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  1. Mathematica & maple seem good at simplifying & solving long equations. Leaning towards mathematica. Any thoughts?

  2. I had no intention of posting math in this thread.
  3. Studiot, thanks for the response to a question that's not so important. So speculation indicates mainstream does not have such equations. That's good news for the person who has the equations, and for mainstream when a paper is published, right? But then again it took Einstein something like 20 years before mainstream paid much attention to him. Not that such equations would even be as important. Maybe they are.
  4. Sorry if this is not the correct area of the forum to post this. What if someone has equations derived only from E-field (no B-field) & doppler effect that correctly predicts the force between DC or AC carrying wire segments (including radio antenna modeling, radiation resistance, etc), inductance, charged particles inertia, and Relativity? Would that be of use and important? The closest I've seen are equations based on Relativity for infinitely long parallel wires. There are some papers that go into further details using Relativity, but they didn't show real examples other than infinitely long parallel wires using length contraction. Their equations gave me incorrect results for the force on DC carrying wires perpendicular to each other. Electromagnetism equations can correctly predict the force between DC or AC carrying wire segments (including radio antenna modeling, radiation resistance, etc), and inductance, but the equations require B-field, e.g. E' = γ(E + v x B)
  5. Theoretical

    Experimental Design

    I like my sake the modern way, slightly chilled. It tastes less crappy that way.
  6. Theoretical

    Experimental Design

    Prometheus, What about standard deviation? What's an acceptable sigma for this type of experiment? ps, please don't say six sigma. There might not be enough rice on Earth.
  7. Theoretical

    Experimental Design

    Strange, The experiments that don't have equal amounts of rice in the jars or who leaving the jars open I would consider to be faulty experiments. Most of experiments I saw on youtube don't seem to fall in the category. As far as statistics, I believe that was brought up in my status post, "Try the experiment yourself. Do it a dozen times." IOW, do it however many times is necessary to get good statistics. BTW, yes I know the statistics part is a problem with the youtube videos.
  8. Theoretical

    Experimental Design

    Can you give an example of how those experiments would give false results?
  9. Theoretical

    Experimental Design

    The only possible issue I see with the rice experiments on youtube is in how they determine when the experiment is finished. Sure, they aren't using any method to determine when the experiment finished, but in nearly all of the cases I've seen on youtube it's pretty obvious. One jar is filled with black moldy rice. The other is near white. According to most of the videos, the hate and ignored jars become dark compared to the love jar. Therefore I would consider using a light meter to detect the overall change.
  10. Theoretical

    Experimental Design

    I've watched a lot of these videos on YouTube. My recommendation is to focus on the intensity of the emotions, love or hate. The time duration varies a lot. Some people have seen it as little as a month, while others have taken 170 days. In this case, longer might be better. I mean, if the rice became moldy in one day in your setup, then one day of sending loving emotions to the rice may not have much effect. Also, the idea is to wait for one of the jars of rice to change by a noticeable amount. I'm curious what's the general plan if the experiment doesn't show the same results as found by dozens of YouTubers? Give up, or ask someone who's had good results to perform the experiment for you?
  11. Is everyone here afraid of the Rice Experiment? Real scientists are truth seekers.

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    2. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      So you just like criticizing from the bleachers? Why are you here if not for science discussion?

      It sounds like you've encountered minor peer review before and had some ideas heavily criticized. I hope you realize the distinction between attacking ideas and attacking people. 

      So if I start a discussion for you, what is it exactly you'd like to talk about regarding "the Rice Experiment"? What does it claim to show? What is the big deal about this experiment, and why do you think people are afraid of it? If you don't couch the whole thing in terms of conspiracy, you'll remove a great deal of initial criticism.

    3. Theoretical


      I'd like to see academics researching the rice experiment and similar experiments in-depth. I believe that's what my status post was pointing out.

    4. Strange
  12. Correction: Humans season 2 begins in a few days in U.S., Feb.13 !!! Season 1 was about the awakened Synths fighting for survival. In season 2 they find romance & more. Love Niska

  13. "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." ... July 16, 1945 ... J. Robert Oppenheimer

  14. Theoretical

    New Physics sneak peek

    I wouldn't discourage scientists from spending a few minutes watching a video that has good ideas. His math is correct as far as I can tell, but he makes numerous incorrect interpretations. Moderator, in no place in the OP does it say I will give the public the New Physics or even higher dimensional photon emission math. This is not the thread for that. Close the thread if you wavy. Makes no difference to me. I come here not for myself. [Wavy=want]