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  1. The space might be expanding because there is a bug on it? A spiders web expands because there is a spider on it,the web stretches on 1 axis.
  2. At point (x=0,y=0,z=0,t-r) would a virtual electron appear? And at point (x=0,y=0,z=0,t+r) would a virtual positron appear? Do virtual electrons and positrons appear at anti-nodes of EM waves?
  3. If you have 4 dimensions,then it's possible to create a model of an object/wave that can deposit energy at different wave lengths in 3 dimensional space? t2 = r2 - x2 There are 2 points when t=0. (x-r,y=0,z=0,t=0) and (x+r,y=0,z=0,t=0)
  4. All photons have an angular momentum of (h),but are massless. constant speed/circumference of circle=frequency h x f = energy of photon
  5. I understand that a photon's energy is related to it's wavelength. But what I am asking is it's energy related to wavelength because we are only looking at a 3 dimensional cross section of 4 dimensions. In 4 dimensions photons do not have different energies?
  6. Do all photons have equal amounts of energy in 4 dimensional space-time? They all travel at the speed of light. What matters to us is how frequently they cross through our bit of 3 dimensional space?
  7. If hyper volume = volume x time (t) can never = zero,because then (vt) = zero hyper volume so (t) must always be (-t)=(+t) and visa versa volume(xyz) can never = zero,because again (vt) = zero hyper volume If for example you take the plank length as the minimum,PL^3 is the minimum volume and if (t) is infinite,then you have an infinite amount of space piled up along the (t) axis( 4 dimensional string). You also have a minimum for (t),the time it takes to travel one plank length at the speed of light.
  8. Is a moving volume a temporal displacement (4D)?
  9. If the (x,y,z) axis was collapsing and the (t) axis expanding,would that not be a black hole in the 3 dimensional space?
  10. According to Wikipedia you are right and it gives the formulae:- V = 1/2 pi^2 R^4.
  11. If 1 dimension has length. 2 dimensions has area. 3 dimensions has volume. what does 4 dimensions have?
  12. Not if you started with a 4 dimensional string,where (x,y,z) is infinitely small and (t) is infinitely large. (t) can shrink forever and never reach (t=0),therefore (x,y,z) can expand forever. Plus you could have an infinite number of 4 dimensional strings. I am not sure what you mean by at some point it would need to have three and a half dimensions.there would always be 4 dimensions.
  13. The 2 dimensional surface of the the balloon is expanding,because the thickness of the rubber is shrinking(a collapsing axis). If you want a 3 dimensional expansion some other axis must be shrinking(collapsing).
  14. If you start with 4 dimensions (x,y,z,t),where (x,y,z) axis are infinitely small and (t) axis is infinitely large,then you have a 4 dimensional string. if the (x,y,z) axis then expands,the (t) axis must be collapsing. e.g:- if a 3 dimensional object like a ball of plasticine collapses and spreads out over a 2 dimensional surface,1 axis is shrinking(collapsing),while the other 2 axis are expanding.
  15. Is the universe expanding,because it is collapsing from 4 dimensions to only 3 dimensions?
  16. The microscopic world of sub atomic particles,does not behave like the macroscopic world,it's different. Waves are a distortion.
  17. In a 4 dimensional space-time you need to travel through time to notice gravity(curved space-time).Photons travel sideways through 3 dimensional space.
  18. You are jumping from the vacuum of space to a different kind of vacuum(pressure difference).
  19. The point about the piece of string is that a wave distorts the carrier it is travelling along,and that points A and B,do not get closer because of some mysterious force acting at a distance.
  20. If I have a piece of string 1 metre long,point A being one end of the string and point B being the other end of the string,if I flick the piece of string like a whip and send a wave down the length,the distance between point A and point B will be shorter,they will gravitate towards each other.
  21. assuming that nature is a smooth manifold,we can only create a model that is based on the smallest distance measured,therefore our model has a graininess.
  22. Sorry.not quiet what I was getting at.what is the graininess,the distance between each point of space-time,if every point is considered as zero dimension then all of space-time would occupy zero dimension?
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