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  1. If you have an electron in a vacuum chamber onboard a space ship,if the space ship accelerates does the electron radiate energy?
  2. Does an accelerating electron emit a photon,because it is accelerating relative to its own electric field?
  3. Does it matter what method we are using to observe the electron?
  4. If you have an electron and an observer,if the observer accelerates does the electron emit photon?
  5. zero dimension (1st dimension) one dimensions (2nd dimension) two dimensions (3rd dimension) three dimensions(4th dimension) time (5th dimension)
  6. Perhaps you need two opposing continuum that repel each other,an excitation in one causing ripples in the other. e.g. two electrons would repel because the space between would have excitation from the opposing continuum. an electron and positron, the space between would become neutral,and the electron and positron would collapse in to each other.
  7. the magnetic field collapses when the current stops because the electrons go back to random motion.
  8. That would mean that the universe is one massive particle,with internal structure made of fluctuations of fields.
  9. If an electron in an atom drops to a lower energy level,does the fact that the emitted photons are not Doppler shifted,mean that the photons are emitted in same direction relative to the direction of the electron?
  10. Does this mean that the excess of electrons in the universe were created at the event horizon of black holes, and the positrons have been sucked in to the black holes?
  11. If we have conservation laws for electric charge,then how come we have plenty of electrons,where are all the positrons?
  12. If you have a single slit and an arc shape detector centered around the slit,a water wave would expand out from the slit and hit all parts of the detector simultaneously. photons would not do this,so how can the analogy of waves creating an interference pattern work?
  13. wheel axles of cars contain roller bearings packed in grease,these offer little resistance to the wheels turning.
  14. Google "Brian cox cloud chamber". Watch his video.
  15. derek w

    EMR questions

    Photons(emr) carries no electric charge.
  16. It's the kinetic energy of the random motion of the water molecules,because there are more water molecules in the low concentrate side of the membrane than on the high side,the sum of the kinetic energy is greater on the low side.
  17. kinetic energy of individual molecules.
  18. What about 2 photons travelling towards each other for a head on collision,relative to each other they are not blue shifted,otherwise all photon collisions would create electron/positron pairs.
  19. spontaneous?There has to be an input of energy.
  20. Virtual particles are the force carrying particles between charged particles.
  21. "what is space?" you could also ask "what are particles?" We have mathematical models that describe how particles move and interact,but that does not tell us what they consist of(if anything).
  22. How are you going to measure a particle?
  23. people don't like clicking on unknown links.
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