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  1. Its been a week here, skin is peeling of my shoulders and I’m officialy an african with blue eyes. I also have indigestion from all the great food theyre serving to which I cant say no...and my feet are burnt. One more week of this „nightmare” and I can finally go back to normality. I’m half way through Frank Herbert’s „Dune” which I never read who knows why. Oh and I hate „Ouzo” with its aniseed taste @MigL

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    2. Sensei



      (without surprise) I understand that you are more interested in enjoying holidays than book talking. Yet you mentioned it, so I jumped in with my (rather not valuable) "input". Perhaps you will see what I meant if/when you get to IV. "God Emperor of Dune", V. "Heretics of Dune" and VI. "Chapterhouse: Dune"..

    3. koti


      I found something interesting this evening while our 3 year was playing in the sand at a beach party with one of my flashlights which has a strong magnet in the tailcap. Earlier today we went for another car trip around the towns and beaches in the Kos island and my partner complained that her feet got horribly dirty. Weirdly black dirty...we just assumed its the volcanic dust but its in fact incredibly fine iron fillings. And when I say fine, its so fine it got through the first O-ring of my double O-ring whaterproof flashlight. Once its on the magnet it behaves like regular iron fillings on a magnet but when I got it off, man I’ve never seen iron pieces so fine - pure dust. Suddenly I realized that theres a reason for poor electrical infrastructure around here - transformers on poles shooting sparks everywhere, abandoned cars on sides of roads, etc. This stuff must get into everything eventually, I hope our devices will survive. Tomorrow I’ll take my son and we’ll gather some more to bring back home :) 

    4. Moontanman


      I have some volcanic sand, black sand, that has lots of magnetic particles in it.. .

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