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  1. well politicians I personally alternatives do not see..it is clear that in the country there are a lot of honest people,but they are not politicians, they have no experience you're too high opinion about yourself, ask yourself the question, it is important whether Putin opinion 10 people on this forum,in order to pay money for it It first..and secondly KGB does not exist already 24 years by the way saying this mutually I had also thought that in Europe, the good life but after I heard on this forum, what you have there guys roller skating down the street with no panties,and you look at naked ass straight in the face,and you like it then sorry,damn I don't need it.....
  2. Moontanman If you asked me some questions..I do not really understand them sorry that is now no translators who could translate between languages 100% correctly
  3. I can't read this comic,my translator not translates the text with images Yes I would be glad to Putin rules until the end of life Alternatives to Putin no what totalitarian? I don't care about these pussy riot and besides that there cannot gay parades and pussy riot everything else can in Russia you will not be fined if you'll trash on the lawn,or if you just lie down on the grass in the city you can download any Internet content,for example you in Europe will not be able to free download movies,music,games, and so forth,but in Russia they it is possible in Russia a huge space,you can move away from town 1 km,and there will be lots of nature,and not just a lot,but a lot and many kilometers on dozens of kilometers ,hundreds of kilometers your gay 99% of the population is not necessary, and if not to pay attention to a ban on gay parades,and everything else in Russia you can do If you need pussy riot so take them to Europe,they are in Russia they nobody needs
  4. you say Putin is bad and who is better?Obama better? I am not saying that Russia is in General better than America or that America is better than in Russia,I say that now among presidents there is no wiser President than Putin
  5. I now look what games you can download Links deleted by mod and many others and it is absolutely free and these people do something else talk about freedom...you live in fear..
  6. Oh my God,these people still talk about freedom? I am in Russia can download anything from anywhere and any number of times if I wanted to,I can now download film " Captain America" or "Noah " and would have nothing for now on my computer are the latest games and movies that came out at the moment
  7. Actually I wanted to finish it's not clever discussion But lastly,I will show you how infringed the rights of gays in Russia This man gay http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Moiseev This is one of the famous singers of Russia,He has a governmental awards I don't know may then paste the video on YouTube,but I will try And this song about gay
  8. well judging by this picture ,fortunately this horror strongly supports only Europe http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Societal_attitudes_towards_homosexuality.svg?uselang=en the U.S. supports the 50/50 China and India are not supported almost while China + India = 2.5 billion people It turns out that the only place where really well washed people's brains ,it's in Europe... well, still okay..not as bad as it seems
  9. Russians do not want to allow Western immorality in their country
  10. God forbid that in Russia ever was such abominations..
  11. well I figured you think that gay parades are the norm...well God judge you..
  12. and do you think I don't know about it?
  13. the fact that the USA wants to fight,she wants domination ,it builds bases around the world but Russia does not need to fight,she has the biggest territory and it does not work in the direction to take over the world and the US are working on it,that Russia simply has no desire to pursue ( not because of fear, but by the fact that it's not necessary ) an aggressive policy
  14. children can become I realize 50 percent from what you write here, and it seems to me now what you mean gay jail but this is not so,not sanctioned gay parade delaying the police and driven to the police station , check the documents,and goes home and if you arrange not authorized parade of football fans,then you will also detained and taken to the police,and then will go home and only defer the most active participants of the parade that is, in ordinary life,gay has all the rights of a citizen if Gaea's hurt,the person who will do it,can have problems with the police in Russia there is no division into the ghetto (Iif you come to Vladivostok,is 6500 km from Moscow,there you will meet the same people as in Moscow ),there is no such thing ghetto at all,in Russia every citizen equal to any other citizen , I not talking about Putin or the government,in any country is not so,that is the words Yes,Putin is the equal of any,but it's clear that it's not so on that in Russia if a gay will come to the police,and tell them what hit him,no matter gay or not,he will have all rights of a citizen
  15. I say again,Russia is not against gays,Russia is against gay propaganda normal citizens are not guilty,that at conception gay gamma quantum attacked a cell's DNA and subsequently it turned into what man gay gamma Quant it figuratively speaking but,there are children who have a weak mind,and if they see gay,they will begin to ask ourselves what it is,and normal health child can be damaged. this does not have to show people the false views,it can see from the Bible,Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed,we don't need the wrong path letting gays in Russia will be,but one should not teach children false views
  16. I don't know what is the Russian government,but it is definitely not as bad as you think about it
  17. So if gays know that it will hurt,but still go to the parade,it turns out that they are not only gay but masochists?this is a joke there it is told not only about Russia,I meant first of all Russia,and secondly that gays in most cases, not violence Yes,it is possible case of violence there,but very few of them and I laugh at your statement that Putin tyrant look at the times of Joseph Stalin,there were millions repression I understand-tyrant Here in the times of Putin's you about 10-20 people who have been persecuted from 150 000 000 Russians You yourself do not laugh?what Putin tyrant-this is nonsense and all these 10-20 people you know In the times of Joseph Stalin there was just killing everything at once,and all these your 10-20 people live,and live better than many
  18. and this is not the song..this affectation in the Church
  19. Gay nobody hurts if you tell that you're gay,it is unlikely that you someone insults you but people against propaganda gay there is no objective meaning,to arrange parade! Let's have a parade football fans, or fans of beer Then today we will parade lawyers,tomorrow will be a parade of programmers,after tomorrow the parade of masochist What's the point? Then we'll do in the country holding parades each day...and won't work Why gays are doing parade,why do not parade the representatives not of traditional religions or other people ... what's the problem of gays why do gays want to show clearly that they are gay? Is it so important?
  20. first of all this is my opinion,based not on the words of Putin and secondly, what exactly you don't like Putin,or what they don't like Putin,that it made that much not okay? what the problem Putin, in your opinion? that infringes upon the rights of gays? so gay pride in Russia there- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow_Pride The fact that gay parades fight,so it's not Putin,the citizens do not want these parades were held gay nobody in Russia kills , what else do you not like? pussy riot mouth nobody closes that they want to talk about Putin,they are saying. .. What you still see the problem? or you don't like what Russians struggled for a healthy family? now of two evils, you must choose the lesser correctly said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko He was accused that he is a dictator he replied : it is Better to be a dictator than a gay guy
  21. ahh,sorry,Syria bombed not NATO well,when I say America bombed I always mean NATO, I don't know exactly who is in NATO chief ,main America or any other country ,or in NATO, all countries are equal but the fact that NATO bombed many countries,and in these countries there are many injured well,for me it is obvious that they have a lot of money,many factors you will not be able to take into account that not live in Russia like the fact that Russians are very rarely go to a far away city on his car, in fact that is not always a good road,at the entrance to the cities have a road congestion of the car truckers,and the Russians decided not to have a big car,the Russians in most cases, light cars in General, there are many reasons that Russians to travel to distant cities use public transport by this I know that they are traveling by plane,but explain it to the American hard eventually you you can believe in my words,can not believe.it's your choice but from Russia, the situation is visible so that pussy riot is not political people,the people who bribed with money to damage Russia's image perhaps they are governed by political opponents of Putin,or perhaps, they are guided from NATO,as an information attack against Russia to play on the difference of mentality In any case,there is a very large confidence that they are acting on somebody
  22. gasoline in Russia is about 0.6-1$ per liter they travel by car in America?or maybe they made a raft of trees and swam across the ocean? and why they are negotiating with the official persons of America?who are they that be with them met officials of America? if you say that the American government care about human rights,why don't they meet citizens Libya and Syria, which they bombed? in these countries there is a mess,many people there lost their homes,many were killed,many were left without a father,why not meet them? that pussy riot committed hooliganism and was imprisoned 1.5 years, this is so scary?what is more terrible than if someone has lost the house and lost health from American bombs in Iraq and other countries? only don't tell me that in Iraq and Syria civilians has not suffered,it was a war... open your eyes
  23. I want to tell you about all the protesters in Russia pussy riot ,Alexei Navalny ,Kseniya Sobchak and other maybe some of you have not known,but these people are not real opposition This is a common provocateurs that someone bribed , they do this to create a bad image of Russia Will arguments : look at the style of life of these people,pussy riot from Moscow went to Sochi,the distance from Moscow to Sochi -1500 km I the usual Russian,I never had arrived in Sochi, travelling is expensive,Need money to airplane, and need money on a hotel, and so on after that they go in Nizhny Novgorod,after that they go to America to meet with Hillary Clinton they complain that they live poorly? if you think that they are earning on the music you wrong,anyone talentless music't need I can't afford to take and at any moment to go to Sochi,it is expensive,but I'm not saying that Russia is bad and they do everything and complain how bad it is to live you ask yourself, what are these people,where they have such money, and where they have such ties
  24. toastywombelyou also do not consider that Russia has all types of weapons of mass destruction it is not only nuclear weapons,but also weapons of chemical,bacteriological here's one terrible accident can be read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sverdlovsk_anthrax_leak
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