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  1. Yes of cause how stupid of me , I should consider more what I write. When I already mention motive force.
  2. No proof just something I thought, especially the x rays they seem to travel through anything. arr right, I understand now, I thought electrons and electricity was the same practically, Yes , I was saying electric currents has you put it, because if you electrify metal it becomes magnetized? So I was asking, if the electrical currents, statically charge all the iron content of the earths volume, charging elements of the ground has such? ''could the mantle be the magnet and the core is the generator of electrons that charges the mantle?'' edited -could the mantle be the magnet and the core is the generator of electricity that charges the iron making it magnetic And emr from the sun can only penetrate a certain depth because it meets an opposing emr force?
  3. I tried to write this sentence about 4 times, from mentioning Protons to talking about soup, but I suppose the simple term is kinetic energy making an electrical magna. I also think that gamma rays, x rays penetrate to the core from the sun feeding the core its sustainable energy.
  4. Hey , you said different in the other thread 'The magnetic field does not contain electrons. It is probably generated by electrons.'' The magnetic field comes from the core, so the core is electrons if the field is generated by electrons?
  5. Thank you for the link, I notice it says is thought to be, is the diagrams and thought in this arbitrary but logical based or is there some fact to it, because i am sure you can not monitor that deep or have been there yet? Why not thought of that electrons are generated and turn all iron , metals, into a magnet? could the mantle be the magnet and the core is the generator of electrons that charges the mantle?
  6. The earth's core generates an electromagnetic field? Electrons are involved in which part of the process?
  7. Interesting, i think i need to start to a core thread, If there is electrons in the core generating a field, and I need to ask about Faraday and magnetic motive force, movement of a magnet in a copper coil makes electrons.
  8. The earths magnetic field contains no electrons?
  9. The moon absorbs and reflects the suns energy, it has no atmosphere to absorb it, it is, forgive the wording , a sitting duck. I cant go off thread to much grrrr.... electron v electron is always repel, and also this - Paramagnetism is a form of magnetism whereby certain materials are attracted by an externally applied magnetic field, and form internal, induced magnetic fields in the direction of the applied magnetic field. In contrast with this behavior, diamagnetic materials are repelled by magnetic fields and form induced magnetic fields in the direction opposite to that of the applied magnetic field. But I will get the thread closed if i continue so sorry.it is a earth thread, I need to ask about the core, and the magnetic bearing, been magna, and magnetism releasing electrons through the earth, giving thermodynamic increase by struggling to escape .
  10. Thank you , and it is easy to understand what happens between the forces and why it bulges, mass attracted to mass etc, but I still consider that if the moon become charged or thermodynamic increase or similar, then it would be repelled away, in another words, if the moon became an equilibrium to the earth magnetic field which expands into space, but weakens at distance, the earths field direction would be the moons direction, outward?
  11. Relative

    EMR questions

    I put my finger on a temperature device and without movement the temperature gauge rises, is it emr that causes this? and this may sound a strange question, electro in electromagnetic suggest electricity, did you not say there was no electrostatic in the air?
  12. The moon has gravity, it is weak but it has gravity, the force imposed by gravity of the earth is equal to the force imposed by the moon , er and the orbit should be based on centripetal acceleration, but has mentioned earlier, the moon is tidal locked, so the force imposed of the earths gravity is altered by the force imposed by the sea, oceans, etc. If i understood that correctly. However the moon is moving away, extending its radius, so either the moon is losing its hold on the earth or vice versus?
  13. Relative

    EMR questions

    I do know what friction is, my body emits emr, I rub a surface, the emr also rubs the surface?
  14. Thank you , to clarify my understanding, if the moon was to increase its gravity ten fold, the bulge would become a giant Tsunami?
  15. Relative

    EMR questions

    I am a little confused, you say that it has nothing to do with density, are you saying that more humid is not an increase in the viscosity of the atmosphere , and there is not more water vapour apparent? And emr increases the work an atom does, if a solid object has increased interior atomic reactions to emr, then surely by expansion they impose a friction on the molecules and their bindings?
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