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6 minutes ago, KJW said:

How do I create multiple quotes from the same post? And how do I quote within a quote?

You can break up a quote by putting the cursor where you want the break and hitting return to create a blank line, and putting the cursor on the blank line and hitting return. Usually (not always) it breaks the quote box into two. If it doesn’t, try putting cursor on the first blank line and hit return again.

(I have done that here)

6 minutes ago, KJW said:


More generally, how do I view the codes within a post (rather than a WYSIWYG view of a post)?


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3 hours ago, TheVat said:

I accidentally clicked on the oldest page of the quantum theory subforum, p. 85.  


Why are there all these threads, with zero posts, and the threads are dated Dec. 31, 1969??  Fascinating.  Seems "Guest" was quite prolific 54 years ago.  


Date data that’s blank or otherwise corrupted defaults to 12/31/69 in UNIX-based systems, so that’s probably what’s going on there.

I think in early versions of the board software you could post without registering (and the post was attributed to “guest”), but since that can lead to problems, it was changed.

That was before my time, so I never took a stab at answering ones I might have a clue about.

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