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  1. In quantum mechanics there is a concept of space as a quantum foam.
  2. Depends if energy is absorbed or emitted.
  3. If gravity is a curvature of space-time and gravity waves travel at the speed of light.Does this not suggest that the speed of light is governed by the rate at which space-time can be distorted?
  4. derek w


    What's the question?
  5. What would be happening at the surface of the sun,a wash with photons interfering with each other?
  6. Is the sun rotating about an axis?
  7. Do photons only interfere with themselves,or do they interfere with other photons?
  8. Question?If as in the double slit experiment,photons cannot travel in a straight line because of interference,how can it travel for thousands of years across space without interference?
  9. Is the force that holds the quarks confined and the strong force the same thing?
  10. No.an observer at the edge of our observable universe would probably see the same as us(100 billion galaxies expanding away from him in all directions)and he would see our part of the universe as it was 13.8 billion years ago.
  11. Thanks for the replies. So 100 billion is the minimum number?
  12. How do we know that there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe? If the universe is expanding away from every point,rather than as a sphere from a central point,how do we no it's limits?
  13. Thanks I watched the video,but the article says that strong electric fields produce an upward avalanche of electrons which reach nearly the speed of light.These high energy electrons give of gamma rays when they collide with air molecules and these gamma rays produce electron/positron pairs.
  14. Gamma ray burst's have been detected from thunder clouds.(by fermi gamma-ray space telescope)
  15. Can lightning produce gamma rays?
  16. Yes,the negative charge on electrons are responsible for the solidity of objects. Its the sharing of electrons by atoms that hold molecules together.
  17. Photons are the force carrying particles between charged particles.
  18. Except there are no photons inside an atom.So we still cannot say that the photon is behaving like a particle.
  19. Wave/particle duality. When does a photon ever behave like a particle?Even when a photon is absorbed by an atom,the best we can say is its energy has been funnelled into a smaller area.
  20. Thanks for the replies. So a photon is not a point like object?It always behaves as a field?
  21. How close does a photon (of the right frequency),have to be to an atom for absorption to take place?
  22. conventional direction of current was before the discovery of electrons and which direction they flow.
  23. At the LHC they break down atoms(star stuff) and produce quark/gluon plasma. Are we made of signals propagating across a 4 dimensional carrier?
  24. In the macroscopic world we are made of hydrogen carbon oxygen etc. But in the microscopic world of sub atomic particles,matter and anti-matter can annihilate,producing electro-magnetic radiation.According to big bang theory we only exist because there was an excess of matter over anti-matter.If there had been an equal amount of matter and anti-matter the universe would not exist. So what are we made of,(something that can both exist or not exist)?
  25. If a photon has a frequency of 10^15,do we know what a photon is from one femtosecond to the next femtosecond. The uncertainty principle says it's momentum and position cannot be known simultaneously.
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