from what you write here, and it seems to me now what you mean gay jail but this is not so,not sanctioned gay parade delaying the police and driven to the police station , check the documents,and goes home and if you arrange not authorized parade of football fans,then you will also detained and taken to the police,and then will go home and only defer the most active participants of the parade that is, in ordinary life,gay has all the rights of a citizen if Gaea's hurt,the person who will do it,can have problems with the police in Russia there is no division into the ghetto (Iif you come to Vladivostok,is 6500 km from Moscow,there you will meet the same people as in Moscow ),there is no such thing ghetto at all,in Russia every citizen equal to any other citizen , I not talking about Putin or the government,in any country is not so,that is the words Yes,Putin is the equal of any,but it's clear that it's not so on that in Russia if a gay will come to the police,and tell them what hit him,no matter gay or not,he will have all rights of a citizen
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