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  1. Don't you need to look at the partition coefficient when considering separation from bioling?
  2. Hey every1 I am back after 2 month leave from SFN and I am itiching(ignore the spellings) to join in the discussions/chats/etc. I see the thread hasn't been updated regularly, but it will be now folks! More wallpapers will be added soon in the forums
  3. Keep this thread alive folks! there is more to this thread than just cool wallpapers; like good understanding between the posters!
  4. SFN community is great. You have people helping here and you become good friend-at least on the internet. I am posting this because you wont be seeing me for some time. I have my A'levels exam in May and I have to prepare for that so I am giving up doing internet for a couple of months. I'll be back though (I can't miss such good discussion particulary about chemistry on SFN:D). Wish me luck! I bid you good Bye ! PS. I'll miss you lot!
  5. and what does that refer to anyway!?
  6. No worries my friend...enjoy the thread. Will post more if i find some more. Oops Sorry Darkshade, Forgot to appreciate you for posting some great pics again. I must admit you are the hero of this thread. Some more contribution:
  7. So you think I am smart and cool then....Yeh baby!
  8. Ok! I must admit I don't know how to make metanol go jelly like but you could use ethanol as a fuel..afterall its fuel you are talking about. Sorry to be of no further help. If i hear anything pertaining you query which is useful, i'll let you know.
  9. Look in krpton as in other atom 4s is filled first because its lower in energy, arragement can differ though.
  10. iNow, Firstly I thinks it isn't a very good place to discuss this but I have read in the quran in which God says not to consume product that could make you lose your mind i.e. things like alcohol. You see thats the problem about Islam...very few people know alot of things about Islam. Like Jihad is Holy war as people call it, my answer...rubbish Doing justice to the title of the thread here are some more of the pics:
  11. I hope I have already repsonded to that in the other thread. Anyway, I thought the pics you were sending were attached...were they not? if no how come you get it on the thread with out attaching it. I am impressed!
  12. remember always that 4s is always filled first regardless of the arragement.
  13. just go to reply and click manage attachment. A new window will open and then browse and click upload. ISn't what you just asked?
  14. Just don't drink again. Promise God and to yourself. Its haram for a reason becuase it isn't good for your health...otherwise there is alcohol in heavens. Please follow my advice my friend. Just a sarcastic note by the way if you don't mind... did the prophets or Mulsims of yesteryear drink when they won a battle? Anyway forget it,its going off the topic. Sorry can't post more wallpapers, i have exceeded my quota as it tells me.....!
  15. Hi Prem, First of all you don't have to be too formal here. This forum is for friendly discussion. Secondly, why you want to make gel methanol for. Tell me and i shall try to help. Is it for a project you were assigned? Good day!
  16. Alright then. But for me I won't drink... I am not allowed and don't want to either ( I am a Muslim)! By the way great pics again. I wonder you have a chemistry pic library:rolleyes:!
  17. Thats last year's one...just don't mind the hair!
  18. Well Born haber cycle will give you lattice enthalphy, formation enthalphy, atomisation, ionisation etc. That will work too yeh!
  19. Personal perspective INOW, Personal Perspective...
  20. ChemSiddiqui


    Hi, I want to buy my elder brother a PSP this summer for his birthday. I want to start straight way looking. I was wondering which retailers will be the best to buy from...Argos is the only one I know. And aslo do you think PSP is worth buying because I know people who are opposed to PSP (they say its watse of money). By the way Its in the UK i want to buy from... I live in London!
  21. No worries, But I'd rather advise you not to get drunk again. Its not good for your health actually anybody's really! Good day!
  22. Well, i don't exactly understand your question. But I think its related to stiochiometry. Use the latter for calculation and you would know how much of what is need to make nitrate cellulose. Hope it helps!
  23. So then you can smell cyanide!.
  24. WOW the 3rd one is brilliant.... I love it. I haven't seen a better graphic which show fission so very clearly welldone. I have added a rep point for you for it and by the way happy independence!
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