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  1. Antimatter (Positron or Antiproton annihilation method) annihilation propulsion systems are being researched by scientists nowadays, but I wonder could it used on Earth.
  2. Hi all, I am wondering could microwave radio frequency melt aluminium pieces. I know that the microwave induces current of metalic object, and create spark between metal pieces. So, with this spark or temperature or thermal effects, could this melt aluminium pieces into liquid state?
  3. Could Cyclotron particle accelerator reaches over 120GeV of the ion's kinetic energy? If that cyclotron uses huge diameter of dees and very high frequency for dees. and even using multi-stage cyclotrons
  4. In cyclotron particle accelerator, the dees, are they blocks? I mean is that filled inside and shaping such as a block. Or a pipe shape? Not filled inside
  5. Could Electrons (or other fundamental particles) evaporate by high temperature like stars in the universe?
  6. Hi, is there any one can tell me what is the name of chemical name of green phosphor screen? Used on Night Vision Goggles and CRT monitors, oscilloscopes.
  7. Which are better to ionize particle between Van De Graff Generator and Tesla Coil? I know that; For voltage is Van De Graff and for electrical current is Tesla Coil. And I heard Van De Graff Generator have been used for a linear particle accelerators and also tesla coils for ionizing particles like hydrogen. Summary 1. How the van de graff generator used for a Linear Particle Accelerators? 2. Which are BETTER ionizing particles between van de graff and tesla coils?
  8. Why anti-hydrogen inducted by electromagnetic force? To confine them or other acts. Normal Hydrogen atom doesn't interact with.
  9. Do you guys think that the dark matter and dark energy is related each other? Such as Dark Energy is a form of dark matter's momentum energy, or dark matter is zero momentum state of dark energy. What you guys think?
  10. Does the dark matter increasing its existing ratio? What I mean is Dark Energy: 73% Atoms 4% Dark Matter 29%, and I need a fact information that the dark matter had been increased for a long time. I just thought a unsense, in hawking radiation, only negative particle (generated from quantum flactation anti-particle and particle pair) sucks into the blackhole and positive particle flies away. Is that 'lonely' particle Dark Matter? Literally, positive in physics, it means 'having mass' and 'existing'.
  11. This is just my thinking, the Dark Matter is whole group of all particles' mirror particle that stays in one same charge. Like ion particle, they are separated from other visible particles. So it is like extra-dimensional. Another theory is that the dark matter is just energy which are interating with gravitational force, then it means they are interacting with other forces (such as electromagnetism). So when the atom generates enery, (quantum mechanical) it is interacting somehow with gravitational objects. And the dark energy is just anti-force of dark matter energy. We can deal with it, because the dark energy was not created for 73% of universe. It had been increased, and dark matter had been decreased. I'm sure with this. So the result is dark matter is energy which can converted to opposite force, and related to the fourth forces.
  12. Could tesla coil's high frequency ionize gases? Such as hydrogen, argon, xenon or so. Because it is alternative pulsed high frequency, like radio frequency (magnetron)
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