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  1. sunlight

    That's not just money burning a hole in your pocket....
  2. Kinetic energy of a nucleus

    I am certainly far from anything close to expert on this, but it was my understanding that quantum spins were intrinsic. You seem to be saying that anything that is capable of having classic spin cannot have intrinsic (quantum to me, interchangeably) spin. Is that what you are saying or claiming? Is it accepted as correct?
  3. Breaking The Gravity Code

    You're going to let others sail off first, then put a patch over one eye and chase them down?
  4. evolution

    We would probably struggle to survive back then, but so did they, our ancestors. We still have our adaptive systems that evolved, in part, through that time...including the ones that helped make us unfit (physical fitness unfit) from our lifestyle, such as ones that recycle (atrophy) muscle we don't use. They would help us adapt to the varied conditions we might encounter, or not, depending on our inherent survival fitness for those conditions. Maybe 10,000 years from now we might not get so unhealthy from excessive time spent in front of a computer...we can probably all help speed this process up by not exercising regularly, especially for those that have Doctors recommending that they in particular should do so.
  5. Partially reversible energy

    As long as it didn't increase the drag on the train from interference you would get a very slight gain for your effort, when a train happened to go by.
  6. Kinetic energy of a nucleus

    Right. But the quantum spin is not classic. Generally speaking when discussing subatomic particles doesn't "spin" refer to quantum spin, and not to any movement associated with kinetic energy?
  7. Kinetic energy of a nucleus

    He refers to quantum spin as not having kinetic energy because it is not the same as classical spin...and you get from that he thinks classical spin has no kinetic energy...that's not obtuse?
  8. Artificial gravity...

    ...off to the basement to get some exercise in the "weight room"
  9. Artificial gravity...

    That's awesome Janus. There should be a slight effect from which way it is spinning. So walking one way would have some different effects from the other depending on your speed.
  10. No dark matter and dark energy needed?

    It assumes the "scale invariance of empty space". What is the current model based on? Have there been some effects assumed to be present due to the expansion? What are they with respect to empty space? Or am I misinterpreting?
  11. Points of view

    It might be useful to try. When you are unable to do so in a manner consistent with physics it can give you some incite into why. IIRC this was part of Einstein's thought process.
  12. Exact Inflation

    You probably know that it is close to, but not exactly 1%. What formula do you think would be appropriate here? And why?
  13. You do understand logic must be based on a set of assumptions? The point where the doors stop into each other are spatially separated from the points of opening. The doors can be open when the stops are closed with respect to other frames. There is nothing logically inconsistent with this...unless you use an assumption that is inconsistent with SR.
  14. Based on what assumptions? Based on SR? Or based on your belief that the rigidity of the door geometry in one frame must hold in another? How good is your logic? Is it good enough to work with a set of assumptions that you are not comfortable with?