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  1. hai jeyaraam i am pradeep i was wondering whether you have quitted sfn.do you know naveen has won national second in the national seminar.come online and chat with me .i will be online from 6pmto9pm

  2. it is said that the laser correction done to our eye cures myopia completely or should it be done once in 2 years???
  3. copperstream


    can we get a little amount of water when we mix hydrogen and oxygen proportionally under specific conditions?? as in the case of production of HCl???
  4. is there a black hole in the centre of the milky way????
  5. After several years will the universe end in a small particle which is called big crunch?
  6. dont think bad. i heard that revolves a white dwarf
  7. I heard about the setna planet.Explain about it
  8. say me whether one travelling thro a worm hole arrives at future.
  9. According to Avogadro's hypothesis,one mole of every substances occupy 22.4 litres. if we measure the volume of 17 gm of ammonia will it occupy such????
  10. copperstream

    Worm hole

    Please don't mistake me. There is a belief that if one person travels into a worm hole, he will go to future or past Is it possible??? please help me.
  11. Hello everybody. Iam publishing this which i was thinking for 5 years.... Gorilla has 24 set of chromosomes. right??? If we remove a set of chromosome from the cell of a gorilla and alow it to grow,after some evolution will it form a human????? Please help me.
  12. We all know that uranium undergoes fission to produce barium , krypton , and three neutrons.If these products are fused ,...Will they form the original Uranium molecule?? If so, a neutron can bombard with the new uranium to undergo controlled chain reaction.is it possible??????. Please help me.
  13. If you say that it's a lifelees space..............How long does it continue?...............If it continues for a certain level , then will big crunch occur??????????????/
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