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  1. The universe has created consciousness,therefore it must be included in the laws of physics. Golden rule of physics,the universe has the ability to create consciousness
  2. Surely from the moment of the big bang,the laws of physics that are imparted in the universe must have the ability to create consciousness,otherwise it's a complete waste of time? What would be the point of a universe without consciousness?
  3. All particles have a wave function,so does it not stretch the wave function of all particles that travel over vast distances? Could it be that the energy is absorbed by space thereby allowing space to expand? Thanks for the reply.
  4. If the wave function is being stretched by the expanding universe,where is the energy going?
  5. there is an article in new scientist :- "It's confirmed : Matter is merely vacuum fluctuations"
  6. Physics reduces things by taking them apart to find out how they work,so physics reduces down to the quantum world. If you make a conscious decision eg:- to get out of bed in the morning or lay in for another five minutes,the quantum world has to go along with your decision.
  7. I don't know if consciousness is an external phenomenon. Should it not be included as part and parcel of the universe and therefore part and parcel of laws of physics? sorry think I accidentally pressed the reputation button instead of the quote button.
  8. Without a consciousness that is aware of the universe,there would be no point the universe being there. Could it exist without consciousness?
  9. derek w

    Is it true?

    Is it true that there is no experimental proof that anti-matter is attracted by gravity?
  10. Put a float valve in the bottom tank,that will shut off when full.
  11. An electron can't be smaller than it's wavelength. The nucleus is smaller than the electrons wavelength.
  12. What happens to the water after it has run down these slopes?
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