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  1. Myr, I have optic nerve damage in one eye that is over 40yrs old. I didn't start seeing these blue dots until about 20yrs ago. I see them with my eyes open, closed , on me on the TV, & on other people. The frequency of when they appear is not regular at all. The thing that struck me as odd is my husband sees them too and once a friend came over and I brought up the subject and she too was seeing them. Prior to her confirmation I thought perhaps it was something environmental in our home. I think we can strike that one off the list. I kid with my husband and tell him we are mutating as
  2. This is a subject that I have pondered for the last 5yrs. For those of you who seem to think that those of us that see the blue dot should see a doctor of some kind or that it is an angel may perhaps entertain another line of thought. When this first started I didn't say anything to anyone about what was going on. Finally one day I mention it to my husband and he said he had been experiencing the same thing. A few weeks later we had a visitor over and relayed the odd blue dot sightings to this person who immediately responded with a silent shaking of the head in an affirmation that she too had
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