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  1. I am making a generator. The power it produces is 12v dc which means I can't run anything that uses 110v AC I was wondering if I could use the step-down transformer in a cell phone charger that has an output of 12v dc and an input of 110vac and reverse the input and output to turn 12vdc into 110vac. Would this work if not have any other ideas that aren't to complex or costly.
  2. in theory I think that the reason a lot of people still believe in god is that at one time we didn't understand how the world works so the easiest explanation for many of are questions is god. now that we have many answers to are questions. it is very easy to question the existence of god. The reason religious people seem sometimes not to ever consider that god is not real is that to them there is a hell. Hell is the most negative and painful thing possible. so its like bags full of water repel fly's. the myth busters have proven with experiments that bags of water do not repel fly's so we can all agree on this but lets say half of us where told since we where born that if we didn't believe that bags full of water repel fly's that all your limes will be slowly ripped from you body and ground to make human hamburger to be force fed to your family. The other half of us where left to figure it out are selves and later we watch myth busters and find that to believe that bags of water repel fly's is foolish. so people would be scared into believing in this instance. so hell is a impossible roadblock to get through. and when people do not believe in god than its is to them religious people will think making you go to church and making you believe is like saving you from infinite torture. so don't blame people for trying to preside you to believe in god and if you are religious don't be stereo typical to atheist because we can all be a little different in our believes. most importantly arguing if god is real and if god is not real will get us nowhere because there will always be another reason to why there is or isn't a god.
  3. I would think that snow boards are faster because they have a much larger over all surface area so the weight distribution would be a lot better so there would be less friction. this would be of cores a perfect run with the same steepness and no imperfection and it would not be groomed.
  4. hydrogen seems like the perfect alternative fuel its super light and more explosive than even gas. and when hydrogen is burned it recombines with oxygen to make water. so its powerful and has no bad air pollution. electric cars have big batteries that have harmful chemicals there too heavy and you cant go vary far. so why haven't we switched over to using hydrogen engines?
  5. i would like to make a website avalibale public. how safe is it to port fowared
  6. I want to make a golf ball launcher just beacuse it sounds like fun to see how far i could gat a golfball to go. anyway to make the golfball launcher i and going to get a 3000 rpm moter and make a wheel that will spin on the shaft of the moter. the top of the wheel will be inside a pvc tube so as the wheel spins a golfball will be droped in to the pvc pipe and be forced between a spinng wheel and the inside of the tube. this should force the golf ball foword. Like a soccerball launcher. If i use a 1 ft in cicumfernce whell than the ball will be moving at ruffly 22 mph. so i want to know how far the ball will be launched if shot at a 45% angle. how do i do this. at what rate will the ball fall towereds the ground??
  7. could you explain why there is heat from friction could it be a transefer of kentic energy from the objects moving to thermal energy. Energy can not be destryed but only transfered so could this be a relase of the energy being stored up from the resistance of the to objets rubbing each other??
  8. I have desided to get a desktop. I want to find a mointer that i can plug my ps3 into and when i want get on photoshop i would like to be able to draw on it with a pen like the galixy note has. i need somthing under 200$. i need somthing that works really well but i dont need a Professional moniter with a buch of fetures that a wont use. any suggestions????
  9. This docent make sense to me. Lets say that you had a tub of salt water it the middle of the tub there's a divider. On one side of the tub theirs more salt than the other. If you remove the divider the salt would move around until there's the same amount of salt everywhere. Why is this. Why dose hot air rises i know its less dense because heat expands but how dose that have anything to do with it rising. Dose it weigh less because its less dense than cold air.
  10. I am 13 i am still in middle school i just really like physics
  11. why would smooth rubber create so much friction compared to other smooth objects could the atoms be interlocking
  12. I was wondering what friction was caused by and why rough textured create more friction then smooth ones.
  13. A cople of days ago i was in my sciense class and my teacher put his phone inivertaintly nexed to a specker that was connected to his computer. It started to make static noies he could not figer out why. I went up to the specker and put my phone nexed to it and it did notheing.I called someone and it started making noises with my phone. we tried it with a few other phones and got the same results.I was wondering why. I know that phones use microwaves but vary small amounts. I know that a specker works by a elctromagnet geting a elcterical signal from your pnone or computer or whatever and it pushes a nother magnet with the same polarity away to move a bowl shaped thing to make a vibertion in ther air. I thought that maybe the microwaves would mess with the magnitic feild. I dont really know so i was wondering what you guys think Sorry if i had bad grammer i am terrible with this kind of stuff its hard for me to take thoughts from my head and put tem down on paper let alone spell anything right
  14. Lets say you had a cup that contains 1500 cc of water at 60 degrees Fahrenheit and you dropped 300 cc of ice that was 30 degrees Fahrenheit. if the water could not transfer heat to anything else other than the ice at what temp would the water and ice reach equilibrium. I was wondering if there was some kind of math equation that i could use to solve this.
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