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  1. Hi all, I know its not a very difficult thing to answer, however it is difficult for me who to believe. Does Magnesium reacts with cold water. My guess is yes, but in such a way as if it doesn't, very slow. But, some say it doesn't react AT ALL. whats ur take on it! Answer'll be appreciated! Happy Eid and Merry Christmas to all!
  2. hi valencykt-94, its very good to hear that you would like to take chemistry as your career subject. If you want to discuss anything, take advice on experiments you will find that SFN nourshers(don't mind the spellings) for these sort of things. Just post your query in the appropriate section and people here would be glad to disscuss with you.
  3. well, as far as i am concerned it is not safe. it is toxic as rightly suggested by Mr Skeptic. Anyway even if you buy it from a laboratory the bottle that will contain it will have 'POISON' labelled over its name.
  4. Yeh the equation is rightly balanced. Even if you have tried any other way, as long as it balances each individual elements from both sides its ok.
  5. Hi all, Well a few number of members of SFN have been confused about how to balance the equations. So I have decided to make the matter as simple as I possibly can. Consider the below equation: CH4 + O2 ---> CO2 + H2O Now assume the following: C = Yellow egg H = White egg O = Red egg. Also assuming that the reactant part of the equation (on the tail of the arrow) is Basket 1 and the product part of the equation (in direction of the arrow) is Basket 2. So the key is to balance the same number of each egg from either side (basket). You are provided with unlimited number of each coloured egg (C, H or O). Looking at the equation and from our assumption we have 1 yellow egg, 4 white eggs and 2 Red eggs in Basket 1. And in Basket 2 we have 1 yellow egg, 2 white eggs and 3 red eggs. Now try to work out and balance the number of eggs that should be added to each basket. Remember if we add 1 more red egg in Baskets 1, it would make total of 3 eggs in Baskets 1 and in real equation it would be written as 1.5 O2 because 1.5 x 2 = 3. Try to balance yourself and see if your result is CH4 + 2O2 -----> CO2 + 2H2O I hope this will be helpful for those who find balancing difficult. Please let me know if I have made any mistake, I am open to criticism. Please leave comments!
  6. Hi, Carbon makes 4 bonds or at least has the ability to do so. The electronic configuration of Carbon is as follows: C6 = 1s2 2s2 2p2 Now in order for carbon to make 4 bonds it needs to have exactly 4 half-filled orbitals ( 1 2s one and 3 2p ones). An electron should be promoted to the last of 2p orbital. Promotion of electron needs energy. I was wondering where the energy came from? Does the 1s orbital make bonds with 2s orbital? because bond making is exothermic and the energy released can be used to promote an electron from 2s to 2p. Any help?
  7. it may have been but its quite common now isn't it? People have used it for the same meaning as the "handsome is as handsome does" sentence but 4 differnt situations. Can u explain it though!
  8. ChemSiddiqui


    Hi, I have read this idom and surprisingly no one has managed to give one precise answer when asked what it meant . Why not you try and explain it: "Stupid is as stupid does" taken from Oliver Goldsmith quotes which actually was "Handsome is as handsome does".
  9. So wouldn't it make its shape trigonal?
  10. Hi, I was going through some of the exam papers when I saw that H2S (hydrogen Sulphide) has a linear shape. I wondered that when 2 of the 6 electron on sulphur bind to 2 hydogen ones to make a bond, it leaves 4 electrons on sulphur which makes it 2 lone pair. The shape the mark scheme says is linear. I was wondering does the 2 lone-pairs of electron cancel each other effect in terms of repulsion because otherwise H2S should have had a trigonal shape. help out. Thnx
  11. Hi, does any 1 in SFN knows any website or link which would offer a good and easy way to learn german. And it should be free 2. any help appreciated. didn't no where 2 post it so I thought its the place
  12. I am not sure about that. I think there isn't any binding needed for electrolyte. its just that it must conduct electricity. Ionic solids have very strong attractive forces b/w them. The electrons in them aren't free. But when you heat them and heat them enough to make them molten(fused) they strong attrative forces are broken and the ions are formed which ultimately conduct electricity. Please try to do some reading yourself before you try to ask these sort of questions.
  13. There is no specific method to do that really. Just try to add all the atoms of individual elements from each sides and balance it such that both sides would have same number of atoms of each individual elements. I can't however stress enough to practice and practice as much as you possibly can unless you feel confident to balance any equations!
  14. Got that wrong i think in haste
  15. Hi, I was studying electrochemistry and in the text was a mention of 'adsorbtion'. I try my best to make matter as simple as possible for Juniors who approach me to ask chemistry related problems. So I came up with how best I can describe Adsorbtion to the junoirs if they approach me for it. I would like to share it with you: " If we allow a snail to walk over a tennis ball the size of a football, it would leave its traces with look like a gel like structure. We say that the gel like structure have been adsorbed over the surface of the tennis ball i.e. embeded not sunk in" Please leave your comment about how accurate this explaination is. I am open to criticism and I would appreciate any1 who points out the error. Thnx
  16. ChemSiddiqui


    Well I thought it will be fun. Here goes: "Look at the usernames of the members and try to guess/describe their physical appearance with you think will go with their name. Choose at least one member" For a starter. Phi for All : Bulky heavy fella, bald and cheerful.
  17. I wouldn't think there is any method except trying to balance the numbers of atoms of each individial element on both sides. The best thing however is to practice and practice. Good Luck!
  18. Or maybe beause the Indian recognised Lord Moutbatten as their Governal-General(president those times) because he was Gandhi's friend but Pakistan refused to do so. So in return britishers supported India by allowing them to keep Kolkata and other fertile lands and to give Gandhi more publicity as a true 'leader'. But some historians like Stanely Wolpert and some others too realise that Jinnah as been unfairly forgotten and not publicised.
  19. Jinnah and Gandhi are very well known across the world as the leaders who freed indians from the reiging British. Gandhi had a part to play so did Jinnah and a lot of other leaders. Jinnah got Indian freed from Britishers (along with Gandhi and others) but he also managed to separate the Muslims who felt inferior living with Hindus (history says I don't however I understand Hindu historian would say the opposite). I want you to decide on this debate whose topic I say shall be : "Why Gandhi is more famous than Jinnah". Please take this debate lighlty, no hard feeling or offence involved.
  20. Hi all, I was asked this question which made me 2 think a lot. I will share it with you and want your take on it. " Zinc and Copper are d-block elements with atomic radius measured in nanometres are 0.125 and 0.117 repectively. The data booklet I have got says that the first ionisation energy of zinc is +908 KJ/mol while copper's is +745 KJ/mol. Question is why zinc has a higher ionsation energy than copper when it size is larger than of cooper(slightly at least)" So what I have got for answer was this: Zn = [Ar] 3d10 4s2 Cu = [Ar] 3d10 4s1 Zn and Cu both have their valence electron in 4th shell and they are sheilded by equal no of electron in both cases. We know that atomic radius decreases across the period because of the increase in the nuclear charge and no sheilding effect(not very effective i mean). One reason I see for higher ionisation energy of zinc is that its nuclear charge is more positive due to increase in the number of protons. But I fail to understand why zinc atomic radius is larger than copper. 2 questions: 1. Is the question right ( i mean does it make sense)? 2. Your comments on my reasoning above. Any help most appreciated:-) .
  21. Thnx 4 that but from your answer of '3' say the ion is S-2, then should we divide the answer by 2, is it?
  22. Hi, I have a few questions which I need u ppl to answer. 1. Its so confusing sometimes when you read books about which orbital is filled first 3d or 4s in d-block elements. I think since 4s has lesser energy so it is filled first. Is it correct or it is only a rule when writing electronic cofiguration? 2. I have come across with 'Group IIIA' or 'IVB" what does A and B mean here? 3. This one came in one the other forums I recently joined and there was this questions. I am going to present my answer to you but I need help. So here it goes: "Given that on mole of particles is exactly 6.02 x 10^23 particles, deduce: (a)the number of electrons required to convert 3.21g of sulphur into sulphide ions" Now my take on it that: we will first of all divide 3.21 with 32 to get the number of moles of sulphur. we will then multiply the answer with the avogadro number to get the number of electrons required. What to do next????????????? or is it the answer. Any help is most appreciated
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