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  1. I m also thinking like that. NH4OH is formed when ammonia gas is dissolved in water. Water dissolve ammonia through H-bonding. But in water some part of NH4OH will be dissociate ( weak electrolyte) into NH4+ ions & OH- ions. Now what type of intermolecular forces will be there. Again H-bonding??????????
  2. What type of inter molecular forces are present in NH4OH?
  3. Hybridization is the intermixing of orbitals ( e.g;S & p) of same principal quantum numbers to give a set of equivalent number of hybrid orbitals which will be similar in all respects such as energy ,angle & shape. for example; If one S and three p orbitals will intermix ,we will get four Sp3 hybrid orbitals .
  4. Sorry I could not edit it yesterday because my pc got stuck. Liquid nitrogen is used to freez paraffin.as oxidizer flows over it, the surface of the paraffin melts to form a low-viscosity liquid layer that becomes unstable and forms waves that are easily pulled off the liquid surface as a spray of droplets that evaporate, mix and burn to produce thrust.
  5. U can use candle wax with nitrous oxide as oxidizer. Or u can use paraffin in presence of liquid nitrogen as rocket fuel
  6. jackson33... Thanks a lot. I will act upon ur suggestions.
  7. Thanx for your suggestions.When I say my students , "any questions ,any point in ur mind" They said ,thanx teacher ,we understand it well. But when I ask them any Q ,they can't satisfy me.Then I feel ,I hv just wasted my time. Students hv no interest in learning anything ,they just want to cram their chapters.They want degree ,not knowledge.This thing depressed me.They show ,same behaviour wid all teachers in all subjects.We all teachers community are worried about new generation.Worried abt our future of nation. I m professor of chemistry.
  8. I m professor ,teaching in Pakistan.Here I also observe ,students are least interested in their studies.Can you give any suggestion,...... How I can motivate my students.
  9. My computer does not work well in winter. It takes time in starting & also it gives so many errors again & again.It also shuts down automatically.Such problems do not occur in hot summer.Please help me ,what should I do beside breaking my Pc?
  10. I was searching "science forum" on Yahoo research engine & then i found it.
  11. No I don't think so. You know valence bond theory deals with covalent bonding.Ionic character is just due to unequal sharing coz of different electronegativity. Although I don't know the answer but still i can't digest your explanation too.
  12. Today my colleague at college want my help about valence & molecular orbital theory.There was a sentences in a book which I could not explain well.that was" Molecular orbital theory based upon delocalizations while valence bond theory based upon ionic_covalent resonance ,when electron moves from less electronegative atom to more electronegative atom" Please help me ,what is ionic_covalent resonance?
  13. 1. No. inductive effect will not decrease the O's electronegativity. It will only decrease the electron density on oxygen atom ,& will make it electron deficient. Oxygen will in turn attract the shared pair of electron b/w O_H to compensate its elctron deficiency.H will be easy to remove as H+. 2. yes this bond weakened.because of less sharing of H for shared electron pair.
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