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  1. And Mueller and team responded that the claim is largely horseshit
  2. Trump Effects

    It is also a far cry from how we should be referring to the President of the United States
  3. Interesting combination in this OP. [Brand new member] introduces [contentious issue] that’s likely to result in [strong feelings] and does so in a way that is both [ambiguous and poorly structured]. Im not saying the OP is a troll, but if they were this approach comes straight from that cookbook.
  4. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Thanks for sharing, Raider. In order to be context relevant, however, we should instead be looking at the metrics relating to how often women are believed when speaking up about sexual harassment and assault versus how often men are believed when denying it (ideally against a backdrop of numbers clarifying times when it actually happened and times when it was a false accusation, but that's a statistic that's obviously quite impossible to find). Given this, we need to look at motives, and is SO many (most?) of these cases there's simply no good reason for the female to lie (there are exceptions, but I'm referring to the majority), and practically EVERY reason for the male to lie.
  5. Delusion? Self-deceit? Communities of likeminded lemmings? Simply saying “goddidit” explains nothing, except (of course) the human proclivity for accepting simple inaccurate answers instead of facing hard truths and existing contentedly with uncertainties about challenging questions. Define “god.”
  6. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Please summarize what's it in the video. Depending on your description, I will consider viewing it and offering comment, but not until.
  7. Reputation Points

    ...By counting when people click the little green up arrow on your posts
  8. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    The fact that women no longer feel alone or isolated in these exchanges. The fact that they're finally being treated seriously and not dismissed or shamed or victim blamed. The fact that people are tired of "ugly" men having all the power, and... to be clear... I'm not referring here to physical traits or indicators of fertility. There are other reasons, but those are some. Completely tangential and irrelevant to the points I actually made, to the point of being an outright strawman. If my point was unclear, please request I clarify it and I will happily do so. In return, please don't assume that I hold such remedial concepts about the need for equality across the sexes.
  9. More specifically, the rhetorical shorthand we use when introducing the term "consciousness" only muddies the waters. It's too ill-defined, too ambiguous, and differs in understanding from person to person. Ask 10 different people what conscious is and you get 10 different answers. If we are to assert that consciousness has a causal impact in the world, then it's more precise IMO to do so by reverting back to a description or model rooted in the hardware and software you yourself previously referenced. Similarly, we could argue that love changes the world, but what we really mean when saying this is that feelings of affection between humans change how we interact with one another socially, and those individual social interactions can change society itself in aggregate, and generally for the better. You seem content to focus on the ambiguous, ephemeral, subjective concept of love wherein my preference is to instead focus on the core individual transactions between people and how those interactions set expectations, social mores, and "tribal" rules. I maintain that we can, in fact, both be right here and that it's all a matter of perspective. I'm convinced we agree far more than you realize.
  10. Neither can I. It might show weakness. BTW - OT, but AP just called the election for Jones
  11. No, that’s not some black and white news headline from World War II. It happened, this weekend, one month away from the advanced year of 2018. What do you think of this trend? Are there sufficient nonviolent means to stop it? Will it take force and will things to continue to get worse before getting better?
  12. Except, this is the precise opposite of the actual stance I've been putting forth. The hardware of the brain is axons and dendrites and myelin sheathing and all of the intermediate parts like sodium potassium channels and gates, etc. I tried to suggest we're closer to agreeing on this than you're making it out to be. This point seems reinforced by your comments above about hardware and software, but instead you said that, "No, one of us has to be wrong." Apologies, but you're not making sense.
  13. Time Does Not Exist

    And yet movement and velocity themselves are undefined without time. How can one exist, but not the other?
  14. Fine, then. I'm the one who's right and you're the one who's wrong. Disagree? Then answer this: If you move away from the chemistry perspective I've been treating as both central and foundational to this issue, then by what specific alternative mechanism can consciousness itself have the type of causal impact on the actual world around us you're mentioning above?
  15. Intelligence test

    I think many of us are hoping to recognize and potentially experience more of it right here in this very thread.
  16. Intelligence test

    I’m unsure you’re passing any intelligence tests by offering such poorly constructed incoherent posts, and that’s true regardless of when you were born.
  17. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    I can think of a few
  18. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    You obviously haven’t been paying very close attention this last year.
  19. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Roy Moore was in his early 30s when he lured, stripped, and touched those 14 year olds.
  20. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    It’s not just men over 60 putting women I care about at risk. Believing women when they speak up is not equivalent to punishing those who are innocent.
  21. Threads for dummies

    Well played, sir. I genuflect in your general direction