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  1. It is a scientific fact that when I drop two ping pong balls (1/4inch apart and 6 feet above the water into still water the two ping pong balls pop up and touch. There is currently no physics law that covers this. The closest thing is the Huygens principle but current belief is that the reaction to waves aligning is negligible. This simple home experiment shows that the reaction to wave amplitude increase in a medium follows Newton's laws of motion and has been missed and overlooked and is NOT NEGLIGIBLE. neg·li·gi·ble /ˈneglijəbəl/ Adjective So small or unimportant as to be not worth considering; insignificant. Synonyms insignificant - trifling - trivial - inconsiderable -reference google search engine negligible defination
  2. Concerning the first video, the universe has been moving about 13.7 billion years and it is not considered a PPM. Friction will slow all machines down eventually.The second one probably has a hidden battery or energy storage. Not convincing but cool.
  3. What if someone had the answer and yet you just let it slip by... Total universe potential energy = total Mass potential energy + total electromagnetic field energy + total space energy space energy increase = Total energy decrease As the universe is expanding mass and energy are shrinking, in the sense that total energy is decreasing. So the mechanism where gravity is overtaken by dark energy is not the mechanism, the way you think. Dark energy is a pulling of galaxies and superclusters by the byproduct of mass and energy decaying into the gravitational wave, creating space itself. This results in a constant velocity of space and a constant force on matter which equals a decreasing measured mass and an increasing acceleration. There is a mechanism of action in the universe in which gravitational waves emitted from all mass and energy align with other emitted gravitational waves AND created two forces, the first force is when waves come together they align creating an alignment of the sources. This is gravity. The second action is a dark matter action when the waves forming wavefronts join larger and larger wavefronts with creating a reaction that aligns and holds entire galaxies together. The third action of this is when galaxies form wavefronts with other galaxies in their expanding big bang section of the universe and the waves align with the waves in the overall section and as the waves ate accelerating outward bring the galaxies and suerclusters with the aligning wavefronts of space. It is too easy, 1). Mass and energy decay into gravitational waves which form wavefronts. 2). The reaction to wavefront formation is gravity The release and alignment of gravitational waves is the action behind gravity, dark matter and dark energy.
  4. Think outside the box for a moment. Imagine that there is only one substance in the universe and that is the singularity but that substance at 100% potential energy becomes critical and explodes. The bog bang transitions into three types of transitory matrer; mass, energy and space with three actions- forward time, expanding space and gravity. The hidden process is the constant transition of mass and energy via giving off the gravitational wave creating expanding space, forward time and by waves aligning into wavefronts, gravity.
  5. Death is necessary at 120 years because we become Godless the longer we live. Our free choice becomes s choice of selfishness. Why? I don't know. What I do know is in the bible, I summarize, is that through our ancestor's actions we tried to eliminate the true God from our lives and that would have lead to our own destruction, a spiritual snd physical death. Our lives changed direction, a few times because of major learning experiences but we never lost the spiritual life. In other words, we don't die, we become spiritually what you desire physically. It is not a metamorphosis but an actualization of ..... Let's just say it's cool... It's kinda funny that if God's word is not good enough, that some think man created God and not the other way around, the bible is just storys that they can not explain how man knew thousands of years ago that we could take a rib cell and make another human being, eve. We just figured it out this year that we can take any cell. Interesting how predictable.
  6. The topic is expansion; how is the universe expanding at an increasing rate going faster and faster? Is more and more force added? I suggest the force of expansion is essentially constant but the total mass and energy is decreasing. To show evidence of the total mass and energy decreasing I believe that the results from the 1993 nobel prize in Physics showing gravitational energy loss in a binary star system is a good example. So if total energy is decreasing in galaxies (which by just knowing that a galaxy even exists you know that it is because the energy the galaxy gave up in visible light allows you to see it) and in superclusters then is there a way the force could be constant? Yes, here is an example of how a constant force on a decreasing mass causes gravity and dark energy (increasing expansion). Two balls of yarn = two separate masses placed 10 feet apart The unwinding string fro the yarn = energy being given off in the form of constructive interference. (Note; fact- constructive interference happens when emitted waves of the same energies have long wavelengths,) As the two strings are placed together, (constructive wave interference) and you walk away at a constant speed the two balls of yarn come close together, touch (gravity) and the two balls of yarn also move towards the constant force of you walking away( speed of the gravitational wave) and the balls continue to move faster and faster accelerating quicker and quicker until they match the speed of the string by becomming all string. This is an example of a reason behind the expansion of the universe which explains why we are held by gravity while the overall universe(space) is expanding at a constant rate yet the mass and energy within space are increasing in acceleration while they are dissolving creating more space. It is one cool possible solution to the possibility of the mechanism behind the universe.
  7. A proposed physical theory of everything. Here is a proposed solution of what Einstein missed and everyone else has also. The universe is dissolving in total useful energy creating space itself. There is a hidden process of mass and energy decaying into continuously synchronizing gravitational waves creating the actions of forward time, expanding space, gravity and dark matter. The gravitational wave, consisting of the essence matter, irreversibility bound is the singularity's substance in it's least potential energy form. A version if this Ghost Wave Theory is a three dimensional overview of the basis for actions of the universe. Once energy is exhausted in the universe, the lone 100% space that is left is finally at Absolute Zero and time has run it's course... Then the wave folds onto itself, it becomes condensed, rushing in on itself, the ultimate implosion until a new singularity... to be continued without metaphysics...
  8. I would like to throw a solution your way that I believe tweaks the constants by a new understanding of why the universe is the way it is. You will have to be able to open a closed mind up in order to accept it. Singularity- 100% particle Mass and energy in descending size- particle- wave duality Space- 100% wave interaction Currently, I have a swimming pool in which the water level never changes, the quantum world happens within it but the massive body of water always stays at a specific level in the pool, the water level never rises or falls. The tempature may be 90 degrees outside with no rain for weeks and the water level does not change. So is no evaporation going on just around my pool? No... The pool has a hidden variable, it has an automatic filler and when ever the level is below a specific line a bobber tips down and opens up a water source. My point is this; the process that allows the expansion of space to speed up, entropy to increase, is created at the quantum level. Life could not exist unless mass and energy are stable and the laws of physics are consistent. Could it be that relativity is different than quantum theory because although stable, by-product of the quantum world create the macro world in a hidden process?
  9. And the current mathematical formulas which are accurately used will be a subset of the theory of everything. As Newton's laws in a single reference frame can be deduced from Einstein's general relativity.
  10. A field does propagate to where it already exists or light waves could not travel after the first photon started
  11. Or the big bang created space as a monopole gravitational wave creation from the singularity through the big bang. Mass and energy still decay into the gravitational wave joining and creating more space. Stars energy replace magnetic fields as all mass and energy's magnetic fields decay into gravitational waves which in turn align mass and energy and join the existing aether creating a constant pulling force in the direction of the original big bang force. Gravity aligns mass through emitted wave synchronization and the gravitational waves combined to form a constant force in the original direction which was set in motion with the big bang. The reason time moves forward and is relative is because it is a function of decay of mass and it is hindered by the gravitational field energy density/ amplitude with in the local enviorment of the space that it is decaying into. Side note; The speed of light is constant because the small gravitational field of the photon synchronizes and obeys the laws of the emitted gravitational fields of the thicker enviorment the photon is advancing into. As long as a photon is plugged in, connected to it's source, it dies not appear to decay because the sources magnetic field continually replaces the magnetic field of the photon as it is decaying into gravitational waves.
  12. It really surprises me how no one else can put all the puzzle pieces together. Within the singularity, initial conditions caused what we have today. So you can make up stuff and create new categories or you can reevaluate what we already think we know. To simplify the process tie two strings together which are connected to two balls of yard and set the balls of yarn apart 10 feet. Then walk away holding the yarn connected strings and watch the two balls of yarn come towards you increasingly accelerating and also the balls of yarn come together as they both unwind. Time is the change in the balls of yarn mass and space is the string unwinding from the yarn- mass. In the finite singularity, mass, energy and space existed and now space is increasing with common sense says that mass or energy or both (e=mc(sq)) is decreasing. ALL Galaxies will be losing mass/ energy as space increases. Dark energy is space expanding as it pulls mass with it. It really is that easy... Time is a overall measure of this entropic process and relative time is the change in decay rate due to a changing density of the medium, space itself/ the gravitational field. Dark matter is concentric wavefront formation and dark energy is constructive wave interference of a monopole wave.
  13. To summarize; Time is a forward process because.... Time, space and gravitation are are actions of a forward process of mass and energy decaying into the gravitational wave and these waves forming fields by aligning and creating the reaction of gravitation by translating the amplitude action to the tension reaction of closing the distance between the wave generating objects.
  14. Only space appears to be expanding. Currently, no one knows exactly what is going on. Assume the universe was compact to something very small before the big bang, the size of a nutshell as Stephen Hawkins book, "the universe in a Nutshell says". That means that even space was confined. Now I do not believe the universe is like a clown car so only a finite amount of mass, energy and space existed, packed tightly into the nutshell. Probably as one substance I assume. Now if the normal laws of physics apply and space is increasing in size, then mass and energy should be decreasing in size yet because stars give off all spectra of electromagnetic fields then they fill the missing mass and energy as a pool automatic filler fills in the evaporative swimming pool water. So mass and energy should not appear to increase or decrease even though in a isolated system you should be able to see the law of conservation of total energy violated until space expansion is taken into account. If you take two balls of yarn and tie the strings together and set the balls of yarn on the ground and walk away from both balls evenly you will see the balls of yarn come at you unwinding as they increase in acceleration and you will see the balls of yarn also move together. This could be the mechanism that simply explains the nature of dark energy and gravity, two actions of one process. Could mass and energy naturally decay into space itself via decay into the gravitational wave, space itself, and when waves combine they create a reaction called gravitation. This explains everything.
  15. When the James Chalis' and Christopher Huygens were working on the nature of the universe, it was a given that the universe was infinite, lasting forever, and therefore the criticism was based on a eternal universe and any energy given off would have been used up long ago or there had to be an infinite source. Today we know the universe is finite as in it has a finite starting point. This changes all the criticism involving a need for infinite energy. Energy is used and not infinite and therefore the universes expansion is costing finite energy to expand with a constant force. With this new way to rationalize the universe, overall time is a snapshot measure of this forward process.
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