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  1. The speed of light within a medium declines as far as I am told only within a medium, but is the same always with every pinball machine trajectory, but does it come out of the medium in a delayed manner? I mean like light that moves through a perfect diamond? I am asking this because I read that some very rubbery materials absorb alot of energy from a photon while it is cascading through it. Is light a "pulse shaped particle" when it interferes with a diamond and gets scattered around? And is it otherwise a sinus wave moving through a vacuum? In latter case, moving faster? If light can not be fine-tuned and is always the same whatever the situation, does this mean that our 3-d space is also not fine-tuned? I am asking this because our 3-d space as we visually experience it is coupled to time since einstein. And they say when light moves through really slow media, like molasses sort of speak, it loses energy. What happens to to the photon's energy when it gets halted to a stop? What happens to a wavicle when it stops losing momentum? Does it turn into mass or into heat? Since it is both a particle and energy? Or is it only a particle when it interferes with other particles and only energy when it moves through a vacuum?
  2. There is a difference between longevity and sexual abstinence. The virgin mary, mother of Jesus Christ, did not live as long as Methuselah. Though the word "virgin" in this context is based on probable misinterpretation of the biblical nonsense text, I shall not mention it again. Isaac Newton died a virgin at 84. "God" knows how old he would have got when reaping da old pink preteen pussay on a daily basis. Really, linking abstinence and sexual activity to longevity is a bridge too far in my humble opinion. Despite they say that bachelors die younger than married men, bachelors perhaps live longer without the nagging and bitching of a wife. Perhaps the possibility to insert your penis in a vagina in a marriage daily outweighs all the former advantages. In the latter case: good luck, husband!! And fornicate prosper. Not me!! Maybe virgin males die younger because they work more than they fornicate. Maybe females live longer because each orgasm takes 5 days of your life. who knows? In any case, most islam fundamentalists blow themselves up prior to having ever had the pleasure of loving a female in the most intimate way. This because they are promised a couple of "prunes" (true translation) in heaven. Wrinkled fruits in heaven instead of a nice juicy pussycat. Chesus Jirst!! I am not a fundamentalist, I merely abuse the american 1st amendement while I am not an american.
  3. this is biology, since the brains are biology. I can pigeonhole this subject anywhere I like, it always sticks. I was not speaking of physical money, like dollar bills. Though dough can be copied as a meme for sure. I was speaking of "interest" and "black numbers versus red numbers" Ghost money is you will. Metaphysical money. The black box of the stock market. And economics has grown out of human comprehension since no expert can predict its flow any longer. It has become a rather holistic monster, bigger than its own parts, which even experts have no control of - meaning not even an expert can predict the will and direction of its capricious mind . And I mean it in the sense that money, physical dollar bills, know a certain law. That money knows a law of conversation like energy. Money can devaluate with every currency known, but on this earth itself it only gets passed on from one hand to another. Isnt economy a system like the weather with high and lows and keeps shifting but all in all the energy it is comprised off never loses significant power. I mean: unless bill gates burns all his money physically would the earth notice. Isn't money inheritable and transfered from one generation to another? And thus in the metaphysical meaning, an abstract meme? All memes are abstract I reckon, since how else can you describe the flames of a fire or the thoughts in human minds? Ephemeral? But is money not a vehicle of memes to get spread themselves? Isnt the only thing for free in this world "sunshine"? Memes obviously spread faster when they are for free, or do they? What if the hard cash market is on top of the free-bee-market? Do we not all pay more for our mobile phone usage than internet? Money as a possible replicator without ancestory? Money, not controlable by human minds but it reproduces through interest, like drugs could perhaps be a replicator and is not a meme since under influence of drugs you can make new drugs. Is it not money that buys bibles or korans or a talmud? They are not for free no more. Is not money the power that shakes the cards in this world? Does it not influence evolution in the follow way: poor people can not buy expensive fruits and can not play sports to keep healthy, they can only buy food that is less expensive than fruit, vegetables and vitamine tablets. Maybe Mcdonalds is a replicator too. and when fire is a replicator, how is ice not one? Why should ice be a replicator? I personally do not see why fire is a replicator since I do not see the "vehicle". how can you copy a fire? can you literally copy a fire flame to flame? Is not the definition of a replicator that you can make it digital an entity? How can you turn flames of fire digital?
  4. have read several surveys that concluded that having sex produces certain chemicals that prolong lifespan of humans. But this could also mean physical touch. Perhaps this excludes sex entirely. You could look at monks from old. But who really says monks did not have sex? The catholic church is apologizing daily for monks having sex despite their celibacy. They say Isaac Newton died a virgin. Did he get old? Atleast his memes outdated his genes. There is nothing wrong with not having sex. People who have sex on a daily basis are however less prone dying premature. But nowadays, the nagging shit you get from females in divorces and stuff, is also a hit on your health. Stroking a dog lessens stresslevels. So having intercourse with a bitch should prolong your life. But aside from celibacy, you could also exercise and and eat healthy to compensate for lack of sex I reckon. And some people who have alot of sex die premature from STD's. It is your call, mofo.
  5. you should eat fruits between the 3 main meals because it ferments. Who says? You cant drink milk when eating red meat? who says? Did anyone ever die from this? Are you asian? then do not drink milk and alcohol. But hey, if you are caucasian you are perfectly fine in that department. yeah right. we are just on the brink of knowledge concerning food. There are certain "blue zones" in the world where people live long and prosper. But we do not even know for sure how much vitamine C we need daily and if it causes to grow stones in your bladder. Mayonaise was once really bad for you, but recent survey has shown that eggs are not the cholesterol bombs they once thought they were. Try not drink or eat dairy products for 2 weeks. Instead eat beans and peas and fruits like figs and rhubarb. Maybe dairy is really the shitfactor on our wellbeing. We land a man on the moon but we do not even know the real deal about vitamine c. Till we know it is a game of keeping close watch on your own diet.
  6. I believe there are hysterical americans that have already invented radioactivity kits for granite kitchens. But when you say tissues...you think one of your body fluids is radioactive? Or do you mean the Kleenex itself? That is cotton, which is not radioactive on itself.
  7. But if there are regions in the universe that do not care about numbers, or whatever information, does that not imply that the laws of physics are not the same throughout the universe always? if a black hole is a bath tub drain in our galaxy it means it makes disappear matter and thus energy forever to be lost. I always thought there was a law that says that all energy is preserved and never gets lost.
  8. I mean in the sense of "genes" and "memes"....is money a replicator on itself? Are there any other replicators beside genes and memes?
  9. in evolutionary terms females should at the age of 40 run out of eggs That they do not is very sad for the guy they married, because his sperm is still ready to impregnate 18 year old females from then on. I am not joking in case you wondered. Impregnating 17 year old girls is biologically the healthiest way to induce offspring. This may sound rather pedophile, but that is merely a modern moral system humans adopted, disregarding the facts. Females are most fertile between 17-25 years of age. Actually they are fertile from the moment on they are having their period. How much this makes me puke, nature can not be wrong. The only answer can be that they rust less faster than males. Oxygen somehow does not get to them as fast as with males. It is a telomere issue in the end.
  10. you should realize that space and time at the "time" prior to the big bang was non existent. Even scientists do not know and can not know what was before the big bang, since time is a necessary asset in order to know. Time and space were not there in the first place. So that means an absolute nothing pregnant with potentially something of an outburst, you may conclude. Not so. When nothing is there, nothing does not even mean nothing. even zero is not there. Nothing is too much because there can not be a description of nothing when there is nothing. ................. o000000.00000.0000000.000000.0000000000000000000.000000000000000000000000000000000.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 etc etc etc endless nameless. I do not blame you for not getting a picture there. There is no picture for there was not even light and mass, let alone human senses. Imagine how hard it is nowadays to be a buddhist monk reaching nirwana.....imagine his task to reach that very same thing prior time and space. That is why I do not buy that buddhist crap. People are born the way they are, and buddhism says that all people can reach nirvana...that is not true. Not even if all of tried their best. Its a lie. Do not trust buddhism. Or any other religion. Regardless of people saying it is not a religion. Buddhism is a dogma that, while it says it is not, directly blurs our vision.
  11. Ethics of birth and death. Such a bore. If you are non-religious, and therefor a scientist with a head start on your godfearing competition, this should not mean anything to you. Its the religion-lobby, the ones who are afraid to commit suicide, that are whining about abortion, while they have squashed countless ants and other gods creatures under their souls. If humans are the crown on gods evolution, is he wearing it? Or does it feel like a rambo sweatband of cacti around his head? I think religion should be banned from all science forums for it only delays the cure for aids, the cure for religion, and the cure for stupid religious tendencies in general. I am not saying there is not a god, i am just saying he/she is not any of the ones written in any human book known so far. And do not go so far that the bible is not a selection by humans creating as they did, apocryphal sideburns to rust into the limbo oblivion. Wake up and read books outside the koran bible and torah the indian vedas, etc. It is all bullshid
  12. gravity is the only force that can communicate with other universa, if out there at all. There shall be a gravity radio soon enough. And this will be our soul apparatus to talk with parallel universa. The brane we currently live on is not semipermeable, it is totally in reach by the multitude of messengers from other universa. People've deemed me a numbskull for 20 or more years, but gravity radio will be the future. It will be like seance, but this time it is real.
  13. how do you explain Colin Powell's lie about weapons of mass destruction being locked and loaded in iraq? Did not George Bush buy it? I do not even think George disregarded his intelligence: rather his intelligence disregarded his own judgement.
  14. You are basically implying the existence of a close to or total omniscient human being. Dude! Polymaths like that are quite hard to come by. There is one idiot savant out there who retains all he reads in books. And I do mean "all". "I am not sure whether I belong to the world of the living as of now, but I is the mofo closest to your wet ├╝bermensch dream." - Kim Peek. Some niggaz say you only use 5 percent of your total brain capacity. Well, if you use 20 percent you be like him. Something has got to give, though. Meaning, casus quo, he loaths white as well as eskimo (inuit in his vocabulary) people. When encountered with these sort of people he starts hissing like a scared cat and protrudes his nails for all haters to see. And he killed all five of his ex-wifes. All became his ex-wife after the slashing of the crotch-aorta.
  15. Why would the start of life be difficult? I might as well ask you "how easy is it for life to start?" I like being semantic about this matter for this, however it is presumed dead as a doornail, belongs to quite an extent to the realm of philosophy. And maybe to psychology, though be it backtracking interviews with the first chromosome-deranged ancient cells of old.
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