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  1. Yes,but it would add to the mass of the black hole,where as the earth would radiate it back off.
  2. If space-time is 4 dimensional,(x,y,z,t),and if the speed of light is constant,if light travels across 3 dimensional space at C then it cannot travel along the 4th dimension T=0. However if it has zero velocity in 3 dimensional space,and the speed of light is constant then it must be travelling along the T axis at the speed of light T=C.
  3. If the speed of light is constant,and light cannot escape from a black hole,then inside the black hole t=c?
  4. rockandroll:- you say that in the beginning the water is all at the same temperature. Therefore you can say that on average all the molecules of water have equal momentum.
  5. These are symptoms of zero atmospheric pressure,not zero gravity.
  6. If light travels at the speed of light across 3 dimensional space,and does not travel forward in time.The event horizon of the black hole is the point where light has stopped travelling across 3 dimensional space and is travelling forward in time with the mass of the black hole.
  7. If I am shrinking my (x,y,z) lattice joints to a centre-point,and expanding my (x,y,z) lattice joints away from the same centre point.I can create a model of a magnetic moment by displacing the 2 centre points slightly.
  8. Apart from being man-made,what's the difference between nanotechnology and biology?
  9. If you wish to get a response,you should be aware that people are wary of clicking on an external link,that they do not know or trust.
  10. Question,is that what the grid on my micro-wave oven glass/door is doing,blocking the micro-waves?
  11. Going back to your original question 'Is energy transmission medium contingent?' On the macroscopic scale space appears as a nothingness,but it does not necessarily follow that on the extreme microscopic scale that space has no topology.
  12. Lets say that you shrink all the joins in an area of (x,y,z) lattice,the meets are then collapsing to a centre point,but this creates an area around it with less meets. If however the shrinking of the joins in the (x,y,z) lattice,is met with an equal and opposite expansion of the joins in the (x,y,z) lattice,the area of collapsing (x,y,z) meets,is then surrounded by an area of expanded (x,y,z) meets.Both being an equal and opposite displacement from the point of equilibrium(x,y,z).
  13. The magnets would repel once,to repeat it you would have to use the same energy to push the magnets back together,so that they can repel again.There is no net gain of energy.
  14. Google:- four dimensional space / wikipedia There is a computer generated animation of a Clifford sphere,which is created by distorting the distance between the point/coordinates of a lattice over time. A lattice consists of joins and meets.A join being the distance between ant 2 meets. A cubic lattice in which all the joins are of equal distance and does not evolve over time,can be considered as a point of equilibrium (x,y,z). If I have 2 lattices (x,y,z) and (x,y,z) superimposed,a distortion can be considered as a displacement of the blue or yellow lattice away from the point of equilibrium(cubic).
  15. Definition from Wikipedia:- Topology is a major area of mathematics concerned with the most basic properties of space,such as connectedness.More precisel, topology studies properties that are preserved under continuous deformations,including stretching and bending,but not tearing or gluing. End quote. A lattice is a good way to visualise topology. I,m just asking if describing space as 2 superimposed lattices,has any validity. As a function (x,y,z) = -1(x,y,z)
  16. Question?Should I be thinking of gluons as particles or as a field of virtual particles. Inputting energy by trying to pull the quarks apart,results in the gluon creating new particles.
  17. So am I understanding this right,the Foucault pendulum,can be defined as an experiment that is stationary,and that the observer revolves around it?
  18. If the fridge door is not 100% airtight, then as the pressure drops inside the fridge it must slowly suck in more air,making it easier to open fridge if left shut for some time.
  19. Lighter fuel is carbohydrate molecules,which releases energy when broken by oxidation.
  20. To create an inverse.(something from nothing) Positron(x,y,z) coordinates,Electron(x,y,z)coordinates. photon(x,y,z) plus (x,y,z) coordinates.
  21. If we use 3 dimensional cartesian coordintes plus time,to represent space-time.Space-time being nothing,why can't we have 2 sets of cartesian coordinates superimposed on each other.(x,y,z) plus (x,y,z) plus time?
  22. If you had lemon trees growing on your island,you would have a source of citric acid,for the voltaic pile.
  23. I have been reading articles about solitons,is there a good reason why I should not be thinking of sub atomic particles as solitons or perhaps better as oscillons?
  24. If you were travelling at the speed of light,would the aberration effect make it look like all the light was coming towards you from a single point directly in front of you?
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