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  1. Have we ruled out trolling as the cause of the problem? Anyway, it seems that nearly everything can change- everything except Farid's mind.
  2. If you are inside a conductor- like your power line workers- the pattern of voltages in the outside world can do as it pleases. None of them will affect you. They may induce currents in the suit when they change. In particular, no DC arrangement of potentials fields, or voltages outside the conductor will affect you if you are inside it. That's the sense in which a Faraday cage works just fine for DC and the sense in which the thing you're sure of is wrong. You were simply mistaken. It would have been better if you had asked for help, but you went off on some daft tangent about Now, what was that about rhetoric?
  3. OK, fair point. I should have read it more carefully. However there's still a difference. An army of people have been trying very hard to find problems with GR- and they have not. (Not yet, if you insist) They have made measurements to lots of significant figures and GR seems to work. So, to the best of our (current) knowledge, GR gives the right answer. So, (to the best of our current understanding )anything that disagrees with GR by more than the tiny experimental uncertainty is wrong. So either those early papers agree, or they disagree by some tiny discrepancy, or they are wrong. In which case the answer to the OP's question is "they are subsumed (if they are right) or superseded (if they are wrong) or the difference is so small that we can't measure it"
  4. So, when I address the dog from the Magic Roundabout, I risk having my message listened to by Google. What are the chances of that actually telling Google anything "interesting"? OK Dougal?
  5. Cannabis is not typically considered a stimulant- rather the reverse. So, if your assertion is correct (and others have already questioned that) it suggests that bright people seek downers as much as uppers, so it's not necessarily stimulation they seek.
  6. No. If I posted something like I'd still be criticised for being wrong. OK, here is some information that may be useful to people working in conductive suits on high voltage systems. Make sure that any holes in the suit are small. The exact definition of "small" depends on context. In the particular case of a hole with a wire running through it the value tends to zero. Because, in the case of a "faraday cage" with a wire leading through a hole in it, you don't have a faraday cage.
  7. At that time, the precession of Mercury would mean that the important first statement in the set "We know that GR has passed every test that it has ever been subject to." was untrue of Newtonian physics. And you seem to have missed the significance of my last conjecture.
  8. To be fair, I strongly suspect that English is not Farid's first language.
  9. Does wiki say this a Faraday cage only blocks changing fields, not constant voltage ?
  10. Is that why you made that incorrect assertion?
  11. Then you are wrong. However there are constructs like "it is impossible until..."
  12. Can the OP change and become something which has an answer to the question he posed? If not then the thread is pointless; if so then the fact that he asked the question, answers it.
  13. Do you know what the H in "IMHO" stands for? Anyway, when I'm discussing my plans to take over the world I go into the other room leaving Siri to listen to the radio.
  14. We know that GR has passed every test that it has ever been subject to. If Whittaker's work doesn't agree with GR then it also doesn't agree with experimental observation. And if that's the case then there's a much better underlying reason to ignore it than some supposed "Einsteinian mafia". If it disagrees with GR then it's wrong. My guess is that it is equivalent (give or take some transform) to GR.
  15. I presume you didn't read (or didn't understand) the original JAMA paper. It's not restricted to drugs used in psychiatry. So the summary might as well say "Some drugs apparently cause dementia. Some drugs are used in psychiatry but, in general, they are not the same drugs."
  16. People are currently building and using thermal energy stores.
  17. And what you said was that you were not going to answer my point. WHERE IS THIS INFORMATION STORED, IF IT IS NOT IN THE GENOME?