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  1. To early to tell to be honest, but so far we have seen in this thread that those who were in favour of this science were stating advantages and advantages its got whilst those we were against put very few disadvantages to the environment instead they stated that this field is useless (no specific harmful disadvantages they quoted). So there you are more advantages than disadvantages!
  2. O, alright then, Sorry I was a little dumb there not to realise that you posted it ages ago . But I happy for you for taking the course and finally cracking the problem:-) !
  3. One thing's for sure. Even its a very fresh branc science its still to be explored and we will see goods and bads about it. But at this instant lets just appreciate how much work is being done on it and what we have managed to find out regarding its uses! One thing's for sure. Even its a very fresh branch science its still to be explored and we will see goods and bads about it. But at this instant lets just appreciate how much work is being done on it and what we have managed to find out regarding its uses!
  4. I think he must have asked you to try to balance it simply but I am not sure how to do it using oxidation state. I think if the oxidation number is balanced from each side of very individual atoms then it [equation] is balanced. Sorry to be of no further assistance!
  5. uh-huh, well I will barter my brain for some repo, then I wont have to pay you a sickle and you'd be brainless! Just Joking !
  6. hopefully that problem with be addressed soon by our good and efficient moderators (I am serious !) I see it now, thanks for the info, YT:-) . Anyway can I request people to award reputaion points to me if they like my thread when I start it?
  7. Quite understandable! Gee Thanks! how you awards some1 some repo anyway?
  8. Hi, I wanted to know how to boast my reputation on the forums. I have completed century of posts (Hurray !) and still have that one little green card or boxes,call it what you like. Any idea!
  9. Thank You very much! I am very grateful!
  10. Sure, I was particularly impressed by nanotubes which I found to be of great importance in the future. Like drug delivering for example. If any one can discuss how this is done and what is the mechanism, I think i'd like that.
  11. O alright, alright. I was merely suggesting to keep this disscussion friendly! but I must admit i found your comments rather funny (no offence! ). I also confirm that i am not ridiculing your experience with chemistry work, which i am sure would be great!. But its my personal opinion as i read a lot of ChemistryWorld magazine published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, that nanotechnolgy has a future that human can benefit from. Good day!
  12. uh-huh, alright then thnx very much. I'll just try to practice some more questions and see what happens. Thanks again!
  13. Yes, you are right. I am weak in maths and can't understand things unless I am face to face with whoever is instructing me. Sorry if i gave the wrong impression but this is no homework. I didn't ask to work things out for me, I know I have to do it myself. I only wanted help! however I thank you for your help! I really appreciate it.
  14. - On b² you forgot to square and put 5 instead of 5²=25. - I hope you understand why your calculator gives an error for . - does not map on the whole range -180° <= phi <= 180°. You might (you do) miss solutions. Not exactly sure how you get the 2nd solution (you did make a sketch/plot to see that there's two solutions, did you?). I'd try by reexpressing x=cos(phi - 90°) rather than x=sin(phi). I think then x = 0.175 or -1.425. SO if I take the inverse of tan the phi will be 9.926 and -54.94 respectively. I do yes! I have no clue whatsoever what it means or to do next or how to find the answers out .
  15. I happened to look at his pos and just want to clear something. Antilog of x is actually 10 ^x .
  16. Hi all, This is my first post in this section of the forums! I was doing some past papers and I am stuck in this question. Need help any1.I am not very good at maths! I am doing A’ levels by the way. Q. Solve the equation for angle in the range -180 ≤ Ф ≤ 180. 4 Cos2 Ф + 5 Sin Ф = 3 My solution is: 4 (1- Sin 2 Ф) + 5 Sin Ф -3 = 0. 4 – 4 Sin 2 Ф + 5 sin Ф -3 = 0. -4 Sin 2 Ф + 5 sin Ф = 0. Assuming sin Ф = x, then -4x2 + 5x + 1 = 0. Using quadratic formula: x = -b -+ √ b2 – 4ac 2a x = - 5 -+ √ 5 -4(-4)(1) -8 So x = -5 – 4.58 -8 x = 1.197 OR x = -5 + 4.58 -8 x = 0.0525 Now I have 2 values of x which I am going to replace in sin Ф = x So Ф = Sin -1 1.197 ( calculator says Ma error) We have one x value left which I am going to put now: Ф = sin -1 0.0525 = 3.009 or 3.01 ( 3 significant figures and 2 decimal places). I know that sin is always positive in the first and second quadrant but I have never managed to get the answers! Anyone can tell me what to do now or what mistake have I made? I’ll really appreciate it thnx!
  17. Might I suggest that we keep this thread for information basis about Nanotechnology Only. True there are shortcomings with this field because its relatively recent branch of science. but, we will see good about it. As i just learnt that the nanotubes can be used to perform complex reaction without any environmental influences like air toxication etc they can be highly useful for coming generation of scientists because it will make future reactions whatever they may concern very effective!
  18. I think you may be right about it but you did admit that it has several uses. I think nanotech is still incomplete, it still needs people to make more inroads in jt. I just want this thread to explain what actually is nanotechnology so that those who are unaware of it should notice its importance.!
  19. The buckyball can be used as a cage to preserve watse. So, nanotechnology can be used to solve this problem as well.
  20. Hi all, Alright, I am going to start a whole new thread and hope that you people will chipp in with your views about this very hot topic of today's world. "What is Nanotechnology? What future is there for it and how can it help to change our lives?" Lets start this dicussion. I thought of this because I think nanotechnology should be discussed on a wider scale. It is defined as " small science with large benifits". Nanotechnology is the study of materials as small as 10^ -9. Its first was discovery with the finding of Buckministerfullerene or simple bukyball, the 3rd allotrope of carbon. well thats all I know for now. I will come back with more facts maybe even more interesting ones. In the mean time you also do the same.
  21. Well I think one has to ask a farmer really. Maybe its true but seriously If were to check whether I can smell cyanide I cut that option from my list of tests, if you know what I mean!
  22. WOW! I thought this question was a dull one and that it would produce less answers than any of ones posted earlier by me. Its not the case here tough!. I think every1 is inquisitive for knowledge here. O HAIL CHEMISTRY and GOOD POSTERS!
  23. Hi, I was taking a lecture when a lad came into the class and asked my chemistry teacher a question. I happened to listen the question and wondered what the answer could be : " Water is a polar molecule. Sugar dissolves in water when its organic compund. Why?" Strange question I know but whats important is to answer it. I thought that the sugar molecule must have either OH or H groups exposed to water when added to water so that it makes a H-bond with it and dissolves but I think I am not right:embarass: ! Any thoughts any one!
  24. Ok, I want to home-test whether I can smell cyanide but have no access to laboratory cyanide neither do I want one. Does anyone have any idea how to test it then?
  25. If the gene is dominant in your characteristic I think it won't matter if you need to be a smoker to smell it. Anyway its just a guess!
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