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  1. Are there any drone pilots on SFN? I just got me a Mavic Air 2, I’m charging the batteries and I’m off to my first flight...hopefuly not last 😄

    1. MigL


      Are you using the camera to spy on women sunbathing in this beautiful weather ?
      Shame on you !

      ( and don't let the wife catch you )

    2. koti


      I just came back from my first flights, this thing is absolutely insane. The ease of use combined with the tech and speed this thing has is absolutely nuts. 68km/h 1.2m above the ground, 4K 60fps clips, range is just beyond me how they did it - you can fly 3 miles away easily, while retaining 1080p/30 fps live preview on the control radio (its a WiFi signal embeded in a radio signal and it has huge bandwidth along large distances) You obviously have to comply with flight policies where you fly (check in your flight, check weather etc) I'm sory to report that I'm such a tech geek that I forgot to take 4K clips of my neighbours. For now.

    3. Sensei


      Mitnick v2.0 would use the drone to see what the user's password is through the window..

      ps. Measure maximum mass of cargo that it can hold. You could use it to e.g. send your wife forgotten to work sandwich or so..

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