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Sudden appearance of small blue dots in my vision

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I started getting the "Blue Dots" or "Blue Sparks" in 1994. They would startle me at first. I thought maybe it was from using the computer and messing up my vision.  Thru the years, I have also seen Red Dots. And occasionally purple, yellow dots. But they are mostly Blue or Red.
I'm wondering what they are. Not many people have this visual defect. These are like small spark-like dots. They last a few seconds then fade away. They stay in one area and disappear. They are not floaters. They don't follow your eye movement like floaters do.
I still get them. What are these?

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I have had the blue dots appear, looking just like the little blue led on my phone that tells me I have a message, and they remain for about a second, and blink out.  They occur with eyes open or closed and sometimes seem to follow thoughts about spiritual matters, so that's what I think they are related to, a metaphysical phenomenon of some sort.  I asked my opthalmologist about them, and he said he saw nothing in my exam to explain something like that.  I've had them for several years now, usually at least once  daily.  If you have ever had visual field testing where blue dots are used that blink on and off, it's a lot like those look.

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