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  1. To Bill Angil. Thanks for sharing your thought .Weather God exists or not is dependent on one's faith at present. There is no empirical evidence at present to confirm GOD's existence. This is the universe- size weakness in the argument of existence of god. My idea of God is merely a theory like thousands of other ideas of God which requires empirical or scientific proof. There is a phrase in ADWAIT- VEDANTA re. the issue of proof of the existence of God. This is called " APAROKSHA - ANUBHUTI OF PARMATMA" which is translated in English as "DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF GOD". Till great majority of hu
  2. Thanks. My understanding of adwaita or nondualism is not very deep. So could I very humbly request you to improve upon it or even correct it completely from the perspective of your own knowledge, personal experience & scholarship ?
  3. Immortal: Thanks for support. If by repeated contemplation & meditation on the lines propounded above, man succeeds in acquiring the aforesaid perspective which is higher than that of the wakeful state & thus begins to accept the possibility that wakeful state universe might also be as unreal as the dream sleep state universe, then it is inevitable that he would ask the question :-" then, what is the source of all this unreality called wakeful state universe ? Therefore the idea of adwaita or nondualism attempts to answer this very question by putting forward a tenta
  4. This experience of man in his dream sleep state that he becomes dimensionless awareness who perceives four dimensional dream world all within himself is very significant in adwaitic or nondualistic thought. This is so because of the original idea of god in adwaita or nondualism which is :-"Before the beginning of time & after the end of time god becomes dimensionless awareness & after the beginning of time & before the end of time god becomes four dimensional space time". For man wakeful state universe is real from his wakeful state perspective.
  5. Night dream state experience of human beings is unusual in another way & it is this :- In this state, man, even though he remains an aware being, is unaware of the physical body of his wakeful state & not only that he is also unaware of the entire wakeful universe. Furthermore, as said earlier, man perceives a dream universe in this state which appears to him as being 'real' while he is in this state. Thus in his dream sleep state man becomes dimensionless awareness who perceives four dimensional dream world.
  6. In the idea of adwaita or nondualism special attention is given to the dream-sleep state experience of humanity. This state of humanity is unique in the sense that during it man is an aware being & perceives a non-self willed dream world which he regards as 'real' while undergoing this dream- sleep experience . Extrapolating from the dream sleep state experience of humanity, idea of adwaita or nondualism makes a suggestion - could this human experience of waking state also be a dream experience initiated by dimensionless awareness ?
  7. According to the idea of adwaita or nondualism structure of space is that of awareness, more particularly that of dimensionless awareness , who has become four dimensional space time by the process of self- willed dreaming from the beginning of time & would remain so till the end of time.
  8. This raises the intriguing scientific question :- as to what is the nature & structure of space?
  9. I am now taking the adwaitic or nondualistic idea further. Thus, in this hypothesis of adwaita or nondualism, cosmic space is conceived as 'mind of god'. Here the word 'mind' is being used very tentatively on account of the lack of a better term on my part at present. This idea of adwaita or nondualism that cosmic space can be conceived as mind of god takes us one step further & it is this :- That we, no no, not only we but the entire universe of space time exists inside the mind of god as a mere dream.
  10. To sum up, adwaitic or nondualistic idea is that before the beginning of time & after the end of time god becomes dimensionless awareness AND after the beginning of time & before the end of time god becomes four dimensional space time AND this idea could be expressed in the form of a formula which, (with due debt to Einstein), is as follows :- A = e = mc2 . Here A represents awareness (dimensionless awareness I.e. god ), e represents energy , m represents mass (I.e. matter). In this idea the process by which dimensionless awareness aka god becomes four dimensional space tim
  11. Thanks Peter: Your thought requires lots of thinking over. I agree, some predictions are necessary. You mentioned earlier that you already have some predictions. Is it possible for you to share them with me on PM.
  12. The counterpart in human beings ( of this self-willed dreaming process of dimension awareness I.e. god ) is called ' day dreaming'. Thus in adwaitic or nondualistic parlance -space time energy matter complex- is hypothesized as being a kind of day dream of dimensionless awareness aka god.
  13. Peter : What do you think of expressing the same idea which we discussed together a short while earlier, in another way which also does not seem to be dogmatic so as not to draw the ire of atheists. This is as follows :- In adwaitic or nondualistic hypothesis the process by which the dimensionless awareness I.e. god becomes energy- matter duo can be described as a kind of self- willed dreaming process on the part of this dimensionless awareness.
  14. Thanks Peter: you are absolutely right. I now correct myself & put the idea in the manner you have suggested that the universe is as if it were a dream of god.
  15. In other words, according to adwaitic or nondualistic idea, universe is a dream of god.
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