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  1. Force is inertial pressure differential and curvature is reaction to force and image of force is relatively close but not quite the same as force. Really. Do your calculations prove or not van der waals and casimere and contact weld and weak and gravity are attractive forces just like lower inertial pressure differential? and yes 0 yes in deed allison wonderland Its pressure differential all the way down and all the way up ron
  2. a different observation I can see that relatively close is almost yet not quite the same as same as. Thus I am wont to wonder why others simply will not. What's up with that? Really; how is it some still believe curvature is force and gravity is not? Be nice now. ron
  3. deeper and deeper into my wormhole given It is self evident that cellular life populated the sea long before amphibians crawled onto dry land. Now please tell exactly how and when and where. Is it remotely possible even likely intrepid salamanders developed four muscular limbs and lungs striving to crawl up under and out of mountain ponds and seeps and streams and torrents? yes.yes.yes.iii skin is a neotenic state and shells and scales and claws and nails and whiskers and hairs and wings and arms and feathers and tails not so much def: neotenic juvenile syn: juvenile def:
  4. def: lungs what you get when you turn salamander gills outside inside and a few hundred million years or so What is the difference between Cambrian Chordates and Tadpoles? What is the difference between tadpoles and humans? Is no need to grow shell or fur a neotenic state? long ago I gave up trying to convince creationists and otherwise intelligent tetrapods of self evident truth. I am here to report what I see and I seek better answers. I am still wanting and am so sorry you do not know laughter like me. most humbly yours ron
  5. insult is the strawman of dogma as reason fails insult prevails and there is nothing more to say except Did amphibians evolve in the sea? Really? No not really. Maybe just maybe amphibians should be classed as the first tetrapods to thrive in fertile mountain seeps. and thanks for the phish ron~
  6. ode to intelligent tetrapods and bullwinkle wanting and saying does not make it so and reason in kind without self evident observation is not reason enough and thanks for the arthropods and fish current wiki.101 Specifically salamanders of unusual size like Andreas and Desmognathus still seek fertile mossy mountain seeps and springs and strong limbs and toes are also good for crawling out of and onto and up and overland. def: swamp a wetland often partially or intermittently covered with water; especially one dominated by reeds and roots and woody vegetation So yes indeed a
  7. thanks again.iii and I wait patiently for your next most kind and well reasoned answers Why do salamanders of enormous size like Andrias tend to crawl and spawn upstream in fertile mountain pools? Does crawling up under mountain streams select for flattened head and muscular limbs balanced between nose and tail? How about swamps? still crawling against the stream ron ItS peace
  8. clueless.iii My object is to challenge the hounds of dogma that offer insult and ban instead of kind and well reasoned answers. What is yours? How long have you been lurking? Have your heard tails of tetrapods like Andreas.davidianii growing six feet or more? Why do tetrapods slither and crawl upstream to spawn? kind and well reasoned answers are always greatly appreciated @least by me ron btw gills shown by axolotls are neotenic if you know what I mean _____________________________ ode to bullwinkle and other furry tetrapods.iii Thanks for the image of young Andrias and the other
  9. yes 0 yes indeed allison wonderland.iii Once upon long times ago we and whales evolved from lobed finned fish crawling up and against the flow and the largest tetrapods are currently balaenoptera musculi and fossils are more likely to be found in swamps than flowing streams. When were cryptic branchuses invented and popularized? Is exposing gills a juvenile trait? Look what is written in space and earth and flesh and do not be afraid of finding and sharing your best answers. Where are the goliaths of giant salamanders currently found? Are flattened body and muscular clawed feet good for
  10. kind and well reasoned responses are all ways welcome today.iii What are the most primitive tetrapods found today? What are the largest tetrapods found today? in other words Where are the largest and most primitive tetrapods currently found? Are fossils more likely to be found in the extinction of a flowing stream or some old dried up pool? Can you prove whales did not first evolve 0nce upon a time between land and sea and wind? def: trick question Does a spinning stone skip over the water because lower pressure sometimes hoovers up? @least by me rw~
  11. did amphibians evolve in the sea.iii Science authority [/dogma] currently states that the earliest amphibians evolved in the Devonian Period with multi-jointed leg-like fins with digits that enabled them to crawl along the sea bottom. Really? Which amphibians still lay their eggs in the sea? Where are the most primitive amphibians currently found? Where are the largest amphibians currently found? Can you offer reason to believe what Authority tells you so? Did amphibians evolve in currents and fresh water? peace ron
  12. Why do even well oiled machines wear down? in the words of r~claus- def: entropy in any natural process there exists an inherent tendency towards the dissipation of useful energy def: in other words what starts with a bang; ends with entropy just sayin ron
  13. memory is the second thing to go def: liberty equal and peaceful and well regulated pursuit of happiness def: pursuit of happiness freedom to; freedom from def: patriot one that stands for equal and peaceful and well regulated pursuit of happiness for others def: tyrants those that do not nice sleeves Those marked in denial of equal and peaceful and well-regulated pursuit of happiness do tend to brag a bit too much. And what makes you think pursuit of happiness is not shown by other forms of "intelligent" life? Is it the right of equal or peaceful or well-regulated or even you
  14. Freedom from fear is not a fundamental right bestowed by existence and n'either is the right to jump to the moon. Can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that liberty is not the equal and peaceful and well regulated pursuit of happiness? ~ron
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