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  1. There is no chance for human to find the end(size) of the universe. But man can find the end(lifetime) of the universe. any way according to big bang theory universe will expand to its maximum space by swallowing the empty spaces. then there will be no spacefor the universe to occupy so it will crunch again .This theory is also called as the Big crunch theory
  2. hai jeyaraam i am pradeep i was wondering whether you have quitted sfn.do you know naveen has won national second in the national seminar.come online and chat with me .i will be online from 6pmto9pm

  3. sorry actually i meant to ask whether sunspots differ with the stars
  4. sorry it was just a guess thats why i always use the sentence "correct me if am wrong'
  5. I have heard that einstein's brain is different from others .Is it true???What make a man to think more???
  6. i have heard that sunspots are colder. does anybody know how cool are they and are they different from each other(in their coolness)does their coolness depend on the stars???
  7. did you all see the lineforward this message i forwarded this message .this one was sent to me by my sister through the email i thought that these tips are a little reasonable thats why i put this message in this forum.If some reasons and modifications are necessary then do those and send to your dear ones....
  8. my mother dont know calculus and algebra yet she is good in practical mathematics .i say that it is not necessary(i maybe wrong) to learn calculus .that is if we are good in addition, multiplication.... that will do(dont mistake me i am good in maths and algebra)
  9. according to newton gravity is an attractive force.in that case earth should be attracted towards sun isn't? This maybe silly but a small doubt
  10. Quarks can they be splitted??? i maybe the first scientist to split a quark
  11. may be in aeroplanes or in rockets i thought that it was a good idea anyway thank you for your suggesstion
  12. you are wrong there when you throw a particle towards the fan it moves through the fan even if it rotates(sometimes missess-the particle should be very faster than the velocity of the rotation of the fan )try this in your home thats the case with the atom also when the alpha particles cross the electrons faster than the velocity of the electron it moves away from it due to the inertia. thats why rutherford uses fast moving alpha particles
  13. isn,t it in vaccum. it happens only if there is vaccum.in the normal state the object which is heavier strikes the ground first i believe i am correct for i am not a genius like you
  14. This maybe silly i got this idea from dragon ballz cartoon but you have to appreciate me for i saw science even in cartoon
  15. there are lots of reactions which depends on the molecular weight so it makes a difference
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