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    PhD and postdoc then Science teacher (now part-time). Hobbies are eating crisps and watching Trash T.V. Love 'Man vs Food' and 'South Park'. I also like long walks with my wife, playing computer games with my children and the occasional Table Tennis game.
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    Post doc then general dosser, know nothing but want to learn everything
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  1. HOORAY - I AM A GRANDAD! Three years of gloom are pierced by a light in the form of my granddaughter.  I am over the moon with joy!

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    2. zapatos


      Congratulations Jimmy. I am seriously jealous. I hope to join the 'grandparent' club soon myself. :)


    3. Moontanman


      Really glad to hear it, I hope it happens soon for me, age is just a number dude, it's what's inside that counts! 

    4. jimmydasaint


      Thank you guys - I feel positive and happy.  Age is a number and I don't feel like I am an old grandad and the best part is that I get to hand her over to her real parents after playing with her.  Bliss! Zapatos and Moontanman, good luck when you join the grandad club, I cannot describe this feeling completely. 

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