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  1. OPPS... Sorry I didn't read it properly... !
  2. Ionic and covalent. If we dissociate the said molecule what is formed? NH4+ and OH- . So forces holding the molecule together is ionic while NH4 will be formed from covalent bonding!
  3. Hi, I was pondering over this question and want you people to help me out: Why couldn’t the enthalphy of formation be found directly but by taking enthalpies of combustion first? I think it got to do with the time needed to measure the temperature. Any ideas!
  4. take some sample of sea water and try to heat it at home, after sometime you will see when water would have evaporated, some white residue left behind. It is actually the dissolved salts and minerals in sea water which makes it salty!
  5. Hi, I request the moderator to sticky this post. There is a free software I recently downloaded about sketching formulae of different compounds. I thought I'd share this with others is anyone is interested. You have to register first to download it. Registration is free. Here's the link: http://acdlabs.com/download/chemsk.html Good day! Well, I have decided to add links to all the websites I can find relating to the structure of molecules. Here is this one I found, very useful: http://www.3dchem.com/ If anyone else also have any links, would they care to add them here as well?!
  6. As per my knowledge it is made of asbestos which is a carcinogen so even purchasing it wouldn't a the most intellegent thing to do. Anyway, I think its banned substance to purchase. I hope I have helped!
  7. Please my friend post this in the homework help section otherwise I doubt anyone will help(not that they wouldn't want to) and you be quite dissapointed at that i am sure. Sorry you have to recieve this reply.
  8. You guys know that its considered the 2nd oldest city in the world. I hope this fact make keeps you exploring about it. Aslo from wikipedia: " Multan Public School with its 97-acre campus is one of the largest and better public schools in Pakistan." I have been a part of this school since the start of my education. I have left it only last week after spending 14 years there. To tell you something. I visited University of Birmingham but doubt its as big as MPS.
  9. ChemSiddiqui


    Hi, I was just curious to know how many of you people have heard of multan and its history. Its my city of birth but is very historical as well. What you know of it then?!
  10. Good news this. I am making my one straight away!
  11. Hi, Geshenk. Welcome to the Science forums. I hope you find a lot of interesting things to talk about in this forums. Good day to you!
  12. Good idea. You can [extract] get it from leaves of green plants!
  13. Definatley True. Its just that I wanted to know which university would people like to go to, nothing exhuastive!
  14. O, so that's what you do for a little bit of light bedtime readings:rolleyes: . I always thought you to be very intellegent but now I see whats in that that makes you one! Just joking:-) !
  15. Every Hydrocarbon has got Hydrogen in them (which makes literally every organic compound). Water, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, mineral acids all are common examples of compound with hydrogen in it. Hope it helps!
  16. No, Statistically they are THE best universities in the world, no matter what (apart from one personal opinion ofcourse!). I think the departments are more funded in the universities I have listed to be voted than other small schools which will ultimately disadvantage anyone who ends up there than the listed universities. I applied to Leeds and Manchester and UCL for that matter, but I chose Imperial and UCL because their Chemistry department is rated the best (atleast in the UK level with Oxford and Cambridge)!
  17. My go is Oxford, Just love everything about (although I did get rejected by them when I applied for Undergraduate Chemistry course, They don't know what they have missed, ha ha!). Imperial will be my choice next because I hope to sit in one of their lecture rooms in October this years!
  18. Hi all, I am trying to find out which University is the most desired university to enter! Unbaised choice will be most appreciated: Oxford university Cambridge Univeristy Imperial College London Harvard University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Princeton University Yale University and Stanford University. Good day!
  19. alright Thank you all who posted
  20. Hi, Well this is again one if those threads which make people to explore this forums. I wants to know how to change your subname (name in bracket immediately after the username to the right). My ones Baryon something can I change it into a different word or name. Thanks!
  21. Enough I think because biodiversity is the result of evolution. So if there is no evolution then no one would survive in coming time(at least I think!)
  22. And further if hydrogen is added to a molecule then it is also reduced and opposite is true for oxidation. Also if the oxidation number for an atom is increased then its oxidised and if decreased then reduced. Oxidising agent are there which oxidise substance but themselves being reduced while reducing agents reduce substance but get oxidise themselves!
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