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  1. dimension array as integer (n,n,n,n,n,n,n)
  2. This is just the visible spectrum that our eyes can see.
  3. Herman Minkowski was Einstein's tutor.
  4. Ok.I will re-state the point I was trying to make. There are 2 frames of reference in this example,(1) is the passenger on the train,(2) is the observer by the side of track,which includes the lightning strikes to the rear and front of train. To replace the example of light travelling in these 2 frames of reference,with balls,you must have 1 set in the first frame of reference(1) travelling from front and rear of train arriving at the passenger at the same time,and a 2nd set in the frame of reference(2) travelling from front and rear of train to the observer also arriving at same time.
  5. If a hydrogen atom,consisting of a proton and an electron in ground state,were isolated from external influences,would it remain the same forever?
  6. 'Janus'.For the balls to be travelling at a speed relative to the ground,they would have to be outside the train.
  7. How do we know that quarks are real?If they cannot be isolated. Why could it not be that gluons go through a cycle of re-configuring,which creates an apparition of quarks and colour charges?
  8. There are maglev trains in Japan and China.But they only levitate by a small distance of the track.
  9. For light the distance ® would be longer in the direction of the green arrows(1) and shorter in the direction of the red arrows(2),because of the velocity of the rocket.
  10. If the train was travelling at 120 mph,then the passenger would be travelling at 120 mph.A ball travelling from front of train to passenger(at middle of train) at 50 mph would have a speed of 120 - 50 mph = 70 mph.The passenger in effect would be travelling towards the ball at 50 mph.A ball travelling from back of train to passenger at 50 mph would be travelling at 120 + 50 mph = 170 mph in effect the ball would be travelling towards the passenger at 50 mph. Light would travel at the speed of light (c ) irrelevant of the speed of the train.
  11. The discussion has gone from photons to protons?
  12. Interesting.But if two bowling balls were dropped on a trampoline,the surface of the trampoline would become curved and the balls would bounce towards the centre and collide. The ping pong balls displace water as they hit it.When the water rebounds what shape does it create?
  13. How does a photon come from empty space? If you have a 4th dimension then you can mathematically,oscillate a single point in 3d space in the 4th dimension. If S=single point in 3d space then you can have (S) oscillating between ( -sec/10^18) to (+sec/10^18). But that's just maths.
  14. OK,thanks. If it were anti-hydrogen atom,consisting of anti-proton and positron,emitted photons would be identical,anti-hydrogen and hydrogen having the same emission spectra. A photon emitted from anti-hydrogen could be absorbed by hydrogen.
  15. So if a hydrogen atom,consisting of a (proton and a captured electron),absorbs a photon,and the electron is knocked out,the electron and proton take away the energy of the photon,the photon no longer exists.visa versa if an ionized hydrogen atom captures an electron,any excess energy is taken away,by creating and emitting a photon. Basically photons do not exist inside atoms.
  16. Do electrons knocked out of different elements have different wavelengths.
  17. Except that spin-1 photons can collide and become electron/positron pair with spin-1/2. And visa versa electron and positron with spin-1/2 can annihilate to produce photons spin -1.
  18. Question.When an atom absorbs a photon and the electron jumps to a higher energy level e.g. from n to n1 or n1 to n2. The frequency of the photon being a mid point between n and n1 or n1 and n2. The wavelength of the electron must fit the circumference. My question is does the wavelength of the electron change as it jumps between levels? I assume that it must do,so that a different frequency of photon is required at different levels,but I am not sure?
  19. No,I think your looking at it wrong.
  20. There is a monument in Bernotai Lithuania,that is suppose to be the centre of gravity for Europe,if we all move to Spain we can change it.
  21. All oscillations have a point of equilibrium,an oscillation can be considered as moving from a negative point to a positive point through the point of equilibrium at zero. Even a wave function as amplitude of probability has a point of equilibrium. A photon can be considered as an oscillation from negative to positive about the point of equilibrium. Where as an electron can be consider as an oscillation on the negative side of equilibrium and a positron as an oscillation on the positive side of equilibrium.
  22. Create a flow chart and break the programme down into smaller and smaller operations.
  23. sounds a bit like twistor theory proposed by Roger Penrose in 1967.
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