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  1. Rule1:-The first thing a magician needs to do is set the stage for his illusion. Rule2:-Know your audience,if the physicist has a standard model and conventional practices,the magician can use this to his advantage,to hood wink physicists.So magician invites physicists to be his audience. The magician sets the stage,by hiding and pretends he is not there,that he is a void,a vacuum,empty space.But the magician is there ,he is not an empty space,he consists of a vast number of very small matter/anti-matter capacitors.Each capacitor can hold a range of different levels of energy,from a minimum to a maximum,storing energy or giving it up to the next capacitor. The magician disguised as a 3 dimensional empty space,starts his show by energizing a selection of capacitors,sending a small spherical Mexican wave across the empty space.Announcing to the audience this is a photon,to the audience it appears to be a force carrying particle(photon). Rule3:-The oldest trick in the magicians book,is to keep an ace up his sleeve.In this case the magician shows the audience gravity,invites them to examine it.But this is a deception ,he keeps anti-gravity up his sleeve,never showing it to the audience. Rule4:-Slight of hand,distract audience with one hand and switch something around,out of sight of the audience,with the other hand. For his next illusion the magician creates a much larger spherical Mexican wave,which he then spins at very high revs/sec.Using gravity he makes the matter go inwards and uses centrifugal force(anti-gravity) to make the anti-matter go outwards.He announces to the audience he has created a hydrogen atom,and its made of matter.But unbeknown to the audience there is a switch,the electron is made of anti-matter.The magician then before the audience notices creates a vast multitude of hydrogen atoms,using gravity to hold them in a bubble.Whilst the audience is bewildered he also creates out of sight anti-hydrogen atoms,with anti-protons going inwards to a nucleus and positrons (made of matter) going outwards.He uses anti-gravity from up his sleeve to send anti-hydrogen outwards away from the bubble,outside the auditorium,where the audience cannot see them. After the show is over the physicists will say no you cannot do this it goes against convention,its not part of our standard model.The magician answers by saying i am just a magician your the physicist you figure it out,you tell me why it cannot work,in my universe everything balances. energy in/energy out gravity/anti-gravity matter protons/anti-matter electrons equal amount of matter/equal amount of anti-matter capacitors(+)/capacitors(-) space inside bubble/anti-space outside bubble
  2. Ok. I will rephrase and say a photon is a force carrying particle.If an electro-magnetic wave is emitted from a source and expands outward,its integrity as a wave will eventually become unstable and the wave will split into photons which gives us a wave of photons expanding outward.Am I on the right track?
  3. Is it not a fact that even if we could create a perfect vacuum,there would still be quantum fluctuations,infinitely small amounts of matter and anti-matter popping in and out of existence.Big bang theory seems to suggest that something is created from nothing.So can I postulate that space has a latent energy but needs a catalyse?
  4. Sorry!But what am I misunderstanding,if a photon has no mass and travels at speed of light,why should I think of it as a particle?What is the definition of a particle?
  5. Surely photons travel as a wave and have no mass just energy,therefore are virtual.They can give up their energy to particles thereby increasing the mass of the particle they interact with.Sounds plausible that if you concentrate enough waves of energy inward to single point in space could you create particles?
  6. If I take a singularity and in one second extend it to make a line length ©,then extend that line to create a square (c x c),then extend that square to make a cube (c x c x c).Can i then say that this space contains (c x c x c) metres of energy/sec.With the singularity at the centre.Each and every point co-ordinate has a potential negative tendency to return to singularity or a potential positive tendency to expand,or remain neutral.Giving rise to positive energy,neutral energy,negative energy.E = MC2.So I can have areas that have a greater mass of positive than negative,and areas with a greater mass of negative than positive,or neutral areas. Is my logic flawed?
  7. If I take a singularity and extend it in a straight line to a length ©,then extend that line to create a square (c x c),then extend that surface to create a cube (c x c x c).Can I then say that this space contains (c x c x c) metres of energy/sec?
  8. surely everything is just energy.Energy can either be in the fabric of space therefore potential energy,in a wave therefore virtual,or trapped in mass?
  9. yes i can agree with this.If we say that photon travels as a wave.The front edge of the wave is exerting a tug on the fabric of space pulling matter and anti-matter apart,but then on back edge of wave the fabric of space pulls back together putting the energy back into the wave.The virtual particles only appear when the wave interacts with something.
  10. no i am saying virtual particles borrow the energy for a brief moment but are not strong enough to hold on to it,so the energy sticks to the photon, and the photon continues on its journey.This is my understanding so far or have i got it wrong?
  11. if I understand this infinitely small areas of anti-mater and matter separate as electro-magnetic waves cross space,providing just enough energy for a brief period of time to create virtual particles,which then snap back together,after electro-magnetic wave has passed.
  12. I realise that the more i read up on a topic,the more topics there are to read up on,and then any idea i can think of,has already been thought of and written about by someone else.So the odds of coming up with a new idea is very slim in deed. So now i am reading an article on banach space.
  13. I cant disagree with that Iggy.But i would like to suggest a four dimensional escalator made up of a bubble with a slightly smaller bubble inside it and then a smaller bubble inside that each step of smaller bubbles has an energy skin.In four dimensional space i can reach in and take one of the inner bubbles away without disturbing the other bubbles.Now my layers of bubbles are missing one layer of energy.if another bubble comes along in my four dimensional world that fits into the missing space the total energy of bubble will be restored.So my bubble can emit and absorb different levels of energy. I am going to take your advice and read up on the subject more before i going any further with my model of a hydrogen atom(a simple self contain unit!)
  14. If you have a god he only has 1 option and that is to create a universe,i cant think what else he could do?Do plants use the sun's energy to grow or are plants a product of the sun.
  15. I would go further and say that the whole universe is a living organism and there you have god.
  16. thanks Iggy for your reply and suggested reading,it brings in the question of quantum flux.i could say look there is a quantum flux,which would disappear and reappear 1 second later 10 light years away.i say oh look that quantum flux just travelled 10 light years in 1 second.And you would say its not the same quantum flux its a new one,and your right. So i need a quantum flux that is big enough to detect and stays in existence long enough to follow its path and behaviour. Back to my analogy with an escalator when does a quantum flux become big enough to be considered as one step on the escalator.I am going to go with the speed of light 300,000,000 metres/second,the highest frequency of 10 to the power 24 hertz,(10Y hertz).which gives me a quantum unit of .03femto metres/sec(.03fm/sec).that is what i am going with for the moment any other suggestions?,one step on my escalator is .03fm/sec.
  17. Hi i am new to this forum but have an idea i want to explore,and will appreciate feedback.My idea is that the only way i can visualize creating something from nothing is mathematically.that plus one minus one = zero (+1-1=0).Following this logic to create space from nothing you must create anti-space,my idea stems from this principal. Mass and energy are interchangeable so we only need to create energy and anti-energy because we can use the energy to create mass. I will use an analogy to explain my point,my analogy is an escalator where the steps appear from underground you borrow those steps till you get to end of escalator you get of and the steps disappear back underground.So to create something from nothing you can borrow energy from anti-space (+1 E/H -1) = 0.This we can call an event horizon with space and energy on one side and anti-space and anti-energy on the other side.So like an escalator we need gates where the steps come in from underground level and go back under at end.we need an in gate and an out gate.To create a universe we need more than one in gate and one out gate,we need an unimaginable number of infinitely small gates. Trying to create a universe from a big bang is to complicated.So i will stick to uses my idea to create model of a hydrogen atom.my model of a hydrogen atom is a 3 dimensional escalator with an in gate at the centre emitting a string of energy at the speed of light anti-space will exert an opposing force restricted the the string to path that wraps it around the in gate forming a bubble the out gate would be on surface of bubble absorbing the energy string back into anti-space.The maximum length of the string would be the distance light can travel in one second otherwise the out gate at the end would have to exceed the speed of light. We cannot say that this is a model of hydrogen atom because a hydrogen atom is made up of a proton an electron,and proton made of 2 up and 2 down quarks.Up quarks with +2/3 charge and down quarks with -1/3 charge.Ah but what if say that up quarks are made of 2 in gates and 1 out gate and that down quarks are made of 1 in gate and 2 out gates and electron is just 1 out gate. if i want to create helium i need 2 protons touching so there is no space in between for the 2 strings to go plus pressure of anti-space,so that escalating energy string still wraps around can i say that no strong force is required in this model? Now i need some feed back please thank you.
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