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  1. 13 days until the great reveal!

    1. MonDie


      Missed that, heard old Diana Ross songs.  How many years left?

  2. Moontanman

    On tact

    I wrote it.
  3. Moontanman

    On tact

    I respect people not beliefs.
  4. I was going to get my mail a couple days ago and a couple misguided youths had placed a (very realistic) rubber rattlesnake in the sidewalk to the mailboxes. They rolled out of a car across the parking lots reveling in laughter saying "you might be white headed but you still have the moves!" I must admit I found a few old moves real fast.
  5. I think my coal object was formed by coal dust that had settled in between the staves of the boats cargo hold and when it sank the coal dust formed the "loaf of coal bread" I have. The pot in the above example didn't fall out of a coal mine but was found later in the place where coal was being shoveled into a furnace. An old pot dropped in the coal dust accumulating in a corner or some other place and allowed to sit for years could explain the pot in the lump of coal.
  6. Ok, no one wants to discuss but I think coal dust has a hand in these coal "OOParts" I think my coal object is evidence of this.
  7. It was a mirror image of a real clock much like the one in the joke photo.
  8. A friend of mine had a novelty clock that ran backwards.
  9. These "artifacts" have been found in coal seams and other places and seem to suggest a civilization well before humans on this planet. Here is an example. https://www.booksfact.com/archeology/300-million-years-old-cast-iron-cup-oklahoma.html Obviously pseudo science aficionados are attracted to these objects but I have an odd piece of coal I've been carrying around from place to place for many years. Ita rectangle about 16" long and 8" wide. The proportions are so close to perfect no diciations from being made of square angles can be distinguished, the edges are rounded off some but the faces are spot on for a man object but it's made of coal and I found it in the surf near a civil war battle ground where many coal carrying ships were sunk. I am reasonably sure how it came to be but several people who have seen it invoke it as an OOPART. What are your thoughts on these objects and feel free to take a guess as to the origin of my "OOPART" I might post a pic later if this gas crisis goes away soon.
  10. The "peaceful" rioters actually shit on the floor of the capital, people like Ron Johnson, should have been made to not just clean it up but they should have been made to eat it!
  11. Yes this would seem to be true from my short visits to the forum.
  12. My first forum "Hypography" is now almost nothing but nut jobs. Hard to even read many posts, they contain so much nonsense it almost funny. They need swansonT for a few months...🤪
  13. Thanks, lots of nuts out there, on UFO sites I am accused of being a government shill.
  14. From your last link: I agree that these UAPs seem to be drones of some type, I figured they were our own drones testing our own defenses and not telling the agencies who were being trolled. This is also important: And that brings us to one of the biggest problems with this topic, as a whole—people expect one blanket and grand explanation for the entire UFO mystery to one day emerge. This is flawed thinking at its core. This issue is clearly one with multiple explanations due to the wide range of events that have occurred under a huge number of circumstances. This thinking must be changed as it limits our ability to solve some mysteries in the hopes of coming up with some fantastical monolithic explanation for every related mystery. So, accepting that there is likely a wide array of explanations to this notoriously abused topic will be absolutely key to successfully studying it and destigmatizing it in our culture, and especially within U.S. military and intelligence circles.
  15. In a video where an old abandoned mine was being explored the people with a death wish type curiosity (the explorers) noted that the mine was cut into what had been a volcanoes pyroclastic flow. I'm not sure what had been mined but it looked like a conglomerate rock bed, lots of large rocks with smaller and even dust type grains holding it all together. The commented the eruption had been many millions of years ago but later on they found remains of trees in the rock. Would these wood fragments still been wood? They asserted they were but they didn't get samples which almost made me think they should have been beaten to death with a volcanic rock. The material certainly looked like wood and even splintered like you would expect wood to do. Could they have still been wood after millions of years? The mine was very dry, no water dripping or running like most mines. They also said the pyroclastic flow had been topped with several meters of lava as well. (at least I think they said that, it's been a few years since I saw the video. There guys to these abandoned mine videos and never take samples, I would require a dump truck to hold all the samples if I was doing the exploring.
  16. AFAIK you tube videos are not citations, your mileage may vary.
  17. Would marine plywood be better? I am thinking of making an octagonal aquarium out of plywood.
  18. In our lives many things we are used to using "possibly" shouldn't have been made due to long term problems> IMHO plastic bottles are something that could have done without and the world would be a better place if they were invented.
  19. In woodworking, if I needed a angle cut in plywood that was accurate to within 2mm how difficult would that be?
  20. ROFLMAAO It's sad that you have been indoctrinated so strongly that the two words "missing link" can only mean one thing when in fact, even in evolutionary biology, "missing link" can apply in a great many ways to things both in and outside biology. The OP does indeed not bridge the gap between monkeys and humans. To be sure mating with an ape would be a difficult task but the chromosome difference between humans and Gorillas, Bonobos, Chimps, and even Orangutans is far less than the difference between horses and donkeys yet they do produce offspring. I would be surprised if a mating between Humans and Chimps or Bonobos wouldn't produce offspring. The problem is that most scientists have a moral code that would prevent such a thing from being done. One of the most important things about science is that when you stop believing it it doesn't go away.
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