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  1. In a hot,dense quark gluon plasma,the wave function of an electron would not exist. Only after the quarks "freeze out" could electrons appear.
  2. I used a sheet of corrugated cardboard,with a damp surface,it's a 2 dimensional damp surface,would this make a difference?
  3. Wave length is a cycle through 360 degrees. Antinodes occur every 180 degrees.
  4. True,but I am at least sticking with my thread in the sense that a deviation from a point of equilibrium must produce an equal and opposite effect. e.g:- proton and electron are equal and opposite effects about a point of equilibrium,and a photon is an oscillation about the same point of equilibrium. I have a question,does a photon interact with matter at it's peaks,and interact with anti-matter at it's troughs?
  5. If big bang starts at time=0.Introducing the idea of forward and backward time,then you have the possibility of 2 asymmetric universes,one made of matter going forward and one made of anti-matter going backward?
  6. This implies that there are 2 asymmetric universes.
  7. In a 4-dimensional space,any point in 3-dimensional space can be described as oscillating in the 4th dimension. backward time wave packets,forward time wave packets,or 50% forward 50% backward,or 60% forward 40% backward etc.
  8. My understanding is that particles are thought of as wave packets,and that interaction changes the wave packets.
  9. Question is the weak force an accumulative force?
  10. Gravity is a distortion of space-time,and mass distorts space-time. And free quarks have less mass than confined quarks.
  11. The interesting thing from these articles,is does the rate of decay go up if the background level of neutrino's is higher,e.g.closer to the sun? Thanks Swansont for your reply.
  12. quote:- Earlier RHIC results suggested that when gold nuclei collide head-on their kinetic energy dissociates many nucleons and forms the hot,dense plasma of quarks and gluons,which must immediately begin to expand and cool.The hot plasma lasts only 10^-23 seconds,and only when the plasma cools sufficiently do the quarks and gluons "freeze out",leaving a spray of thousands of elementary particles carrying the signature of the hot,dense plasma that led to their production. (end quote.) Question, what is meant by "signature of the hot,dense plasma that led to their production"?
  13. I don't see that this disproves my original statement "that provided you have up/down and anti-up/down quarks all other particles will be created as side effects.
  14. If digging a hole creates a pile of dirt,that does not infer that a pile of dirt is made of holes. I am not inferring that electrons are made of quarks.
  15. If 2 up and 1 down quark are confined,then the electron must be the opposite effect?
  16. No.Free quarks in a quark gluon soup,would have greater energy than quarks confined in protons,they would have to release high energy radiation to become confined.That high energy radiation then creating electron/positron pairs.
  17. High energy radiation,creates electron/positron pairs via photon+photon collisions.
  18. Providing you have up/down and anti-up/down quarks,all other particles will be created as side effect.
  19. With what would you measure it?
  20. derek w


    You could be at any position in the universe and still get the impression you were at the centre.
  21. quote from Wikipedia :- QUANTUM FOAM. According to Einstein's theory of relativity,energy curves space time.This suggests that-at sufficiently small scales-the energy of these fluctuations would be large enough to cause significant departures from the smooth space time seen at larger scales,giving space time a "foamy" character.
  22. The wave length of photons,can expand in a expanding space or shrink in a shrinking space.
  23. The LHC works by taking a very large number of particles,confining them into a very thin beam,the odds are you will get a few collisions(not exact).
  24. Question.Is there a threshold that when crossed energy converts to mass?Photons having not crossed that threshold?
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